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Agent Sharapova responded to the calls not to invite the player for Wimbledon

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Eighth racket of the world opposed the invitation Sharapova at Wimbledon
21 APR, 20:01

Sharapova responded to the criticism of other players before returning to the court
15 APR, 11:05

The owner of the tournament in Madrid was reluctant to invite Maria Sharapova
14 APR, 17:00

The Maria Sharapova agent Max Eisenbud called the Polish tennis player Agnieszka Radwanska, who spoke against invitation of the Russians on the tournament “Grand slam”, the player of average level

Eighth racket of the world Agnieszka Radwanska, who had urged the organizers of the tournament “Grand slam” is not to give Maria Sharapova a special invitation (wild card) is a player the average level, said agent of the Russians Eisenbud Max. According to him, the pole can expect to win on “Rolan Garros” and Wimbledon, only if in these tournaments will not play Sharapova, Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka and Petra Kvitova.

“Tennis players intermediate level — such as Agnieszka Radwanska and Caroline Wozniacki — have never won the tournament “Grand slam”. They are gradually yielding their positions to the younger generation. Their only chance to win is to get rid of strong competitors. They can expect something only if the court will be Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Victoria Azarenka and Petra Kvitova. In addition, they have not read the decision of the court of arbitration for Sport in the case of Sharapova and know nothing about it” — quoted Eisenbud the New York Times journalist Ben Rothenberg.

Ranking Sharapova does not allow her to get into the main draw of the next tournament series “Grand slam” — “Rolan Garros” and Wimbledon. According to Agnieszka Radwanska, Sharapova to qualify for these tournaments you must score points to less prestigious competitions. The organizers of the “Roland Garros” and Wimbledon are not supposed to give Sharapova a wild card.

“Now she got a wild card in Germany, then waiting for her in Spain, but it has not yet received invitations to Paris and London, and, in my opinion, must remain so. She needs to break in these tournaments due to the high results”, — quotes Reuters Radwanska.

Sharapova will play their first match after returning to the court on April 26 in the tournament in Stuttgart. She also received a wild card for the prestigious tournament in Madrid and Rome, which will be held in may 2017. The organizers starting may 28, “Roland Garros” will announce a decision regarding the participation of the Russians on may 15.

Previously, the French tennis player Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, occupying tenth place in the ATP ranking, has opposed the participation Sharapova at the “Roland Garros”. Providing the Russian wild card for the Open championship of France he likened to “a candy for a child who misbehaves”.

Also against issuing special invitations to tournaments Sharapova made the first room of the men’s ranking Briton Andy Murray. In his opinion, the players served a suspension for doping, must improve your ranking to qualify to the big tournaments.

In June 2016, Sharapova was disqualified by the International tennis Federation (ITF) for two years for the use of Meldonium. Exclusion from participation in the competition came into force on 26 January 2016. In October 2016, the disqualification was reduced to 1 year 3 months. Sharapova will be able to play on the WTA tour since April 26, 2017.

In early March of 2016, the Russian at a specially convened press conference, said that in her doping sample taken during the Australian Open in January 2016, was discovered Meldonium. From 1 January 2016 this medication belongs to banned by the world anti-doping Agency (WADA). All responsibility Sharapova took over, saying that he did not know about the prohibition of the drug, which is nearly ten years took on the advice of a family doctor.

After the decision on the disqualification Sharapova appealed to the CAS, demanding to reduce the sentence. The Russian has not appeared in court since late January 2016 after losing to American Serena Williams in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open. In October 2016 it was expelled from the WTA rankings.

Sharapova became the first and only Russian tennis player who won all the tournaments of “Grand slam” in career. She twice won the “Roland Garros” and once won the championship at the US Open, Wimbledon and the Australian Open. In 2012, Sharapova won the silver medal at the summer Olympics in London, and in 2004 won the WTA Championships.

Judo: “gold” Hubecova, “silver” Mogushkov, “bronze” Lapinov

Another day, another medal. Moreover, any brand advantages. Under this, as it became fashionable to be expressed, the slogan was held Friday, April 21, for the Russian wrestlers on the European championship 2017.

photo: Alexey Lebedev

Alan Khubetsov and the correspondent of “MK” Alexey Lebedev.

“Gold” – Alan Hubecova (up to 81 kg), silver – Musa Mogushkov (73 kg), “bronze” – Aslan Lapinov (up to 81 kg). Yeah, so tell me now, that houses, say, and the walls, ceiling, and tatami help: I remember in Kazan for Euro 2016 the Russian judo has been enriched by only 1 gold and 3 bronze medals, while Warsaw-2017 we have already (two days before the end of the tournament!) two gold medals, three silver and one bronze.

…That was almost 6 years ago. In August of 2011 in Paris at the world Championships. Musa Mogushkov only learned about the birth of the third daughter who was named Sarah. And once won a bronze medal. Or Vice versa: first the won, then found out. This is not essential. Most importantly – remember the shining happy eyes Mogushkov, repeating to me: “I anyway felt I would get the medal. Just because I was ready for it.”

Then in the life of Musa, a well-educated and always friendly young man, was all. And failure at the Olympic games in London, where he in the summer of 2012 came the first number of the rating in your the then weight (up to 66 kg), but remained without awards. And psychological pit into which he landed after that. And the transition to new weight category – and there have earned a medal of the 2014 world Cup. And… the birth of two more daughters (Yes, now there are five!).

And here is the first in his career, oddly enough, the prize of the championship of Europe. After which Mogushkov, upset, whatever you say, losing in the final to the Azerbaijani Hidayat Heydarov with the appearance of the poet or artist, brand said, quietly: “boyish in the past. Now let’s not talk here about the future and about Tokyo 2020. The main thing – to be healthy”.

Well – words are not a boy, but her husband, what happened? Except let’s congratulate again Alan Hubecova, who won European gold in the weight category up to 81 kg. Judoka from Vladikavkaz in the final showdown clean (IPPON, if you go into judo) won the German Dominic ressel.

– I lost to it before that – 7 years ago for young people, – said Chubarov when I approached him for the winning selfie (as in the modern world without it?). – It turns out – took revenge… That told me Ezio Gamba in the ear? Well, you know, our coach often repeats these words: “You are the man! You win!” Motivating…

Media reported on the demolition of the private boxes on the “Zenit-Arena” on demand “Gazprom”

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The FAS reported the necessary alterations at the new stadium “Zenith”
18 APR, 14:02

Boyar will be the speaker at the first match “Zenith” with “m”

Replacing the lawn at the “m” cost “Zenith” in the amount of up to $3 million
17 APR, 12:54

“Gazprom” demanded to carry the VIP box at the new stadium “Zenit”. The company was not satisfied with the quality of the sector

The top management of the Corporation “Gazprom” stated that it was dissatisfied with the quality of the VIP-boxes, arranged at the stadium “Central”. About it reports to “Fontanka”.

All the buildings that belong to Loui who did not accept the leadership of “Gazprom”, will, according to the publication, demolished. Then the sector will be rebuilt.

Demolition intended presidential Lodge, 36 skyboxes, as well as an area reserved for football teams. All of the demolition and new construction be carried out by “Gazprom”. To perform the work will be the main contractor, the company “Metrostroy”.

Zenit will play their first game at the new arena on Saturday, April 22. Rival St. Petersburg team will be “Ural”. The General Director “Zenith” Maxim Mitrofanov before the match said that his team would prefer not to speak now on “m”, but do it in connection with the obligations to the city. In particular, the “Zenith” staged a field laid by the contractor. According to Mitrofanov, laid by the builders of the stadium, the turf was broken, and now agronomists Zenit are trying to grow new grass. “The football field, which was created by the stadium contractors, it died. Engineering systems in the field do not work completely and not delivered,” — said “Fontanka” on 11 April the General Director “Zenith” Maxim Mitrofanov.

On 18 April, the FAS in St. Petersburg, said that many of the works at the stadium “Central” must be performed again. “According to reports, many work will require rework, so there will be new contracts”, — said the Deputy head UFAS, at a press conference on 18 April (quoted by “Interfax”).

Zenit needs a few matches at the new arena, because, according to the rules before the matches of the confederations Cup at the stadium should be the national championship game of the country. In the framework of the confederations Cup at the arena in St. Petersburg must pass the matches of the group stage Russia — New Zealand, New Zealand — Portugal, Cameroon — Australia, as well as the final match.

Dear “Central”: it is possible to build a $1 billion

“Manchester United” lost Ibrahimovic before the end of the season

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Striker “Manchester United” Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been ruled out until the end of the season. The player injured his knee

The Swede got injured cruciate knee ligaments in the Europa League match against Anderlecht. In extra time, he badly stumbled in the penalty area and hurt his leg. On the field instead of Ibrahimovic out Anthony martial.

Ibrahimovic will miss the remainder of the season matches “Manchester United”. In particular, he will not play in the decisive stage of the Europa League and will not participate in the Manchester Derby.

It is possible that the match against Anderlecht was for Ibrahimovic’s last for Manchester United. He has still not extended his contract with the club and perhaps now the new agreement will not take place.
Ibrahimovic moved to Manchester United last summer from “Paris St Germain” as a free agent. In 2016, the Swede has signed a one-year agreement with the possibility of renewal for another season.

At the moment, Ibrahimovic is the top scorer Manchester United in the season. In all competitions he scored 28 goals, including it goals have become victorious in the match for Community Shield (Supercup of England) and the final of the English League Cup. In the Premier League, Ibrahimovic scored 17 goals in 38 games. Second top scorer Manchester United, Juan Mata, scored only six goals in the championship.

Eighth racket of the world opposed the invitation Sharapova at Wimbledon

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The strongest tennis player of Poland’s Agnieszka Radwanska has called the organizers of the Grand Slam tournaments not to give a wild card to Maria Sharapova. Radwanska believes that Sharapova needs to break in these tournaments yourself

Ranking Sharapova does not allow her to get into the main draw of the next tournament series Grand Slam of the French Open and Wimbledon. According to Radwanska, Sharapova to qualify for these tournaments you need to score points at the previous competition. The organizers of the “Roland Garros” and Wimbledon are not supposed to give Sharapova a wild card.

“Now she got a wild card in Germany, then waiting for her in Spain, but it has not yet received invitations to Paris and London, and, in my opinion, must remain so. She needs to break in these tournaments due to the high results”, – quotes Reuters Radwanska.

Sharapova will play their first match after returning to the court on April 26 in the tournament in Stuttgart. She also received a wild card for the prestigious tournament in Madrid and Rome, which will be held in may 2017. The organizers starting may 28, “Roland Garros” has not yet made a decision regarding the participation of the Russians.

Previously, the strongest tennis player French Jo-Wilfried Tsonga stated that he was against inviting Sharapova at the “Roland Garros”. Wild card Russians in the Open championship of France he likened to “a candy for a child who misbehaves”.

In June 2016, Sharapova was disqualified by the International tennis Federation (ITF) for two years for the use of Meldonium. Exclusion from participation in the competition came into force on 26 January 2016. In October 2016, the disqualification was reduced to 1 year 3 months.

CSKA extended their unbeaten run in the championship of Russia on football

The author of the first goal for vitinho
Photo: Dmitry Golubovich/Global Look Press

CSKA in the 24th round of the championship of Russia won the “Ufa”. This victory allowed the team to stay in second place in the table

“Ufa” can be the first to open the scoring in this match. In the 53rd minute, Georgi Schennikov fouled in the penalty area against Dmitry Stotsky, and Vladislav Bezborodov pointed to the penalty spot. This standard was played by Michael liendl for Fortuna Dusseldorf, but Igor Akinfeev was able to reflect the ball into corner. “Ufa” scored the second penalty in a row — previously Kehinde Fatai fails to convert his penalty in the match against “Spartak”.

12 minutes after this point CSKA came forward. Alexey Ionov dropped the ball on the penalty area line at for vitinho, is a Brazilian gathered the ball and fired just over the bar. The second goal of CSKA in this game were scored by Fedor Chalov, replacing for vitinho, three minutes before the end of the meeting. Pontus Wernbloom horse won the fight outside the penalty area and made a pass forward, and Chalov beat defenders and shot from close range past the goalkeeper.

CSKA extended their unbeaten run in the championship of Russia. The last time the team lost in the 12th round of the championship, when CSKA played against Spartak. The match against “Ufa” became for CSKA to the twelfth, in which the Muscovites are not lost. Of these seven games in CSKA win, five ended in a draw.

After this victory, CSKA retained second place in the table of the championship of Russia. He is ahead of “Zenith” on four points, but the St. Petersburg club a match against “Ural” will take place Saturday, April 22. Spartak leads the table, ahead of CSKA on seven points. “Rostov” Muscovites will also play on April 22.

Tarpischev believes in the success of Russian players in the match with Belgium

On Saturday, April 22, at the Small sports arena “Luzhniki” will begin match play-off draw of the Federation Cup on tennis between the teams of Russia and Belgium. Depend on it, will include a women’s national team to the World group. As hosts, the Russian headquarters ordered the right to choose the court surface and on the ground stopped. The names of our squad is clearly stronger, though the statistics of the meetings was unpleasantly surprised: 1 win in match play and 3 defeats. With the forecast, we started our conversation with the President of the Russian tennis Federation Shamil Tarpishchev and the new head of the European tennis Association Vladimir Dmitriev.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Shamil Tarpischev.

We just have to pass the field — assess the situation Tarpischev. — I do not recall, we played three winners of the recent WTA tournaments. Elena Vesnina, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova and Darya Kasatkina. The Russian team by name, but we need to look at the status of girls and adaptation. This is the first spring tournament on clay, and more importantly, who to-cover adapts faster.

The eternal question: why is the series of the Davis Cup men’s three days, and fed Cup or two?

Tarpischev: Women will never repeat what men do. (Laughs.) Seriously, women play matches to three sets maximum, and children up to five. There is no comparison between the load — and to recover for the hard day. It is known that after a heavy match play for the national team, the player falls down on two consecutive tournament where he plays for himself. Yes, I would like to remind you that tennis is not limited in time — and this is the involuntary conflict with the TV, without which sport could not exist. But understand: if you cut format: tennis from chess move will turn into checkers. Not worse, not better, but something else. But the problem exists, and thanks to the recent election to the post of the head Tennis Europe Vladimir Dmitriev, Russia will be able to influence the course of events. Vladimir is a man devoted to tennis and is very knowledgeable. I will remind, presidential elections were held in three rounds, and in the final, our candidate took 5-6 neutral votes that decided the outcome.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov
Vladimir Dmitriev.

Dmitriev: We have proposed an ambitious program, but it meets the long-overdue challenges faced by European and international tennis. I would like to highlight the game’s development for youth, in those countries where insufficient infrastructure and no serious support of sponsors.

Tarpischev: Tennis should be more entertaining, thus it is necessary to pay attention to the struggle against a traumatism to think about recipes players. As a member of the IOC I would like to mention resolution on the right of the athlete medical defenses. For example, Meldonium, which had already served the sentence Maria Sharapova rather falls under the concept of the defender, than stimulant. Under heavy loads it blocks the lactate (lactic acid) that affects the heart muscle. So you can protect yourselves from sudden heart attacks. But the drug is officially banned by WADA — and to begin to fight for his acquittal, we first need to collect all information about his actions, the time of removal… While the world different laboratories represent different information.

— But why, say, Serena Williams proves with papers that needs medication support, and our players cannot do it? Or take — and caught…

Tarpischev: Debatable. On the one hand, if you’re a sick man, well you have nothing to participate in the Olympic games. On the other — you need to give a chance to the athlete to participate. This is where the line is? In our country medical system in the sport is broken, lost development. Figuratively speaking, fifth floor of your clinic equipped better than in Switzerland. But here’s the problem: the first four floors no. It is now proven: psychology in sports gives 20 percent success can not be neglected. And how much do we have sports psychologists?..

Dmitriev: — Not going to name names, but a respected athlete was forced to resort to foreign psychologist. After a long course the result came back. When asked: “why are you asked not for ours?” he said: “after the second or third consultation about my problems are known all over Russia?”

Tarpischev: — If to speak about the power of our tennis, then we, fortunately, have retained the scientific-methodical maintenance since Soviet times. We do not have any of the same player. All have their own individual style. And to distinguish, say, the German Spaniard can be blindfolded at the sound of the ball! We have individualization is laid immediately — if the child goes to the coach, change the coach, not the child.

— Many complain that Russia sends its young talents abroad.

Tarpischev: — We at one time played in the US the semifinals of the Federation Cup. In Portland — 1 court for 10 residents. And we?.. Sport becomes seasonal as indoor venues. And the fact that we place our young players in various academies around the world, is the way out of the situation. If this is not done, the next generation, we just won’t see.

Dmitriev: for Example, American universities does not matter what the nationality of their student-athlete. They put him in the sponsorship and proud of it.

Tarpischev: We adopted the program of development of youth and Junior tennis until 2030. We have a generation change, but the youth truly Golden. Over 15 years in the Junior tennis Russia 12 times became the strongest in Europe. The successes relate not only girls but also guys. It should be noted Karen Hechanova, Daniil Medvedev, Andrei Rublev. I think the men’s team will be fixed in the World group of the Davis Cup.

—You told “MK” that Vesnina things on the court went up the hill after marriage…

Tarpischev: — all female athletes. The emotional component just refers to sports psychology. Should now work with husbands of our players… And it’s not really a joke. If we analyze the game of Lena, I am still more perceived as a doubles tennis player, she plays very low over the net. And in matches of the Cup of Federation it must be put under the opponent’s particular style. I won’t reveal all the details, but will cite a few examples. In matches Zvonareva and Stosur 0:14 in favor of the Australians. Kafelnikov 8 times beat Santoro and Safin for the most part inferior to him. This despite the fact that the expense of face-to-face encounters of two Russians is approximately equal. Awkward opponent — this is a real phenomenon and not an invention. I can quite often guess the future winner, but only after a draw was held, published mesh. So at the time I predicted the first victory in the tournament series Grand slam, the Swiss Roger Federer…

The Prosecutor’s office called blew up the bus Borussia terrorist-loner

Photo: Ina Fassbender/dpa/

The offender, who last week blew up a bus of German football team Borussia Dortmund, likely acted alone

The offender, who last week blew up a bus of German football team Borussia Dortmund, likely acted alone. This was stated by the official representative of the Prosecutor General of Germany Frauke köhler. “For possible accomplices or assistants we have no leads, told Koehler at a press conference on April 21. Tonight, the accused will be presented before the court.”

On Friday morning, the Spiegel magazine reported that on suspicion in blasting of the bus was detained 28-summer Sergey V., with Russian and German citizenship. Soon the office of public Prosecutor of Germany confirmed this information. According to police, the attack on the bus of the soccer team he did out of selfish motives. A week before the explosion, he took a large loan, of which €78 thousand spent on the purchase of put options club Borussia. To realize them he planned after the explosion, when quotes the football club will fall.

By words a press-the Secretary of Koehler, on the trail of a criminal they went through various brokerage firms. “What would profit the attacker in the course of implementation options, we still can not say for sure”, she said. According to the German publication sport Express, in that case, if in the course of the attack killed the players, and quotes the club would fall to a minimum, Sergey V. profit would amount to €3.9 million.

The explosion took place in Dortmund on the evening of 11 April in front of the hotel where the team was going to go to a Champions League match. The victims of the attacks there, the defender of “Borussia” Marc Bartra injured.

The next day the Prosecutor’s office of Germany said that the explosive device, damaging element were metal strips. Near the scene of the crime a note was found with reference to IG (banned terrorist organization). Two days later law enforcement authorities in Germany arrested three Islamists suspected of involvement in the attack.

As was going to earn a suspect in the attack on Dortmund

What specifically were used the explosive substance is still unknown. According to Koehler, the explosion was of such force that the bomb had disappeared almost without a trace, and now forensic experts carried out soil sampling on the site of the explosion. “While these samples are carried out, please have patience”, she added.

Former forward of “Manchester United” cannot be a coach because of skin color

Dwight Yorke and Jesper Blomqvist in a charity match “Manchester United” — “Liverpool”
Photo: Johanna Lundberg/

Dwight Yorke complained that he could not get a coaching job in England because of racial prejudice. Former striker of “Manchester United” said that he was not even invited to interview

In an interview with BBC York said that blacks players at the end of a career can’t become coaches because of the prejudices of the leadership of the clubs. “If it’s not because of skin color, tell me, what is it? I keep talking about it. Give us at least the chance to interview,” said York.

York suggested black players to go on strike so that all of relevance to the management of football, noticed how little in the sport of black coaches. One of the reasons for the performance of York was the dismissal of Marcus Bignot, who led the “Grimsby town”. After that, the strongest four English divisions have only two black coaches — Chris Houghton (Brighton) and Kate Curl (“Carlisle”).

“Football is a sport that is common all over the planet. And dark-skinned players serve this sport for many years. But look at the Premier League. Is there black coaches? Look at the Series A. There are black coaches? The list is endless,” concluded York.

York during his career he played for “Aston Villa”, “Blackburn” and “Manchester United”. With “Manchester United”, he became the triple champion of England and won the Champions League in 1999.

“People like me — those who were visible as a football player and who played at the highest level — should get a chance at least for an interview. But you have not even invited to these interviews. I my own eyes I see coaches who get jobs who are laid off, which again got the job — but we are not invited even for an interview. In my opinion, is unfair,” concluded York.

The view of York is divided, and Houghton, who led Brighton into the Premier League for next season. “This issue should be discussed as widely as possible. And see how the situation will change. There is no doubt that the current situation is not normal. On the level of football academies and youth football and I can already see changes. I think everyone wants to see these changes at the level of the strongest teams,” said Houghton.

Boyar will be the speaker at the first match “Zenith” with “m”

Mikhail Boyarsky with the mascot “Zenit”
Photo: Sergey Konkov/TASS

People’s artist of Russia Mikhail Boyarsky is a speaker on the match of the Russian championship “Zenit” – “Ural”. The match will take place on 22 April

The game against the “Ural” will be the first for Zenit at the new stadium, which has not yet made any official match. Boyar on this game the first time will take the place of the speaker. About it reports to “”.

“I will announce the team and then, if there are goals, I will announce it and to call them authors. In General, I will do all the things that usually make speakers,” — said the boyar St. Petersburg edition. Information about the new role of the boyar confirmed and official Twitter “Krestovsky”.

Match “Zenit” — “Ural” will take place on 22 April at 14:00. The game will take place in the framework of the 24th round.

Zenit are in third place in the championship of Russia. From the leader of superiority Moscow “Spartak”, he is behind by eleven points. Backlog from CSKA Moscow, coming second, is one point.

In the last round, “Zenith” has conceded in Moscow “Spartaku” with the account 1:2. Before the match on the guest platform “Zenith” was stretched a banner with the image of knights.

Photo: Sergey Konkov/TASS

Boyarsky is a fan of “Zenit” in a few decades. Now he is at the club as honorary President.