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Prepaid cards can often be seen in the daily life. They are often be treated like “gift cards”. However, the fact is prepaid cards can be much more than just a bounty when you have noticed how they improve the business. You can log into My Prepaid Center to manage your prepaid cards properly.

Check Your Prepaid Card Account Instructions
InteliSpend is a unique prepaid provider concentrated on intelligent solutions for companies. Prepaid cards can simplify the way biz share funds with individuals but it is just a beginning. Through the investigation such as who will be using a prepaid card, why they will have it and where they will spend it, companies can adjust features to create a powerful biz instrument to achieve precision marketing. To log in your account,

  1. Visit the www.mycurrentbalance.com and come in your username and password. Then click “LOG IN” button to continue.
  2. You can also activate card or sign in with your card number. Please pack in the card number box and choose the expiration date.
  3. If you want to redeem your code, please click the “Redeem Now” link on the right side to inject your code.

InteliSpend offers products from two distinct group:

  • Universal Acceptance Cards: these products can be spent anywhere. They are build for general use. InteliSpend optimizes them for specific needs such as wellness incentives, consumer promotions and much more.
  • Selective Acceptance Cards: you can create your own, unique product or choose one of the cards with prebuilt theme, such as dinning.

Visit My Prepaid Center is always the destination for their customers.

About InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions
InteliSpend was founded on the strength of a single, ordinary idea that is DirectSpend. It’s a patented process that makes it possible to direct how prepaid cards are spent, by choosing which merchants accept them. The idea helped InteliSpend became the leading provider of prepaid incentives in North America. From an idea developed into a company with millions of cards in force, for thousands of clients, InteliSpend has more than 300 of the Fortune 500 on the customer roster.

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