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The intrigue of the launch of “Soyuz-MS-04” why the crew escorted the billionaire Simonyi

Roscosmos again, as it was in Soviet times, was sent to the space station a Soyuz spacecraft with two cosmonauts on Board. Russians Fyodor Yurchikhin and NASA astronaut Jack Fischer started on April 20 to the International space station the expedition 51/52 on the spacecraft “Soyuz-MS-04”. A third chair instead of the second Russian crew member held the truck 70-pound container. There are two relative novelties — the crew instead of the two days was delivered to the ISS according to a shortened 6-hour pattern on the ship that the astronauts gave the first name — “Argo”. The day of the start, at 16.23, “Argo” successfully docked to the ISS.


So, the dream of space tourists, for whom “Unions” again free space (a few years ago the provision of travel services was curtailed because of lack of space). Now the Federal space Agency may in addition to make a delivery to the ISS of travelers at $50-60 million by the Way, curious fact: at Baikonur while the wires of the astronauts to the launch pad has been spotted two-time space tourist billionaire Charles Simonyi. So he was not there, unable to get into flight and urchihin, again aiming for a third seat in the following vehicle “Soyuz MS-05”? However, if there is not wanting among tourists, it can be sold to an American or European astronauts. Thus, their crews in orbit will be presented with three or four members, and the Russian segment by two cosmonauts. In fact, this situation is not at all pleasing to our industry professionals. Because the reduction of crew members of the “Union” had to resort not from good life, and due to the significant, nearly 30 billion, with cuts in the Federal space program for 2016-2025. Constantly shifting at a later date launches Multifunctional laboratory, node and Scientific-energy modules, in the absence of which, in the opinion of the head of manned programs of Sergei Krikalev, three Russians to keep on orbit is impractical. With his opinion, not everyone agrees — in orbit already running a lot of experiments on which the four hands will be missed. Astronauts joke that they will have to include additional high-speed reserves to keep up with everything. At least until the fall of Russia will be presented at the ISS in the proud minority.

But to fly to the ISS crews will be fast. So, the ship “Argo” coped with this task in just 4 turns around the Earth instead of 34 that took him only 6 hours instead of two days. This shortened scheme already practiced by the ballistics RSC Energia since 2013, the ships of the previous series. New modification of “Soyuz-MS” and demanded testing of all systems, and therefore three first flight on them was long.

As told “MK” the flight Director of the ISS Russian segment, the first Deputy chief designer of RSC “Energia” Vladimir Solovyov, the specialists have long had the task to make the flight to the ISS more comfortable. Because after days of staying in the narrow compartment of the “Union” where each is given no more than 0.5 square metres of space, the crew members, there comes a strong tiredness, which is mixed with the acute phase of adaptation to weightlessness, they have deteriorating coordination, there is depression. To avoid this, and came up with a shorter flight pattern.

Aboard the International space station, Yurchikhin and Fischer met their fellow Russians Oleg Novitsky, American Peggy Whitson and Frenchman Thomas Sands. The crew of expedition 51/52 have to work on the ISS for 136 days and carry more than 50 unique experiments. Among other activities Fyodor Yurchikhin for the first time will play a role in space — he has the height of 400 kilometers to voice the hero of the animated film Studio of the Russian space Agency “About Yura and Nura” promoting the profession of astronaut.

Streams of melt water, discovered in Antarctica, alarmed climatologists

Rivers, streams and lakes of melt water found on the surface of Antarctica is much more common than has recently been assumed. To such conclusion experts of Columbia University in new York formed a complete map covered with melt water sites on the continent.


The fact that Antarctica is gradually melting, thus raising sea levels, worries scientists for a long time. That one sign of this is the appearance of numerous lakes of melt water, too, was known in the past — for example, last year experts from the University of Durham found that such lakes appear in abundance on the glacier Langhovde in the Eastern part of the continent. In General, however, experts believe that a large part of the glaciers at the South pole is under much less threat than in the North.

To more precisely assess the scale of the problem, scientists from Columbia University in new York analyzed the high-quality pictures of Antarctica, made for 70 years. Summarizing this information, the scientists were able to map the rivers and lakes of melt water. As it turned out, the reservoirs of this kind form on the surface of the continent a network, some of appeared decades ago.

Experts fear that a large number of streams of melt water can accelerate the melting of glaciers and expanding cracks in the ice, and generally do polar ice much less stable than commonly believed. Experts note that some lakes of melt water are too old that their appearance could be blamed for human activity in General, however, new evidence suggests that provoked, in particular, and people global warming may lead to serious consequences sooner than expected until now.

Map and dedicated to her research work was published in the scientific publication Nature.

To date, according to scientists, the ice sheet of Antarctica is losing up to 2.8 thousand cubic kilometers of ice annually, and over time, these rates only increase.

China launched its first cargo spacecraft “, Tenjo-1”


Photo: Zeng Tao / Xinhua / AP

The first cargo spacecraft Chinese production was launched from the spaceport Wenchang in Hainan province. Its mission is to deliver 6 tons of cargo to the module a space laboratory “Tiangong-2”

China launched the first national cargo spacecraft”, Tenjo-1″, reports China Central television (CCTV).

The carrier rocket “Changzheng-7” with space truck started at 19:41 Beijing time (14:41 Moscow time) from the Baikonur Wenchang, which is located on Hainan island.

“Tanjou-1” cargo spacecraft, independently created by China. Its main task is to deliver cargo to the module a space laboratory “Tiangong-2”. As reported previously in the office of the program of manned cosmonautics of China, “Tanjou-1” will deliver into orbit more than 6 tons of cargo, including large quantities of equipment and materials for space experiments. About three months he will hold on its own orbit, and about two months after docking with the lab.

China has announced the launch of “Tanjou-1” in March 2015. It was expected that the truck will be launched in 2016.

The space program of the PRC was started in 1956. In 1970 China launched its first artificial Earth satellite, and in 1976 mastered the technology to bring back the satellites. The first manned space station China has become the “Tiangong-1” launched in 2011. Space laboratory “Tiangong-2” went into orbit in September 2016. According to the Chinese program to build the space station, the next module “Tiangong-3” — must be launched into orbit by 2022.

From umbilical cord blood discovered an unexpected useful property

A transfusion of cord blood can rejuvenate the brain, at least, this is evidenced by the results of the experiment conducted by experts from Stanford University. According to experts, their study provides a new look at the relationship between the contents of the blood and the brain.


The study authors noted that in the past have raised a variety of experiments whose aim was to find out whether “young” blood the positive effects on the body, but results could not always be interpreted unambiguously. According to one of the assumptions, in fact young blood in itself “healing” had no effect, and the observed result was due rather to the fact that it replaced the old blood, accelerating the aging process.

However, umbilical cord blood, in contrast to just “young”, you may have to rejuvenate the human brain, and not just partially cancel the negative effect of old blood. According to scientists, it is evidenced by conducted their experiments on mice. Two weeks after the rodents were administered the cord blood, they have improved memory and other cognitive abilities, and they even began to cope with the tasks that are usually successful are given only to very young individuals. A key role in the rejuvenation of the brain, as expected, played TIMP2 protein.

A new scientific paper published in the journal Nature.

Recently, scientists have discovered that the rejuvenation of the brain, may contribute to a much more easily accessible liquid — beet juice. The experiment has shown that if the elderly suffering from hypertension, drinking it, and then was engaged in physical exercises, it had on their brain noticeable beneficial effect. Somewhat similar effect were even tinted the water with the beet taste, but its use has demonstrated the real juice.

In the constellation Cetus by astronomers found habitable planet

At a distance of about 40 light-years from Earth scientists have discovered a rocky planet, the conditions which may be suitable for existence of life. According to experts, announced the discovery, the probability that a planet inhabited LHS 1140b may be higher than for any other known object outside the Solar system.


LHS 1140b brasatsa around a red dwarf. While the star LHS 1140 size is much smaller than the Sun, the planet in its orbit almost one and a half times greater than the Earth in diameter and about seven times the size. The distance between star and planet is small, what year lasts only 25 last earthly days. Small size star kompensiruet small by distance, making LHS 1140b was the so-called zone of habitability, that is, at this distance from the star where water can exist in the liquid state, not steaming because of too high temperature and not freezing due to too low. Although the only guaranteed planet remains Earth, scientists suggest that beyond life most likely could occur on a space object with liquid water.

One of the reasons why some researchers believe that the origin of life on planets close to red dwarfs experts believe an excessive amount it emits high-energy radiation, however, the star LHS 1140, according to experts, are fairly “quiet”, significantly increases the chances of habitability discovered cosmic body.

One of the authors of the opening, Jason Dittman of the Harvard-Smithsonian astrophysical center, announced that the discovered exoplanet is the most curious of all who met him for ten years. The information available on the planet, scientists reported in the latest issue of the scientific journal Nature.

Recently, scientists have repeatedly reported the discovery of potentially habitable planets — for example, orbiting the star Proxima Centauri in the system of TRAPPIST-1.

Genetics: every tenth Russian woman at increased risk of developing breast cancer

Approximately 11 percent of the Russian women’s genome contains at least one mutation that increases the likelihood of development of breast and ovarian cancer. To such conclusion experts from Russia in recent studies.


Genetics explain that many women living in Russia are carriers of mutations in stretches of DNA that play a role in repairing damaged chromosomes, and the destruction of the cells, due to various reasons affected too much. Disruption of this mechanism, according to scientists, can lead to the development of breast cancer. It is reported that it is, in particular, mutations in the genes BRCA1, BRCA2 and PTEN.

The researchers analyzed data on approximately one thousand Russian women, whose age ranged from 18 to 45 years. Two percent of Russians mutations have been identified one of the copies of the BRCA1 gene, and four percent of the BRCA2 gene. Some of these mutations are very dangerous and increase the likelihood of developing breast cancer by almost 80 percent. Mutations in other genes are also high-risk for breast or ovarian met a scientist in a much smaller number of cases — each of them itself was discovered less than one percent of women whose genome was studied in the course of the study. However, in the aggregate, at least one of the mutations were found in approximately eleven out of a hundred women.

Experts expect that these data will help to develop effective individual program of prevention of dangerous diseases. Scientists assure us that the study was conducted not in order to anybody to scare.

From Baikonur started “Union” with the first reduced ISS crew

The carrier rocket “Soyuz-FG” with a modified manned spacecraft “Soyuz MS-04” during the launch from the cosmodrome “Baikonur”

Photo: Roscosmos

From the Baikonur cosmodrome launched a carrier rocket “Soyuz-FG”. It will orbit manned spacecraft “Soyuz MS-04”, on Board which is first reduced to a two-man crew of the ISS. Its structure includes Russian cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin and U.S. astronaut Jack Fischer

The carrier rocket “Soyuz-FG” with a modified manned spacecraft “Soyuz MS-04” was launched from Baikonur cosmodrome. Video stream is the official website of Roskosmos.

The launch took place at 10:13 MSK from the first launch pad, more commonly known as “Gagarin’s start”. Ten minutes later, the spacecraft separated from the third stage of the launch vehicle and headed to the ISS. Docking with the station will be held at the six-hour program in automatic mode: the ship will make four turns around the Earth and reach the ISS at 16:23 GMT on Thursday, April 20.

On Board the ship is first reduced from three to two-man crew, consisting of Russian cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin and U.S. astronaut Jack Fischer. At provided for the third crew member of the place was placed a load of food weighing 70 kg.

Fyodor Yurchikhin (right) and Jack Fisher

Photo: Alexey Filippov / RIA Novosti / TASS

On the ISS a new crew will meet Oleg Novitsky (Roscosmos), Peggy Whitson (NASA) and pesquet (ESA).

Note updated.

The state Duma approved the introduction of reports about leaks of personal data

Photo: Yuri Smityuk / TASS

The state Duma Committee on constitutional legislation approved for adoption in the first reading amendments to the law On personal data protection which require personal data operators to inform the authorities about their leaks

The state Duma Committee on constitutional legislation approved for adoption in the first reading amendments to the law “On personal data”, submitted to the Duma in 2013, a group of senators, told RBC representative of the Committee. This information was confirmed by Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation Lyudmila Bokova, one of the authors of the amendments.

The bill clarifies the requirements for operators of personal data (employers, service providers, banks, Internet shops and other Internet sites, companies, developing loyalty programs, etc.). In particular, they have an obligation to notify the competent authority in case of improper disclosure or leakage of personal data. The notification procedure is not described; as reported Ludmila Bokov, the authors intend to make the necessary clarifications “directly from the data controllers”. According to her, it is expected that efforts will be focused “only on unauthorized access.” The Senator also said that the right to about the leak are notified and the personal data subjects. It is not excluded that such amendments be prepared for the second reading of the draft.

The number of leaks of confidential information increased in 2016 compared to the previous 80%, according to the latest report of the analytical center InfoWatch, specializing in cyber security. Total in the country over the past year there were 213 such cases in the world — 1556. Most often leaks are related to identity theft, accounting for 85.6% of all cases in the world.

The Russian Association for electronic communications (RAEC), which includes the largest companies of the Runet, the amendment was supported. As told RBC senior analyst RAEC Karen Ghazaryan, the West already has a similar practice: the companies defined the term and procedure under which they are required to notify the user that his personal information is compromised; otherwise, the operator will be fined. In Russia, for the violation of the statutory procedure for collection, storage, use, or dissemination of personal information is a warning or a fine of up to 500 rubles for citizens, up to 1 thousand rubles for officials and up to 10 rubles for legal entities. Developers of amendments consider that it is necessary to increase the penalty for leaking data.

Lyudmila Bokova

Photo: Vladimir Gerdo / TASS

As said, the development Manager of “Kaspersky Lab” Cyril, Kertsenbaum, in the United States since 2002 and European Union since 2009 are required to disclose the facts of leaks of personal data, not only the authorities but also the users. “This measure is one of the few that actually protected the rights of personal data subjects, in contrast to penalties. The requirement allows citizens time to learn about the disclosure of personal data and to take in that regard adequate measures. This will give a huge plus in the fight against card fraud when card data is compromised by, but in the absence of mandatory notice people don’t know that you need to reissue cards,” said Kertsenbaum. He is convinced that in this no risk, the amendment will only hasten the tightening of regulations for the storage and processing of personal data.

Director on work with state bodies “Megaphone” Dmitry Petrov agreed that the notice about the leaks is the norm, borrowed from the legislation of the European Union. According to him, the history of “MegaFon” leaks of personal data the company had. “I hope we will never have reason to report leaks, — said Petrov. — But it is rather a declarative measure. Practice of the latest developments in the information environment shows that the personal data operators know that they had a leak from the outside.” While Petrov insists that most of the personal data operators now realize that this is one of the main assets for them. “Leakage of such data is a damage to the business because the customers are the heart of business, loss of data on them — the threat of reputation. First and foremost, therefore, operators are protecting them, and not because the law binds them,” said Petrov.

Representatives of MTS and “VympelCom” have refused official comments. Source RBC in one of these companies noted that “in Russia today a few hundred thousand of personal data operators and coordinate with the competent authorities the decision about the security threat will be difficult technically, and criteria for making such decisions no.”

To remove the confidentiality mark

The bill also proposed to change the definition of biometric personal data, to expand the list of cases where a possible cross-border transfer of personal data. Senators propose to introduce the concept of “processor” of personal data. It is not proposed to require compliance with the confidentiality of personal data, if their subject has made them publicly available (for example, if the user has published their data in social networks) or if it is anonymised personal data. Also removed the requirement of confidentiality in respect of data subject to publication according to the law, such as the revenue officials.

Now the legislation does not explicitly list exceptions to the confidentiality requirements, which leads to different interpretations, said the representative of one of the largest operators of personal data.

As explained Ludmila Bokov, the application of the law on personal data protection has identified a number of gaps that need to be addressed. “The amendments will allow to apply modern technologies biorecognition the person will be removed the operations with the data collected outside of Russia, as well as konkretisiert measures to protect personal data,” she said.

One of the participants of the telecommunications market pointed out among the reasons why the Parliament revisited the legislation four years ago, “General interest in the subject of personal data in recent years, and the activity of the authors of the bill, as well as a common desire of lawmakers “to rake introduced in the state Duma projects.”

In 2013, Roskomnadzor issued a negative opinion on these amendments, said his spokesman Vadim Ampelonskiy. He noted that since part of the provisions of the project have been integrated in the legislation, and in the rest position of Roskomnadzor remains the same. Ampelonskiy did not specify which provisions do not agree in the Department.

Beet juice is declared as the elixir of youth for the brain

A group of American researchers under the leadership of Jack Rejeski from Wake forest University found that elderly people suffering from hypertension, it should not neglect physical exercise. In this case before charging scientists recommend drinking beet juice. This combination allows you to keep the brain almost in as good condition as he was in his youth, experts say.


According to scientists, the beetroot juice not only contains a variety of nutrients and compounds, allowing the body to produce nitrogen monoxide. These molecules, in turn, play a vital role in the constriction and dilation of blood vessels. Experts have suggested that this property should do the beet juice is highly beneficial for people with hypertension, especially if you eat it before exercise.

To participate in the study, experts invited 26 men and women over the age of 55 years, suffering from high blood pressure, but it took no more than two drugs to combat this problem. During the experiments, participants were required to drink a particular beverage, and then for some time to train on the treadmill. For six weeks, experts watched as varied as the participants and, in particular, their brain.

As a result, the researchers found that those participants who exercise before drinking beet juice during the experiment the state of the brain has improved markedly. To a lesser extent, a similar effect was also observed in the “control group”, which proposed to drink the colored water with the taste of beets, but the “placebo effect” could explain only a small part of the effect. In General, according to the researchers, beet juice turned out to be really useful.

Experts note that to verify and Refine the findings will require additional experiments, however, the received data is presented to scientists very interesting. A new study presented in the pages of scientific editions of the Journals of Gerontology: Medical Sciences.

Identified as an effective way to force yourself to exercise

The chances that a person will engage in regular physical exercises, be much higher if it is already practicing his friends. To such conclusion experts of the Massachusetts Institute of technology. For ex words, especially clearly revealed the effect appears among men.


After studying the information more than a million people involved in running. As it turned out, the people ran the greater the total distance, the more friends made them company. In men, this dependence was especially obvious. Earlier, some other researchers stated that running can be very healthy for a number of reasons.

In the past, different experts were called “contagious” many of the phenomena to which the word is difficult to apply in its ordinary meaning. For example, last year scientists from the University of South Australia said that the chances of a person to feel happy at man’s increase by 25 percent, if not more than a mile from him lives a happy friend, 14 percent if it maintains connection with a happy brother or sister, and 8 percent if you live with a happy “second half”. The same experts found that the likelihood of a person to acquire the habit of dropping by 67 per cent if one of his friends in the past this habit has declined.

Also depends on friends and family dental health, said recently, scientists from Boston University. According to them, people usually brush their teeth many times a day as and relatives, and drink bad for your teeth soda in about the same quantities as friends.

By the way, if to believe British scientists representing the Institute of Sanger, obesity can be called “contagious” in the literal sense — the people who live together often have similar figure not only due to the fact that equally inspire each other to progress, not only because they eat about the same, but for the reason that they have a similar intestinal flora, which in turn affects a person’s weight considerably.