Check Alcon Lens Rebates Submission & Status

Which is your trusted brand for contact lenses? Do you choose AIR OPTIX, DAILIES, or FreshLook from Alcon? Do your Alcon contacts qualify for rebates? If you received a Rebate Offer Card from your eye care practitioner, you are then able to claim your rebate and track your rebate status online.

Alcon Lens Rebates Submission & Status Instructions
Several things worth noting before you submit your rebate are

  • You must have an original UPC from the product packaging, product purchase receipt, eye check-up and/or contact lens fitting receipt.
  • You cannot submit your rebate totally online.
  • Please read the suggest instructions cautiously and entirely to ensure that you are submitting within the valid timeframe and that you will get your rebate payment.

To submit a rebate,

  1. Log onto www.lensrebates.alcon.com.
  2. Click “Submitting for a fresh rebate” and select the date of your contact lens purchase. Hit “Submit”.
  3. See the back of your rebate slip to find your unique rebate code.
    • If your code commences with 13, you are then redirected to www.myalconlensrebates.com to come in your individual rebate code and accomplish the registration process.
    • If your code embarks with other digits, you will be asked to inject your code and log in or create a profile.
  4. Enter your purchase information and reaction a few brief survey questions.
  5. Confirm your information and submit your rebate.
  6. Print out the required official rebate form and mail it to the suitable PO Box address listed on the form, along with your purchase documentation.

Click “Checking the status of my rebate” and inject your very first and last name on the subjugation as well as the Case Number, Phone Number or Street Address & Postal Code to track your rebate. Allow up to 24 hours for your rebate to be displayed in the tracking results and 6-8 weeks for rebate processing.

If you have any question about your rebate, you can click to talk with a live agent or contact Alcon US by phone or email at the bottom left of the rebate page. Refer to Reference Link 3 for FAQ.

About Alcon
Alcon is a global leader in eye care and it develops and manufactures eye care products to treat eye diseases and conditions. Its products are organized into surgical, pharmaceutical, and vision care. The company was founded in the United States in 1945 and purchased by Nestlé of Switzerland.

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