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Migrants-violators of Tajikistan has declared the Amnesty

For illegal migrants from Tajikistan Amnesty. From 25 March to 24 April, all the citizens of the neighboring Republic, who are working in Russia illegally will be able to be legalized and not be afraid of deportation. Speech, truth, goes not about all the illegal immigrants, but only those who have violations on paragraph 4 (two or more times brought to administrative responsibility) and item 8 (located in Russia more than thirty days from the date of expiry of temporary residence) of article 26 of the Federal law 114.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Of the forthcoming Amnesty was announced by the Chairman of the Commission on migration policy and adaptation of migrants under the government of Moscow Alexander Kalinin. According to him, the information he received from the interior Ministry. As he said on his page on the social network, the presidents of Tajikistan and Russia have agreed on a certain relief to Tajik citizens.

A migrant will need to go to your local police station and get a fingerprint. explains the whole method Kalinin. – Then come to the office of the Federal migration service (addresses are on my page in the social network) with a valid passport of Tajikistan, and there will prolong the period of stay stamped in old migration card or issue a new one.

After that, the migrant is required within 15 days to register and then receive within 30 days of the patent or three months to leave the country. Recall that to leave in three months, and then to enter the territory of Russia is impossible: it is necessary to stay abroad for at least 90 days.

Recall that according to the same scheme legalized citizens of Moldova. Then there was a speech about what to get the official status of about 250 thousand Moldovans illegally staying in Russia. What about Tajikistan?

– According to that I was given the interior Ministry, in the so-called checklist (citizens with disabilities, which will be deported from Russia and banned the back) is about 70 thousand people. This data is in Moscow. But again: they could register in Moscow, and then left in an unknown direction, – has explained “MK” Kalinin.

Those citizens of Tajikistan who fall under these articles, but are not in Russia, too, will be able to return to our country. But not immediately. As explained Kalinin, information must pass the boundary, and when that happens — a week later — is unknown. How many of such migrants have the potential to enter our country, it is not precisely known. According to the Chairman of the Central Committee of the trade Union of migrant workers Renat Karimov, to sum up illegal immigrants from Tajikistan are in Russia and beyond, you get a few hundred thousand.

Do take advantage of the migrants Amnesty?

I think that, Yes, – told the “MK” Vice-President of Fund “Migration XXI century” Natalya Vlasova. – Tajikistan is a poor state, and its citizens are very important to be in legal status in order to send money home. But it’s a double-edged sword: the employer in this case is not beneficial to his work was on the legal position. Because it is necessary to pay taxes, to conclude the labor agreement, to inform the tax office. And so he can dock his patch or not to expel. And according to our data, 51% had a patent work illegally. But a patent is expensive. A patent is worth 30 thousand rubles. According to our data, patents make at least 47% of visitors.

Died eldest son of the legendary Stalin’s Commissar Mikoyan

photo: photo from family archive

We met with Stepan Anastasovich last summer. Then the newspaper had planned to do a piece dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the outbreak of war. And this man, more than anyone, was suited for the role of the narrator about the events of those years.

In June 1941 he met the German attack on the Soviet Union, being a student of the famous Kachin aviation school in the Crimea. And already in the beginning of winter fought with the enemy in the air defense, defending Moscow from the raids of Luftwaffe bombers. Was shot down, burned, received a severe injury and burns. Preserved the scars on his left arm, which was blocking the fire, staying in the cabin falling the Yak-7, Stepan Anastasovich showed me during his story about the tragic episode of his fighting career: “all my life I have left that mark!”

photo: photo from family archive

Eldest son of people’s Commissar Mikoyan ended the war in the position of commander of the fighter regiment, was awarded for aerial combat of two orders.

Subsequently he entered the air force engineering Academy, worked in the Scientific testing Institute of the air force. For nearly a quarter of a century, “ran in” new military aircraft Mikoyan design Bureau, Sukhoi and Yakovlev was awarded the title “Honored test pilot of the USSR”, and in 1975 – the star of Hero of the Soviet Union. Over time, Stepan Anastasovich was appointed Deputy chief designer of the Moscow NGO “Lightning” for flight tests. In the only flight of the Soviet space Shuttle “Buran” by S. A. Mikoyan was responsible for managing the ship on station approach and landing.

photo: photo from family archive

Stepan Anastasovich lived a long life, and for her he remained faithful to his first love – the sky. He was one of those who have earned the right to be called legends of our aircraft.

The wording “MK” expresses condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.

The club is gloomy and manahatouh

Last week the Center for strategic communications, NATO announced the Russian Comedy shows KVN “tool of political strategic communication.”

It used to be that the historical expansion of NATO to the East prevented the Russian frosts, then Russian hackers, and now, it turns out, there is a new terrible weapon destructive power, which not only in Russia but throughout the world addresses all the population without exception supporters of Putin and his policies.

While NATO year by year steadily increased, stretching the flanks, in Europe itself, exposing the soft underbelly and formed the gap, where and sent his powerful lightning attack “Ural dumplings”, “Asia Mix” and “national Team kamyzyakskogo edge”, leaving all the arsenals of the satire and humor on the destruction of the Old world.

What, one wonders, can they, these cheerful and resourceful, to oppose a European army, hundreds of nuclear warheads stored in military bases and thousands of American soldiers and hundreds of tanks, moved recently to Poland, Estonia and other Eastern European countries? Nothing.

The blow was struck, that is, the headquarters. First, in a fit of merriment broke into a riot, the residents — the authors of this study, commissioned by the Ministry of defence of Latvia, who seemed to have forgotten that it is their country for fifteen years, nurtured and cultivated in Jurmala this kaveenovskoy monster, spreading contagion to all of Eastern, and Western Europe. If NATO suddenly decided to take some action based on the results of this study, the first thing should be held accountable Latvian leadership.

Again with a light hand of Alexander Maslyakov, who gave a discreet nod to the British government and Parliament, next week starts Brickset that marks the separation of the Kingdom from Europe not only in the English channel.

But the most ridiculous, of course, there will be presidential elections in France. There are all three main candidates — macron, Fillon and marine Le Pen — convicted of corruption, and it’s funny to see how will the French vote. Will you prefer someone who got to abuse only the closest relatives? Maybe delegate the presidency to someone whose amount of abuse was the smallest, but then you will have accurate calculations. TV is about to begin, “take a pencil, we begin our evening”.

Meanwhile, not joking the Germans. Recently the US President, Donald trump declared that Germany owed to the United States and the North Atlantic Alliance large sums of money for the security of the state. The amount is not known, but, apparently, we are talking about Dani for many years. The Bundestag is understood, however, why she compared the American President not with Genghis Khan and Chinese Emperor, collecting taxes. Although the part about China is not very clear, it KVN no destructive power, it seems, has no Germany and China did not yet require it.

Why is trump so badly done in relation to nearby allies, honestly, we don’t know. Maybe in the US surfaced offense 25 years ago, when the Secretary-General of NATO, former defense Minister of West Germany Manfred Werner at the meeting in Brussels with the delegation of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR assured Russia in the friendly intentions of NATO and even promised to expel overseas 80 thousand American soldiers stationed in Europe.

On the other hand, trump may not be hoped that Germany, like other European members of the NATO club, you will find the money for the required increase in military spending, so he called urgently to make the ranks of NATO Montenegro, she may to celebrate spring. Overseas recommendations it is recommended that to be taken seriously.

In short, welcome to the Club sad and manahatouh.

Simon Semyonitch


It dawned on

Unrealized sense of self-esteem you can try to rent.

During the crisis the basis of the power became food for thought.

In connection with inflation has become more expensive along famously.

In the existence of God in Russia believe more people than in the promises of a better life.

For the many children of administrative resources was not enough warm places.

Burdens of family joys increase with age.


Leading — Ganguli of GVILAVA, E-mail:

Bulk beat Volgograd “mockery” over monument “the Motherland”

With the wild scandal was the opening of the election headquarters of Alexei Navalny on 24 March in Volgograd. Residents of the city can not forgive the supporters of the opposition that those posted the day before on Twitter “the Motherland” with green paint smeared face and hands.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Rotor a few hours stood before the entrance to the headquarters and waited for the politician come to them and apologize. As soon as Navalny appeared on the porch, aggressive-minded people staged a brawl. In conclusion, the policy gave the Nazi helmet. “In Volgograd will know whom to beat,” said her donor Yaroslav Knyazev, Chairman of the “Immortal regiment”. The helmet took the Bulk.

The day before the website of civic initiatives launched a petition created by veterans of the city, “the Perpetrators of the desecration of the monument “the Motherland calls!” must answer for his actions!”.

“This is a nasty situation once again proves that Navalny and his supporters, there are no values, no ethics, morals and respect for our history. Their main goal – is self and greed, – it is spoken in the petition. To achieve this they will not stop before anything. They don’t care about the history of our city, the history of the entire country, the bloody battles that were fought at Stalingrad the earth, and the memory of thousands of victims… We encourage everyone to come to the defense of “Mother Motherland” to send the neo-fascists of our land, as it was done 75 years ago. We are the descendants of the heroes. We do not disgrace the memory and honor of our fathers!”

– From a legal point of view there are no sanctions for Navalny and employees of his staff will follow. Talk about vandalism with regard to the case, as article 214 of the Criminal code contains a clear definition of such acts is the desecration of buildings or other constructions, property damage on public transport or in other public places. None of the above in this case – says “MK” the lawyer Oleg Sukhov. – Publication of the photographs cannot be compared neither to criminal, nor to administrative staff bullying. Most likely, the petition does not entail any legal consequences and will simply serve as a vehicle for expressing outrage at the residents of the city.

– I would recommend Alexei Navalny to demand from people who posted a provocative tweet, delete it, says lawyer Oksana mikhalkina. – These things in any way hurt the reputation of politics.

Navalny himself on arrival in the city immediately went to the famous monument and posted his picture on Twitter (without photoshop) with the caption “Hello from Volgograd. First time here. Immediately went to see her. Power. Great monument of a great event.”

Watch the video on:
“Navalny was beaten Volgogradsky because of the “mockery of the Motherland””


The Bulk Business. Chronicle of events

In Ukraine extinguished the fire at the largest military warehouse

Photo: Ina “Ukrainian Photos”

The fire at the warehouse of military equipment in Kharkiv region completely extinguished, said Deputy defense Minister of Ukraine Igor Pavlovsky. According to him, is now being evaluated prechernogo damage

A fire at the largest military depot of Ukraine in the Kharkov area is completely extinguished, on a place is the work on elimination of its consequences. This was announced by Deputy defense Minister of the country Igor Pavlovsky, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

According to him, the fire was completely extinguished on the morning of 24 March, and now, the Arsenal are working to assess the damage. Pavlovsky also said that in place of “do pass” vault “to hold normal inventory” in the warehouse.

A fire in warehouses of ammunition in the Balakleya district of the Kharkiv region broke out on the night of March 23. Because of a fire at about three o’clock in the morning began to detonate explosives on the technical territory of an Arsenal.

Because of the threat of fragments from the surrounding settlements — the town of Balakleya, the village Verbivka, and the village of yakovenkove — were evacuated a total of nearly 20 thousand people.

SBU has described the incident as a diversion. Eyewitnesses told RBC that night heard the roar of some aircraft and watched as he threw something to the warehouse.

Entry into the territory Blakley opened, 70% of the population had already returned home, according to “112 Ukraine”.

The explosion at the ammunition depot in Balakleya in Kharkiv region may be involved in a “friendly country is the Russian Federation”, said the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak. In addition, said Poltorak, we can not exclude that the fire at a military depot can be involved representatives of the “terrorist groups” from the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics.

The result is an extremely the situation in artillery warehouses of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine the number of victims of the explosions reached five people. “As of 16:00 (17.00 GMT), injuring five people, three of them are in hospital”, — said the Deputy head of the health Department of the regional administration Galina Siroshtan the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

Another 78 year-old woman was found dead under the rubble of the burned house near the military warehouse, reported the head of the state emergency service of Ukraine Mykola Chechetkin.

Jewish Russia we don’t have?

photo: Alex geldings

Not talking about the “pale” (even in connection with this subject which have made topical by the controversy, after the famous sayings of our members), if the position of the pre-revolutionary Jews were not all of today’s Russia. It’s not only about the isolation and ogranichennosti of the country from the rest of the world, and that inside the same awkward Empire, the majority of citizens are constrained by the immobility and the forced anchor pritorochennye to non-elite places of residence. Strangulation features, artificial containment of energy led power a hundred years ago to the revolutionary explosion.

What is “pale”?

Many practice, you know about “pale” is disappointingly small. Imagine it as the 101st kilometer, which in Soviet times expelled parasites, criminals, prostitutes. And this “hell” confused with the disqualification and the prohibition to live in large cities, convicted and served their time “enemies of the people”. For the 101-km evicted invalids of the great Patriotic war, Stalin ordered to evict them, so as not to spoil his crippled form of mood healthy and flourishing citizens.

The Jews a century ago was considered, in some sense, the same with disabilities — religious sense: in a decent society and Metropolitan interiors made them rarely and reluctantly. Professing Judaism withseveral was allotted the reservation — mainly in the territories of the Western provinces that had previously belonged to other States (Poland, Lithuania, Latvia), annexed to Russia.

Alienation and isolation found quite decent and kind of bravura justification:

“Pale” was a country that exceeded in size any European state, because it included the Kingdom of Poland, Belarus, Lithuania and the whole of little Russia. We can say that not a single Russian immigrant on all sides a limited visa has no such freedom of movement, what had the Jews in Russia, despite the pale”.

Then Paphos, however, slightly reduced: “However, having experienced the humiliation and trouble associated with obtaining these visas, “scattered” Russian easier now to imagine how annoyed extremely agile Jewish people these hesitate movement. They do interfere on the merits and, in addition, the depressing effect on the psyche.”

A quote borrowed from the work that bears the symbolic title “What we do not like them…” the Author is a monarchist, a philosopher, an immigrant, and then Soviet prisoner Vasily Vitalyevich Shulgin — the figure is highly remarkable: it took the abdication of the hands of the king, after the revolution, fled abroad, illegally arrived to Russia to look for his wounded son, again gone, was in the process of the Second world war captured in Yugoslavia by the Soviet army, had served a prison term and lived in Vladimir, the entrance to Moscow was to him — ironically, just as once the Jews are forbidden, though Khrushchev called the V. V. S. at the twentieth party Congress…

This book Shulgin not too usluge confided: “I am always surprised when people are surprised how after the February revolution of 1917, everywhere came to the Jews as the leaders (the same tradition was carried over to the Bolsheviks, when I have accomplished the October revolution). These wonder people like slept for a quarter of a century! They did not notice that the Jews during this time was to take in hand the political life of the country. When they came to the State Duma in the Tauride Palace was the so-called “bed print”, then the other wags immediately dubbed it the “pale of settlement”. It was hard to think of a name more successful. Indeed, judging by the correspondents sent to Parliament, the Russian press at that time was in Jewish hands”.

How many people today can get an education?

Shulgin, some Jews, for example, graduated from the University, as well as merchants of the first Guild gave the right of free movement in space power. And in this context regrets that the Jews (a small percentage) were allowed to get an education: “it is Obvious that the legislator, establishing the measure, believed that educated Jews and Jewish merchants in the cream will fuse with the rest of the population; blended so much that it will not be socially dangerous — out features. The idea of “features” in all likelihood, was born of the following considerations: population de little, long accustomed to the Jews, has, so to speak, immanent to the Jewish poison; the rest of the Russian population, Jews have never experienced, can, say, easily become its prey.”

Kings and Jews

The solution to education has given the Jews the First Nicholas. But Nicholas II repeatedly asked to cancel the “line”, but he disagreed. The state Council rejected all attempts to discuss this topic. The opinion of the king on this occasion, openly expressed in his letter of October 27, 1905, sent to Empress Maria (his mother): “the Result happened is clear and common: people troubled by the arrogance and insolence of the revolutionaries and socialists, and since 9/10 of them Jews, all the anger fell on those — hence the anti-Jewish pogroms. It’s amazing how one voice and immediately it happened in all the towns of Russia and Siberia. In England, of course, write that these riots were organized by the police, as always — the old, familiar tale! But not one of the Jews had badly got also Russian agitators: engineers, lawyers and all sorts of other nasty people. Cases in Tomsk, Simferopol, Tver and Odessa clearly showed to what may come from an enraged crowd when he surrounded the house in which the revolutionaries were locked, and set fire to them, killing all who came out…”

The father of Nicholas II Alexander III was extremely dissatisfied with the Moscow Governor Prince Dolgoruki: he did not show zeal in the persecution of the Jews. Instead Dolgoruky the Moscow Governor-General was appointed Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich, the brother of the king. He at once engaged in clearing of Moscow in a relatively short period of time evicted about 30 thousand Jewish families. The verdict was: 24 hours to leave the city. And that compassionate friends was not given to evict the shelter, issued a decree: all hid any of sent to send. For every Jew caught the police followed the reward of 3 roubles.

The Royal order did not fail to take advantage of thieves. Someone from the gang, seeing the police, had to flee, the police rushed after him, thinking that the Jew, and hoping to get 3 rubles; accomplices escaped, meanwhile, was robbing the store. Prostitutes hired two rooms, one did, the second was handed over to the Jews.

Sholem Aleichem wrote about that time tragically funny novel “the Bloody joke” — Jewish and Russian youths have changed passports and tried to live by posing: one for Jew (in a small world where being searched and subject to eviction of the Jews), the second — for a Russian nobleman (among jokes like “for the company, and the Jew hanged himself”). Vaudeville the story ends with the fact that Russian trying to stand up for the Jews, is accused (and the passport of a stranger) in the Commission of ritual murders. Well, that trial is coming father of the accused, General, and saves his son. Otherwise make him another Bailey, a high-profile case which was heard in Kiev in the early twentieth century. Write directly on trumped-up lawsuit Sholem Aleichem could not, that came up with the allegory.

The Deputies Of The Duma

But back to Shulgin. Why highly educated people lamented due to the fact that Jews are allowed to get an education? After all, it is obscurantist, troglodytica, downright plantation position as a children’s book about black slaves “uncle Tom’s Cabin”.

Reading Shulgin, unwittingly come to the conclusion that the current State Duma was worthy predecessors in the face of the Duma before the revolution, a century ago. Sat thinking on this in addition to another Shulgin and Vladimir Purishkevich. Shulgin is famous for the fact that he took renunciation from the hands of the king, and Purishkevich, the murder of Rasputin. And the two of them, pulled out of the Foundation of the autocracy of the basic bricks even turned the language to say that the Russian monarchy collapsed foreigners.

Purishkevich rhymed:

Gay people, well done from the commercial series

Orthodox Russian people

Up. To hell! Media troubled years,

What sushila Slavic chest!

Let him disappear, like smoke, like the useless fog

For hundreds of years we lived together.

And now die from grief or wounds.

Even poor people, let our people drunk,

And Jewish Russia, we do not need to…

Right, not stopping to make a list of required reading for today’s Duma members literature the works of these two authors. A visionary book Shulgin and does need to learn every Russian: in addition to the Jewish, he raised the question about Russia’s relations with Ukraine and predicts essentially the current situation of conflict between the two countries.

■ ■ ■

Read biographies of prominent Americans: Director Steven Spielberg is a descendant of Jewish immigrants from Ukraine, Sylvester Stallone leads the genealogy from my grandmother-Odessa-in-law trump proud to be among his ancestors — the Belarusian partisans. Crazy success with these people! What would happen to them, stay their great-grandparents in Shulgin-purishkevichem Russia?

Danish area on 25 and 26 March

25 MAR

The day of worker of culture.

The international action “Earth Hour”.

1891 — was first used mesh on football goal.

1957 in Rome by the representatives of France, Germany, Italy and the Benelux countries signed the Treaty establishing the European economic community (EEC).

1992 — founded the Academy of cryptography of the Russian Federation.

1997 — treasure hunters, led by Argentine Herman Moro announced that it has discovered off the coast of Ecuador in 1654, the sunken Spanish Galleon with a cargo of gold and silver.

26 MAR

Purple day (epilepsy patients).

1532 — Rome published a “History of Florence” Niccolo Machiavelli.

1947 — established the European economic Commission of the UN.

2000 — Vladimir Putin was first elected President of Russia.

2002 — discovered the gene for epilepsy.

Birthdays and dates. Chronicle of events

Birthdays 25 and 26 March

25 MAR

Elton John (1947), singer, composer, holder of the order of the British Empire

Alex geldings (1959), chief artist of “MK”

Sarah Jessica Parker (1965), actress (“Sex and the city”)

Maria Pakhomenko (1937-2013), singer, people’s artist of Russia

Kseniya Rappoport (1974), the actress of theatre and cinema, people’s artist of Russia

Arturo Toscanini (1867-1957), an outstanding conductor

Aretha Franklin (1972), singer, Queen of soul

26 MAR

Arkady Dvorkovich (1972), Vice-Premier of the Russian government

Patrick Suskind (1949), writer (“Perfume”)

Keira Knightley (1985), actress, two-time nominee for “Oscar”

Alexei Petrenko (1938-2017), film and theater actor, people’s artist of the RSFSR

Vladimir Presnyakov (1946), composer, arranger, saxophonist

Steven Tyler (1949), rock musician, vocalist and the leader of Aerosmith

Tennessee Williams (1911-1983), playwright (a Streetcar named Desire”)

Birthdays and dates. Chronicle of events

Three stories about jealousy: how spouses spy on each other

Doctors believe that the deterioration of jealousy, like other obsessive-compulsive disorder, in the period of spring avitaminosis and seasonal emotional instability — within norm if it does not entail “a prolonged depression and inappropriate behavior.” So jealous people will always, and enterprising businessmen take advantage of this. Today in the service of jealousy every day comes a new technology. But this harmless for a relationship jealousy still doesn’t. So before giving vent to his suspicions and to use this newfangled offers of the market, meet with unfortunate endings of the stories of our jealous.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

38-year-old Mary is married to Eugene for 14 years, her husband holds a public office and a lot of time devotes to work. Any thoughts on the topic of marital leftists and it was until this spring, when Mary began to spend more time with “the girls” — wives of husband’s colleagues.

We regularly have a slumber party, where they told some wild stories from the lives of mutual friends, calling each other husband not to take his eyes… And in February, a friend invited me to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the women’s Kingdom, all men at work, Tuesday was. And steel over a glass of each other to encourage, saying, are you sure your really work? I told my husband believe. They laugh at me raised — say, to believe the mouse to the cat!

So Mary and learned that in the circle of wives of husband’s colleagues adopted to control men. To do this, bought all sorts of expensive gadgets: they foraged private firms it people, almost every day inventing new products. These teeny-weeny things, and they listen, and peep, and write! Mary recognized that immediately, as ordered, she was reminded of all the “suspicious” absence husband travel, night calls…

A few days later, she clocked herself so that she felt that Eugene was cheating on her long ago. And Mary decided she should just make sure she is mistaken, to regain a peaceful sleep.

Compassionate friend immediately supplied Mary contacts “checked.” She called the caller understood everything perfectly. Immediately stated that the Car situation will help the mini-recorder thing functional and invisible. However, it is expensive and needs special supporting program, which is entered into the computer. “For this we have specialists coming out to the house to the client, reassured Mary. — Just keep in mind that the computer to which you connect our device to have access only you to your husband not detected. So better to put the password.”

Appeared on the wife’s laptop password was alert the husband, so Mary came up to aconnecting device with my old stationary computer, sent useless to the apartment of her mother. It was convenient and safe: mom can’t even turn on, and she lives in the country, and the keys Masha has. Mary called a meeting with the representative of the company there, and at the appointed hour arrived, cute smiling the pros for 25 years.

His name was also Jack, as a husband, — Masha remembers. — He explained that the device is the size of a computer flash drive can be left in any secret place at home, office or car, during the week it will be included in any sound recording of it, and all the rest of the time remain in sleep mode. And in a week you could pick it up and connecting to my computer with downloaded there program to listen in on everything that happened in your absence. Jack got it all set up, showed me how to use the device. Young pros turned out to be a pleasant conversationalist. Was younger than me for 15 years, but looked at me with genuine male interest…

Mary did everything according to instructions: put a tiny device under the skin of the back seat of the car of a husband, and a week safely removed and rushed to the apartment to the mother, burning with impatience to listen to the recording. But, alas, to connect it to a gadget to my computer failed.

— Before leaving, Jack was warned that when difficulties arise, he can call at any time, and I again called him.

He quickly arrived, found out that Mary had forgotten to turn on the device the tiny toggle switch and the week of wiretapping wasted — the device did not work. Masha said that next week the husband leaves on a business trip for five days, and she’ll try to attach the device in a suitcase when going to collect his things. And the I. T. expert Jack suddenly said how amazing that such a beautiful woman who may be not true.

And at some point it seemed to me that nothing bad will happen if I flirt with him, — says Masha. — Why not? Moreover, we have now shared, and the circumstances in the form of a business trip of her husband contribute…

Legitimate when Jack left for my trip, taking in his things hidden deep inside the device, Jack-the it guy called and said that he had forgotten in the apartment Machine mom important disk. They met and started… Both sides were satisfied and secured success a couple more times. Then came back from a trip my husband, and with him and a gadget. Gadget not told anything incriminating her husband Masha, writing of his snoring in the hotel room Yes short business calls. But Jack-the it guy said that it was necessary to hide the thing not in the suitcase, and the briefcase that my husband always carries with him, a suspect may be smart enough to instruct his wife horn outside their room. And Mary felt that marital jealousy was a pleasant receded into the background, it completely captured the romantic half-forgotten experiences, inspired by a young lover.

— I got carried away. And two weeks later lost caution. My mother came from the country for a few days and wanted to meet, and I called Eugene day our husband’s apartment. My husband never went home during the day — and then come at the most inopportune moment! It turned out that I caught him cheating and never got caught, but he caught me!

Husband to fuss and fight not. Said he respected the feelings that he is ready to voluntarily drop out of a love triangle.

— Upon hearing that her husband is willing to give me to him, Jack was gone and even the phone stopped picking up! — Masha remembers. Husband Packed up and moved out. The other day I called his lawyer and said that Eugene’s filing for divorce…

When the advice-of a friend found out about it, they shed light on the disappearance of Genis-young. It turned out that like him do more creative work, spy equipment for family purposes spetsializiruyutsya on the novels with their clients. After all, gadgets for 20 Grand out of jealousy I buy mostly wealthy well-groomed ladies in the juice. Besides, tormented with jealousy…

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Not sure, not check!

The history of Kemerovo Othello told my friend the lawyer. 52-year-old entrepreneur from Siberia Igor (name changed) for the third time married to a girl younger than herself almost 30 years and was very nervous leaving her home alone. He thought that in his absence, the young wife spends time with her former pals. But the job required frequent trips to Moscow. And when in the same Moscow heard about the newfangled wiretap interested. The seller is calling the product similar to the battery for my cell phone, “toy guard family happiness.” Explained that the “watchman” is easier: stick in a SIM card, connect, you Colnect with its own phone and then leave a “bug” you at any desired place on your mobile phone quietly listening to what is happening there. And even showed, the main reason for leaving the “bug” on the table in the restaurant, came with a potential client on the street and gave a listen in your phone you can clearly hear the sounds of the restaurant.

The businessman was impressed, paid a hefty sum, at the same time by purchasing new acquaintance and SIM card for the gadget. The seller has set up a special channel in the telephone number of the buyer, connected to the acquisition and bowed, leaving the business card of a private detective Agency. After returning home, Igor wanted to test the device, but first there was time. And then tried, but nothing came of it. Thought I forgot what to press to activate a listening channel, and decided during another visit to Moscow to call on the card and clarify rules for the use of the “Keeper of family happiness”.

But in another visit to the capital of Igor waited for news female infidelity worse — someone’s framing him. And make it could only be someone with knowledge of the internal Affairs of a company owned by Igor… And when he called the business card the detective Agency, the seller immediately called him up, and she showed a surprising awareness of the financial problems Igor! And even offered their assistance in resolving the problem by eavesdropping on the other side. Cost such assistance is very expensive. Here Siberian businessman and slowly began to see the light.

— I never guessed! — grabbing it behind the head in a lawyer’s office. — Of course, I ordered the competitors on the tender! They theconnective my mobile not only bought me the “bug”, but with his too. And while I’m tormented by jealousy, and then completely forgot how this stuff to include, they quietly listened to all my phone conversations! Himself the mole, threw the chaff like a boy!

As explained to me in the bar, such tricks are not rare today. And to work for the money on both sides may be the same Agency providing services wiretapping. “For them it’s just business to provide certain technical services, anything personal, — the lawyer explained. — For them who pays the rights. So today they can take the information for you and tomorrow for your competitors. In order not to fall into that trap, never to let a stranger something to adjust in your smartphone, under whatever pretext it may happen. Remember: the moment you have set up in your phone channel and listen to someone, you become vulnerable to eavesdropping by third parties”.

Was dobrovolskas!

About how jealousy has destroyed a happy family 32-year-old Anna (name changed), told the psychologist. Anna learned that there is a service on checking spouse loyalty. A special Agency provides charming men and women who accidentally learn your husband or wife and provoke them to the affair. The reaction of the tested half reported and passed to a spouse of the customer. This service Anna can not afford, but the idea she liked. And she asked one of her friends didn’t know her husband’s Fame, her husband to check “for lice” in social networks. A friend of Mila accidentally came upon the page of Fame online and wrote a message. He replied, and gradually struck up a correspondence. Everything was under strict control of Anna: honestly Mila sent her scans of the correspondence. Thank the stranger replied, but nothing wrong with his responses were not. But Anna was offended by the fact that her husband is so easy to draw in side conversation. And at the instigation of a jealous wife Mila went into the attack — said he wanted to meet and Thank personally waiting for a call. Glory answered I’ll call you when would be a convenient time, but never called. But to Anna it was enough to fall into a rage. She decided to hold their guesses and wait, but did not last long. On the first question her husband why she’s so grumpy, Anna exploded and told him off. Mentioning that Mila it is specially sent to him the Glory, check. And he has not passed the test and led to the first available skirt.

Vyacheslav was very offended, — says the psychologist, — and it can be understood. Nobody likes that he not only trust but also verify by provocation. To me Vyacheslav came with what seem to have fallen out of love with his wife. And like a family to ruin he did not want, but also how to regain trust, he does not know. Said he does not feel for his wife past tenderness, and make itself cannot. But talking about divorce is not yet decided — especially Anna decides that he has someone there, but it’s not, it just does not feel its former attachment to Anna. Asked me to meet his wife and to prepare her for a possible breakup. I spoke with Anna, so I know the backstory of her action. Vyacheslav she loves and the parting is absolutely not ready. While I’m trying to save this marriage, but there are no guarantees, Vyacheslav like something broke. So advice to all those who can’t cope with his jealousy: look for evidence for their suspicion, but only if really ready to leave. And if you are not ready, you think about it, why would you want them? To torture yourself silently or out loud in order to manipulate the partner, hoisted him to a sense of guilt? But neither that, nor another will not make your marriage happy.

Scientists have discovered a new type of cloud, like waves

The existence of the ocean waves not only on earth but in the sky officially recognized by scientists. So, ocean waves, called the new type of clouds meteorologists, bringing them to the international Atlas of clouds among the 12 other new types.

According to the world meteorological organization, to complement the cloud database, scientists were able, thanks to the images of the witnesses, sent over the last 30 years in the Society of lovers of clouds. So, the unusual wavy clouds Kelvin — Helmholtz was first spotted in the U.S. state of Iowa in 2006. The Atlas cloud also includes the cloud in the form of a long pipe, as if rolling parallel to the horizon. With regard to other atmospheric phenomena, which are also included in the Atlas of the clouds, they at first glance do not fit into this traditional concept (snow tornadoes, different kinds rainbow, hail, and even contrails that occur after the aircraft). As explained “MK” in the capital’s meteorological station at ENEA, such phenomena include the atlases of clouds, in particular in order to know them and when making predictions, be able to distinguish from regular clouds, which is a weighted (scattered) in the atmosphere condensation of water vapor.

Thus, condensation trails from aircraft present in the Russian Atlas of clouds since 2006. It has wave-like clouds, called stratocumulus dense, and even lenticular clouds. However, near arched, as if rolling parallel to the horizon of suspensions in our Atlas, not yet.