CHASE Ultimate Rewards Program

Chase ultimate prizes program gives you the ultimate in program benefits. You’ll earn points every time you make a purchase with your Chase card. Points that never expire, and with no limit to the points you can earn or redeem. Use your points for merchandise, bounty cards, limitation free travel, titillating practices and even cash back. After all, they’re your points, you determine how to use them. You can earn points with every buck you spend with your Chase credit card, no matter it is Chase Freedom credit card or Chase Sapphire credit card.

Chase Ultimate Rewards Program Instructions
More than the supreme points and earning with Chase ultimate rewards, you will get cash back and redeem embarking as low as $20, 30% off for all merchandise on items for back to school, 10% or 20% off selected bounty cards are available at this site as well. Redeem for any bounty card inbetween July 6 and July 31 will give you a chance to win a $10,000 bounty card. Your Chase Freedom card comes with 5% cash back on up to $1,500 spent on gas, hotels, airlines and even more. Chase ultimate prizes program is indeed one of the best prizes programs for customers, do not miss it.

How to earn points faster?
You’ll always get at least one point per buck with your card, no matter how you use it. But with gravely elementary ways to earn up to 10 extra points per buck spent, your prizes can truly stack up.

There ways to earn points:

  • Earn extra when you book travel.
  • Earn extra shopping online.
  • Earn even more withe the right card

About Chase Ultimate Rewards Program
In this program you can get cash back via check or direct deposit to a Chase bank account embarking at $20 for 2,000 points. Or, use your points toward a statement credit for anything you’ve bought with your Chase card with Ultimate Rewards.

  • Never wonder what your points are worth: 100 points are worth a dollar. Whenever you redeem for travel, experiences, merchandise, bounty cards or even cash.
  • No blackout dates or restrictions. Period: Book flights and hotels anywhere, anytime. That’s any flight or motel booked online thru Ultimate Rewards. No blackout dates. No restrictions.
  • Don’t pay markups when you redeem: Their prizes have real- world prices. Just like prices you’d find in stores. They don’t add markups- just tax and shipping.

Read more about Chase ultimate prizes program at public.ultimaterewards.com and www.chase.com/ultimaterewards.

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