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Always keep tabs on your credit. Since the FICO score is the most widely used credit score model by banks and other institutions to help make lending decisions, plus it is not contained in the free credit report, monitoring your FICO score seems necessary. Your FICO score improved, your financial goals can be reached sooner.

myFICO Instructions
According to FACT Act, each legal U.S. resident is eligible for a free copy of credit report once every 12 months from each credit reporting agency.

myFICO products help lower your credit risk as they enable to track your FICO score and check up on your financial health. Click www.myfico.com and find “check my FICO Score” on top. You are then directed to shop for myFICO products with which you can get credit reports and FICO scores online. Click on product items on top to view descriptions to help you determine whether you need the product.

“achieve my Goals” introduces credit cards to repair your credit and save money. You can know more about FICO score influence on your morgages, auto loans and student loans. Such information is also available on “find savings & Credit Cards”.

You can connect with myFICO community and blogs if you want.

Among myFICO products, Score Watch gives you an instant access to your FICO Score and Equifax Credit Report. Good news is you can attempt out Score Watch with a 10-day free trial. Hit “Check your FICO Score for FREE” and inject your personal, account and payment information to proceed and make purchase. Please be aware that unless you cancel during the trial period, your subscription will proceed at $14.95/month with a minimum subscription term of three months. You can send an email or call 1-800-319-4433 to cancel your subscription during their office hours.

More about Score Watch Cancellation
Many believe that the only way to an accurate score is thru a lender not myFICO.com because scores obtained from the site may not be exactly like what you get from a lender. Besides, you only get to monitor your Equifax credit report and FICO score. You still need to pay for TransUnion or Experian credit report.

Some people have issues canceling Score Watch subscription after 10-day free trial. Besides calling or emailing to cancel, you may try

  1. Go to Member Center and find “My Subscriptions” under “Account Settings”. Click “Cancel my subscription” and ensue the instructions to cancel.
  2. Call the toll-free number at 1-888-577-5992 to cancel during their office hours.

You’d finer ask for email conformation when you cancel. Others suggest selecting a topic other than “cancel” and switching the topic in the url to “cancel” afterwards to reach the adequate cancel page, but that seems to work no more. Any users who know finer ways to deal with the problem are welcomed to share opinions below.

About myFICO
Credit score models in the United States include FICO, Vantage Score, CE Score… Amont them, FICO Score is widely recognized as a global standard for measuring credit risk and making consumer credit decisions. myFICO is the consumer division of Fair Isaac (the company that invented FICO) offering credit-information products to help consumers protect their financial health.

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