CitiMortgage Biweekly Advantage Plan

If you are fighting for your home loans and mortgage, CitiMortgage Biweekly Advantage Plan is the right choice for you, you should learn more about this program and figure out whether it can help you save money and help you pay off your mortgage in an lighter way.

CitiMortgage Biweekly Advantage Plan Instructions
They make it effortless for you to potentially save thousands in mortgage interest. In fact, some homeowners may be able to achieve similar results on their own, but most aren’t able to keep up a consistent schedule. For just a $3.00 transaction fee, collected with each draft, you will be on your way to mortgage-free homeownership years sooner. Signup today and you may never have to write another mortgage check again. To know how the BiWeekly Advantage Plan benefits you, you can refer to the following:

  1. Reduce your mortgage debt, save thousands in interest and pay off your mortgage sooner! A homeowner with a $100,000 balance, on a 30-year mortgage at 6% could save $24,138.65 in interest and pay off 5 years and 5 months sooner. Estimate how much you could save!
  2. Convenient payday withdrawals. Our nimble biweekly drafting works with your pay schedule and budget. You can even select the day of the week your drafts are made. Not paid biweekly? Learn More about our convenient weekly and semimonthly draft options.
  3. Secure automatic payments. We remit your total mortgage payment to your lender monthly, ensuring your payment is on time, every time.
  4. A single decision reaps a lifetime of benefits. With The BiWeekly Advantage Plan you enroll once and reap the benefits for your lifetime! You can transfer the Plan to a fresh CitiMortgage mortgage at no charge if you determine to refinance or purchase a fresh home in the future. You can even transfer the Plan to a mortgage with another lender. (Transfer fee may apply.)
  5. Transaction Fee. There is a $3.00 transaction fee for each draft.

Are you interested in the plan? Enroll in today! Or you can also calculate how much you can save. CitiMortgage also has an online home mortgage calculator to help you calculate exactly how much you will save. Read the plan FAQs or call CitiMortgage Biweekly Advantage consultant at 866-622-8993 to get more information about the program and how much you can save. A typical calculation of The BiWeekly advantage plan from citimortgage.com/biweeklyadvantage is a homeowner with a $100,000 balance, on a 30-year mortgage at 6% could save $24,138.65 in interest and pay off 5 years and 5 months sooner.

Generally speaking, the CitiMortgage Biweekly Advantage plan is a general refinance solution for most homeowner to have more savings on their home mortgage. It is not a ideal plan for all home loans customers, read the program cautiously and compare it with other most favored home mortgage service providers before making a decision to refinance. Except the CitiMortgage Biweekly Advantage Plan, Citibank is suggesting Citibank online banking at www.citifinancialauto.com. It is not effortless to support home mortgage in this economy time, CitiMortgage Biweekly Advantage plan gives you one more choice to make home loans look lighter for us.

About CitiMortgage Biweekly Advantage Plan
The BiWeekly Advantage Plan is administered by FNC Insurance Agency Inc., a member of Citigroup. The BiWeekly Advantage Plan is a convenient mortgage budgeting plan that can help you save thousands of bucks in interest and pay off your mortgage sooner. Instead of you making the regular 12 payments a year, the Plan will draft one half of your regular monthly payment every 14 days. This permits you to make the equivalent of one extra payment, all of which is applied to principal each year. Some homeowners attempt to make extra principal payments themselves, but most aren’t able to keep a consistent schedule.

About Citibank
Citibank is a major international bank and it is the consumer banking arm of financial services giant Citigroup. It founded in 1812 as the City Bank of New York. Citibank’s headquarter is located in New York City and it has retail banking operations all around the world. If you have questions about your account or the offer, please call Citibank Customer Service using the number on the back of your card.

Take a look at www.citimortgage.com/biweeklyadvantage and determine whether it is the right program for your family.

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