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ISIS transferred the capital of the Deir ez-Zor

Banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” moved the center of control of Raqqa the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor. Such information was reported by Western media and unnamed officials of the Ministry of defense.


According to Fox News, the terrorists of ISIS (banned in Russia) moved their capital in Syria from Raqqa to Deir ez-Zor. Such information has informed journalists a source in the Pentagon.

Military experts explained the move of the terrorists to the fact that in raqqa growing wave of air strikes. In addition the city comes with three sides of the Syrian troops with the support of the United States.

The report said that drones were launched in Syria by the us military for the past two months recorded the flight of Raqqa “officials” and “administrators” of terrorists, i.e. people who are responsible for communication groups, Finance, the supply of weapons, planning of operations, etc.

US officials talking about “imminent battle for Raqqa, the ISIS but the government there no more.”

Deir ez-Zor is located 140 km South-East of Raqqa.

Opposition Alliance “Syrian democratic forces” (SDF), the core combat troops who are Kurds, had previously stated that after the liberation of Raqqa there will be formed the “citizens Council” to manage liberated territories.

Two days ago it was reported that Kurdish forces as part of operation “Wrath of the Euphrates” repelled the terrorists of the village Mind some Shade, bir Kurba, Worms and Hates, located to the North of Raqqa. Fighting continues for the centre of the city Tabka.

NATO reported a record number of sorties to intercept aircraft of Russian air force

Photo: Mindaugas Kulbis / AP

In 2016, the NATO aircraft flew record number of sorties to intercept aircraft, unrelated to the Alliance. The vast majority of incidents related to aircraft of Russian air force

According to the publication Spiegel, the representative base Ramstein in Germany reported that NATO aircraft in Europe last year, 780 times rose to intercept foreign aircraft. This was a record figure since the end of the cold war. For example, in 2015, such cases were 410.

The representative of the Alliance also noted that mostly the reason for the interception was the actions of the Russian space forces. Only 90 cases, the fighters were directed towards the aircraft of other countries.

NATO explained that the increased number of sorties to intercept due to the events in Syria, because to meet Russian planes flew fighter jets of the Turkish air force, also obeying the command of the Alliance.

50 decrease in the number of departures in the Baltic States. If in 2015 such cases was 160, then in 2016 – 110.

In the last few days American and canadian planes rose to intercept the Russian Tu-95 near Alaska. At the Pentagon, commenting on the incidents, stated that it saw no provocation. “Nothing unprecedented there,” – explained the representative of command of North American aerospace defense (NORAD) John Cornelio.

The Ministry of defense of Russia reported that the Tu-95 carried out tasks air patrols over neutral waters of the Pacific ocean along the Aleutian Islands. The defense Ministry stressed that the Russian space forces acted in accordance with International rules of airspace use.

Media: the resigned military Prosecutor Fridinsky will be the Deputy Minister of justice

Chief military Prosecutor Sergei Fridinsky, likely to become Deputy Minister of justice. About it “Interfax” was reported by informed sources. According to them, the talk about the impending resignation Fridinsky went a long time.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

“And all this time, of course, he picked up his new position,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

As for a possible mate Fridinsky at the head of the Main military Prosecutor’s office, sources called a few names. The most likely candidate, according to them, is considered to be the current Prosecutor of Buryatiya Valery Petrov. Another option – head of the Russian General Prosecutor’s office for supervision over the inquiry and operational-investigative activities, Sergei Ivanov. He previously worked in the Chief military Prosecutor’s office.

Earlier it was reported that the petition Fridinsky resignation submitted to the Council of the Federation and will be considered by the upper house of Parliament April 26. The Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Viktor Ozerov confirmed RIA “news” in the Federation Council received a statement Fridinsky.

While sources indicate directly the question of the resignation and the appointment of a successor will be decided in the presidential Administration: “the head of state submit for approval to the Federation Council the candidacy of the Prosecutor General and his deputies, including the head of the Main military Prosecutor’s office”.

Yavlinsky proposed to solve the Crimean issue for wypalania out of poverty

The founder of the party “Yabloko” Grigory Yavlinsky once again urged to convene an international conference in the Crimea, and then to go on the re “the legitimacy of the referendum”. Thus, says Yavlinsky, the West will lift sanctions against Russia and the Russian budget will receive additional revenues that will allow for a 30% increase of pensions in three times to raise the average salary of doctors.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

Grigory Yavlinsky.

On the website Grigory Yavlinsky appeared his statements regarding the Crimean issue. The politician writes that in France, which is preparing for presidential elections, one of the serious candidates françois Fillon proposed to hold an international conference on Crimea. Yavlinsky recalled that he had made similar proposals in 2014.

According to him, the Kremlin does not want to admit that “there had been gross error, which has already driven Russia into isolation, turned into a target for sanctions.”

Yavlinsky recalled that Russia itself gave the area a neighbor and then more than two decades on the basis of signed international treaties considered definitely the territory of Ukraine. The politician also reminded of the famous interview of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in 2008 in which he said that Crimea is not disputed territory and that there was no conflict, like the conflict in South Ossetia and Georgia and Russia have long recognized the limits of today’s (at the time – ed.) of Ukraine.

Yavlinsky also noted that the new borders of Russia has recognized only 10 of the 193 member countries of the UN and that such a country as Russia, can not exist without internationally recognized borders.

“And this issue, like the issue of sanctions, need to be addressed. A decision in which all are interested, but primarily Russia and Ukraine is the organization and carrying out in Crimea a legitimate referendum under international control,” – said Yavlinsky. He added that the organization of such a referendum and requires the convening of an international conference in the Crimea with the participation of all stakeholders. “The decisions of the conference will be mandatory for both Moscow and Kiev”, – says the leader of “Yabloko”.

After Yavlinsky gave evidence that during the period of sanctions from 2014 to 2017, Russia’s losses will amount to about “$170 billion, or more than 9.5 trillion rubles.” The politician says that if sanctions will be lifted, Russia will be able to “increase by about 30% of the pension to all pensioners, at 78.7% of consolidated health budget and on the same consolidated budget for education. And, you can three-fold increase in the average salary of Russian doctors.”

“It’s time to stop sliding into poverty. It’s time to return to the field of international law and of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. It is time to correct political mistakes,” says Yavlinsky.

Recall that in September 2016 Yavlinsky admitted that the party’s position on Ukraine and Crimea would not let her go to the State Duma.

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Sanctions . Chronicle of events

The NAC announced the elimination of two members of the “sleeping” cells of ISIS in the Stavropol region

The national anti-terrorist Committee, told about the operation, during which was destroyed by two members of the ISIS cell in the Stavropol region. According to intelligence agencies, they were preparing terrorist attacks, including the murder

In Stavropolskom region police have eliminated two members of the cell, sworn terrorist organization “Islamic state” (business in Russia), the press service of the National antiterrorist Committee.

“Yesterday around 23:00 on country road near the settlement of Ust’ -nevinskiy Kochubeevskogo district security personnel attempted to stop the car Lada Priora, which moved the bandits. However, it was in the car, the person opened fire from automatic weapons and tried to escape. Return fire two of the bandits were neutralized,” reads a press release of the Ministry.

Security officers tried to stop the machine during operation on suppression of activity of the so-called “dormant” cells of the ISIL, said the NAC.

According to preliminary data, one of those killed was the leader of the cell, he was trained in the camps of ISIS and arrived in Russia to commit terrorist acts. The other victim was an active member of this cell, the NAC reported.

“At the site of clashes discovered a gun, ammunition, components for making improvised explosive device. In the house where lived one of the bandits, found a grenade, ready to use IEDs Packed with striking elements, the traumatic gun, paraphernalia ISIS and extremist religious literature. FSB explosives experts defused explosives discovered” — said the NAC.

In addition, the NAC stated that the special services had data on the preparation of the dead bandits a number of terrorist acts, including assassinations of religious leaders and civilians. law enforcement Officers at the operation is not affected.

The media learned about the statement of the chief military Prosecutor asking for the resignation

The chief military Prosecutor of Russia Sergey Fridinsky has submitted his resignation, told the news Agency a source in the Federation Council. The upper house of Parliament will consider on April 26

In the Federation Council received a statement from the chief military Prosecutor Sergei Fridinsky with the request for resignation, a source told the RIA Novosti news Agency.

“Received a personal statement Fridinsky, in which he asks to resign,” — said the Agency interlocutor. According to him, Fridinsky has requested retirement on superannuation.

The source said that this issue will be considered by the Federation Council at the meeting on 26 April, and before that it will be discussed in the committees on constitutional legislation and on defence and security. The discussion will take place behind closed doors.

Shaimiev made the renewal without change of the Treaty between Tatarstan and Russia

Mintimer Shaimiev

Photo: Yegor Aleev / TASS

The Treaty between Tatarstan and the Russian Federation, which ends in mid-2017, can be extended without making changes to it, said the former President of the Republic Mintimer Shaimiev

One of a kind an agreement on the delimitation of subjects of competence and powers between the Russian Federation and Tatarstan, which ends in mid-2017, can be extended without changes, said the ex-President of the Republic Mintimer Shaimiev.

This statement reports “Interfax”, was made at the III Congress of the peoples of Tatarstan in Kazan.

“I want to emphasize that it does not provide any tax or financial and economic preferences for Tatarstan. Today, given the creative nature of this agreement, the results of which we see in the successful development of the Republic, he has the right to life. The contract can be extended without making any changes to the contents as a constitutional norm, strengthening the Federal foundations of our state”, — said Mintimer Shaimiev.

The contract on differentiation of subjects of conducting and powers between public authorities of the Russian Federation and bodies of state power of the Republic of Tatarstan was signed on 26 June 2007, valid for ten years. The paper noted that the order of extension or termination shall be determined by Federal law.

Contractual derogation: the Kazan will pay for the banking crisis

As he wrote 10 April, the newspaper “Kommersant”, the Congress of the all-Tatar public center (VTOTS) has adopted a resolution calling to sign a new contract with the Russian Federation. Chairman of the Presidium of VTOTS Farit Zakiev said that the new document must be “fundamentally new”. In particular, he must ensure “the rights of the Tatar people to the observance of the principle of fiscal federalism”. Revenues between the Federal center and Tatarstan should be distributed in the proportions 30% and 70% in favor of the Republic, said the Congress’s resolution.

Before Congress in January, Senator from Tatarstan, Oleg Morozov, stated that the contract may be modified to reflect new realities. “The previous agreement was signed in 2007, other economic and political conditions. There is an option just to prolong the contract, but you need to see has not made any life changes over the 10 years due to changes in the political economic and legislative situation in Russia. Because during this time was made a huge number of Federal laws, which are intended to further differentiate the powers between the Russian Federation and subjects of Federation”, – said Morozov.

Morozov said that the authorities of Tatarstan and Russia need to develop the text of the new Treaty. “Now should be proposed filling of the text of the option agreement, which can be discussed. What are we going to differentiate what topics should be the subject of this contract? These themes now should be the topic of discussion first at the level of expert working groups, and then at the level of first persons,” – said Morozov.

FBI: Russian spies trying to infiltrate the election campaign trump

Carter Paige, Advisor to Donald trump during his election campaign, could be used by Russian secret services for the “implementation” of the campaign headquarters of the future President of the United States. This was stated by CNN American government sources, citing information received by the FBI.


Carter Paige.

The new information complements the emerging picture of how Russia tried to influence the American presidential election of 2016, CNN notes, “not only the e-mail hacking and propaganda, but also attempt to penetrate the campaign of trump.”

Unnamed us officials stress that I do not know whether former adviser to Carter, Paige was aware that his attempt to use the Russian secret services, he could not guess that speaks with a Russian agent.

The FBI believes that Russian intelligence tried to infiltrate the campaign of trump is called, “through the back door” dealing with the people around trump.

According to CNN, Paige could be “compromised Russian intelligence”, once played in Moscow in one of the universities in July 2016. Then Paige criticized US policy toward Russia. The FBI believe that Paige was able to communicate with Russian agents in Russia, and then in the United States.

Additionally, data surfaced that Paige was able in 2013 to communicate with some Russian Viktor, who lived in new York and was a Russian “agent under cover”.

Two months after the visit of the page to Russia, the FBI sought and obtained a secret warrant for wiretapping page.

US presidential election 2016. Chronicle of events

France elects a President: the main candidates. Video

Election of the President of France

As the attack in Paris will affect the presidential election
Yesterday, 20:09

“All the candidates are useless”: what the French say about the presidential elections
Yesterday, 11:19

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April 23 will host the first round of presidential elections in France. Opinion polls show that the President, most likely, will be known only on the results of the second round. The unconditional leader of the election campaign, no chance to go in the second round have five candidates out of eleven. Favourites of the presidential race — in the video review RBC

Video: RBC

Photo gallery
“All the candidates are useless”: what the French say about the presidential elections

April 23, in France will host the first round of presidential elections. The most popular candidates for the presidency — the leader of the party “national front” marine Le Pen…

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Marsh stumped: why the opposition in Venezuela can’t win

Photo: Jose Luis Magana / AP

In Venezuela were the most massive since 2014 demonstrations against the regime. However, mass protests will not force President Maduro to change course and make concessions, experts believe

“The mother of all marches”

In Venezuela, which lasted from 4 April protest marches last week reached a climax. Anti-government demonstrations on Wednesday, April 19, became the most extensive in 2014. On this day in Caracas and other cities held marches, dubbed the “Mother of all marches”. They were attended by several hundred thousand people, according to The Guardian. The protesters demanded fair elections and the resignation of President Nicolas Maduro, whom the opposition accused of usurping power. Police met the crowd of thousands in Caracas with tear gas and rubber bullets, the demonstrators responded with stones and Molotov cocktails.

However, opposition to law enforcement has not affected the plans of the opposition and its supporters. Thursday, April 20, the stock has continued. At the call of one of the main leaders of the opposition Henrique Capriles, Governor of Miranda state, several thousand people again took to the streets in Venezuelan cities.

Massive anti-government protests in Venezuela does not end with 2014. Since 2013, the country is headed by Nicolas Maduro, won the post of President after the death of Hugo Chavez. Another wave of protests was caused by the position of the Supreme court. In the confrontation between the Parliament, the majority of which is the opposition, and the President of the court sided with the President in March, giving him the right to bypass the Parliament. The opposition began mass protests, and the court verdict overturned, following the appeal of the security Council to reconsider the decision. The Council is headed by Maduro himself, however, a concession on his part did not affect the mood of the protesters.

The indignation of the opponents of Maduro and warmed the Supreme court ruling banning opposition leader and two-time presidential candidate Henrique Capriles to qualify for public office for 15 years. This decision of the Supreme court accepted, recognizing the Governor guilty of involvement in acts of vandalism and violence during anti-government rallies.

Victims protest

April 19, during clashes between supporters of Maduro, the President called out for counter-demonstrations in Caracas, and his opponents killed three people — two students and a member of the National guard, as a result, the number of people killed in the April protests rose to eight. Another 223 people were injured, reported the press Secretary of the opposition Union of the “Roundtable of democratic unity” Martialart Barrios. According to her, two days, 19 and 20 April, police arrested 585 people. The human rights group Penal Forum also reported that more than 500 detainees in connection with protests Wednesday, 334 people remain in custody.

Photo: Marco Bello / Reuters

The President sees conspiracy

Venezuelan authorities regard the renewed wave of protests as an attempt to overthrow the current government with the support of Washington. Maduro on April 19 accused the U.S. of trying to destabilize the country. “Sure, we’re facing the most criminal and violent in recent years, the onslaught against peace, democracy and the Constitution of Venezuela,” said Maduro. According to him, the attack needs the United States “to provoke an imperialist invasion and to plunge the country into a new slavery” (quoted by TASS).

USA, says Maduro, highlighted on the organization of performances of about $100 million of involvement In organizing the protests the President has accused mobile operator Movistar, which is owned by Spanish company Telefonica. According to the Ministry of communication and information of Venezuela during anti-government rallies on Wednesday, April 19, Movistar sent out every two hour notice with a call to join the demonstrators. Maduro said that an investigation will be conducted. Movistar charges are not commented on, reported CNN on April 21.

On April 19, the American automaker General Motors, which owns the plant in Valencia, in the North of the country, said that he was captured by local authorities. After that the acting head a press-services of US state Department mark Toner said that Washington is studying the circumstances of the incident. Venezuelan assets frozen, but the plant should continue to operate, said on 21 April the Minister of economy, Ramon Lobo. According to the U.S. Department of State, the government of Venezuela since 1998, expropriated and nationalized by over 1400 private enterprises. Russian companies in Venezuela is not in danger, claimed during a visit to Moscow in February, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Venezuela, Delcy Rodriguez.

The United States will not openly interfere in current events, although Venezuela may become the main target of trump in Latin America, said the expert on problems of Latin America Yevgeny Bai. “USA do not bet on the intervention of <…>, and on the economic and diplomatic boycott of Caracas”, — the expert specifies. The US is not involved in the organization of the protests, the accusations from Maduro and before sounded in the administration of former President Barack Obama, I’m sure a specialist in the history and politics of Latin America Tatyana vorozheykina. Riots are primarily caused by internal problems in the country, the expert believes.

Venezuela is in a protracted economic crisis that began under the rule of Chavez. Has exacerbated the fall in world oil prices. According to the Venezuelan consulting company Ecoanalitica in 2016 inflation in the country reached 525%. Investment Bank Torino Capital in new York called the figure of 453%. The unemployment rate in 2017, according to IMF estimates, may exceed 25%. Next year this figure may reach 28%. In 2015, unemployment was at 7.4 percent.Particularly burdensome was the strict foreign exchange restrictions and the repeated devaluation of the local currency, the Bolivar, which has limited the import of vital goods while reducing the value of dollars in earnings, writes The New York Times.

Photo gallery
Protests in Venezuela. Photos

At least 42 people were injured on 19 April during anti-government demonstrations in the Venezuelan capital Caracas, and more than 400 people were arrested throughout the country. The protesters…

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The opposition is without a leader

Of involvement in the conspiracy, Maduro accused the President of Parliament, opposition leader Julio Borges. Maduro confidence in their abilities, despite years of protests and bad economic situation, a Latin America expert Yevgeny Bai explains that it fully supports the army leadership. “The military are afraid of power change, as hundreds of them are involved in drug trafficking, committed other crimes against their own citizens. In the event of coming to power of the opposition, many of them will inevitably appear before the court”, — the expert explains.

The opposition, according to experts, currently there is no chance to achieve the resignation of Maduro. However, if the General situation in the country deteriorates, Maduro may resign voluntarily by giving power to the 42-year-old first Vice-President Tarek El Aissami, says Bai. “It will only lead to further aggravation of relations with the United States, because there it appears in the list of persons responsible for drug trafficking from Venezuela and Colombia in the United States, compiled by the American Ministry of Finance” — says the expert.

The outcome of the collision of the regime and the opposition is very unpredictable as both sides took a tough stance and not going to concede, vorozheykina says. Maduro barely won the presidential elections of 2013, will not make concessions and will not agree to early elections, as the opposition demands (planned elections to be held in 2018). But even if the scenario will be implemented early elections, the opposition has no strong candidate: the Capriles for 15 years was forbidden to run, and the second most popular opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, who led anti-government protests in 2014, is in prison, vorozheykina says.