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Russia introduced to the UN security Council resolution against the ingress of chemical weapons to militants

Al-Bab, Syria. 28 Feb 2017

Photo: Khalil Ashawi / Reuters

Russia and China are re-introduced to the UN security Council draft resolution against falling into the hands of terrorists of chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq. In early March, about the use of chemical weapons in Mosul told the UN

Russia and China have made to the UN security Council draft resolution against chemical weapons falling into the hands of terrorists in Iraq and Syria. This was told to journalists by the Deputy permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vladimir Safronkov, reports TASS.

The document was circulated on 24 March at a closed meeting, convened at the initiative of the Russian side. Safronkov said that the text of the resolution is still relevant.

“We need to get down to the serious work, based on the professional facts. Professionals prove that chemical terrorism in the middle East is a real threat,” — said the diplomat.

In early March, the UN has published data showing that, in Mosul, about 12 people were treated after the probable use of chemical weapons. The President of the UN security Council in March and the special envoy of the Kingdom Matthew Rycroft expressed hope that Iraq will continue the investigation on the possible use by terrorists of chemical weapons.

The organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) said the “serious concern” after the publication of this information.

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“Live as before”: the dream of Syrian children

UNICEF reported on March 13 that in 2016 died in Syria 652 children — a record number of children in 2014. The number of deaths increased by 20% compared to 2015…

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However, in mid-March, the special envoy of Iraq to the UN Mohammed Ali al-Hakim said that the authorities found no evidence of use of chemical weapons by militants of the “Islamic state” (declared a terrorist organization and prohibited in Russia).

Russia and China had already introduced the draft resolution against chemical weapons to the UN security Council in April 2016. However, it was never adopted.

Trump has withdrawn a bill to repeal Obamacare

Donald Trump

Photo: Carlos Barria / Reuters

Trump took the decision to withdraw from Congress the bill to replace the
health programs, developed by Barack Obama (Obamacare). This decree he signed on inauguration day

US President, Donald trump has decided to withdraw from Congress a bill to replace Obamacare — health program, which introduced former U.S. President, Barack Obama. It is reported by The Associated Press.

“Today we were very close [to the bill], but it has not given results”, — said the speaker of the house of representatives, US Congress Paul Ryan, who suggested the President to withdraw the bill.

Ryan said that work on this bill will continue, Reuters reports. He explained that during the debate in Congress on this reform, the parties were unable to reach consensus. At the debate the supporters of the replacement program are unable to get the necessary 216 votes.

He said that “Obamacare has so many defects” it’s not known whether it is possible to support it. However, Ryan added that soon the health program, introduced by Obama, will continue to operate.

By trump, commenting on the withdrawal of the bill from Congress, said that, most likely, the Republicans will now focus their efforts on tax reform. He also said that the us government should allow Obamacare to “go its own way, if only for the moment”.

Navalny tried to attack near his headquarters in Volgograd

Alexei Navalny

Photo: Yegor Aleev / TASS

Residents of Volgograd staged a rally in front of the headquarters of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. During the incident on the porch of the building brawls policy almost knocked down. As told RBC press Secretary of the Bulk, the two volunteers were taken away in an ambulance

Near the headquarters of Alexei Navalny in Volgograd there was a scuffle between supporters of the opposition and residents of the city. The policy was almost knocked down. Opponents Navalny was stopped by the police. Video of the incident was posted on YouTube.

The fight between supporters and opponents of Navalny in Volgograd

According to local newspaper “news of Volgograd”, the headquarters of Navalny gathered from 300 to 500 people, among whom were people dressed in Cossack uniform. The action was a response to the actions of the team Navalny, who published the image of the Motherland with a painted green face and hands.

Gathered on the porch of the headquarters chanted “Shame!” and demanded that the opposition came to them. After the Bulk descended on the porch, protesters tried to attack him.

“Navalny was not injured, but two of our volunteers just left in the ambulance”, — told RBC press Secretary of the Bulk Kira Armys.

The duty of the Department of the MIA of Russia in Volgograd RBC said they have no information about the incident.

The multiplier Shvartsman started with Putin painful conversation in the Kremlin

The presentation of prizes and awards in the Kremlin, usually without discussion and criticism. But this time, the traditional scenario has changed. The oldest country cartoonist Leonid Shvartsman, who is present, including the President, made a real ovation, touched is extremely painful for all creative people the topic is about the rights of authors to their works.

Vladimir Putin and Leonid Shvartsman.

Before the ceremony, the laureates traditionally invited to a small buffet. The menu is simple and poor, but people, especially creative, first of all appreciate the opportunity to communicate. Where else can a young writer, Anastasia Orlova, writing simple poems for children to see such masters as mark Zakharov, Denis Matsuev or Yuri Bashmet? And where by these masters without interference to discuss existing issues with the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, and if you’re lucky, and by Vladimir Putin? That is why the awards come not only the winners and their families, but also the best representatives of cultural Beau Monde. This time everyone’s attention is involuntarily attracted actor Yevgeny Mironov — or rather, standing on his head is a baseball cap. “Not too well suited to visit the Kremlin”, — whispered among themselves journalists. But the actor has agreed to reveal her secret only to the President: “Lenin played. Look like?”. It turned out that the cap covers the head, shaven to makeup for the role of Vladimir Ulyanov in the film “the Memorandum Parvus”.

However, the real hero of the day became the oldest Russian animator Leonid Shvartsman, received the President’s award for works for children and youth. Vladimir Putin has demonstrated that he knows the heroes, born with his talent and ingenuity. “Cheburashka, crocodile Gena, Shapoklyak old woman, kitten named woof,” — the President listed, noting that these characters go through life with each of us. “We are going in life, pass them on to their children and grandchildren,” added GDP. Schwarzman apologized for on this auspicious day he will have to talk about sad things: “But shut up, I can’t, I apologize for the dissonance.” According to the winner, the current owners of “Soyuzmultfilm” completely deprived the creators of their legitimate copyright. “Even the kids can watch cartoons on TV stopped paying. But we have a lot of veterans, for whom this money was a great help”, — he complained.

Vladimir Putin has promised to understand a situation. The imperfection of the system of intellectual property protection to him regularly complain of not only multipliers, but other cultural figures. “Hopefully, we will bring legislation to the state which won’t cause criticism and concerns, and Vice versa, will work on those people who make art,” said the President, noting that the amendments already being prepared.

In addition to Schwartzman prize for works for children were: film Director, author of “the Mustached nanny” Vladimir Grammatikov and writer Anastasia Orlova, continues the tradition of Agnes Barto and Samuel Marshak. Among young cultural figures awards (and each prize is 2.5 million rubles) was awarded to the artist and art historian Vera Lagutenkova, actor Anton Shagin and Director of the Primorsky state United Museum Victor Shalaj. Vladimir Grammatikov told Putin about his new film “Last hero” who starred in the genre of family films. “We’ll have to see,” nodded the President, having heard about Baba Yaga performed by Elena Yakovleva. Talking to journalists, grammarians complained that children’s Directors recently dragged into their pictures not another teen problems: debts, a conflict with my wife, etc. “it is Necessary that children see the joy, and the problems they will see for yourself when you’re older,” — said a classic.

Russia expected the European Union

photo: Alex geldings

Every time I look at the events associated with national holidays and I can think of that this holiday may be the last. Don’t know why, but I unconsciously remember the footage of video of the celebrations in honor of the 300th anniversary of the reign of the Romanov dynasty in 1913. What a luxury! What grandeur! One of the most powerful empires of humanity marked the anniversary of his family. And then who would have thought that after 4 years a revolution breaks out and everything will end tragically?

The European Union (EU) is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the first of the treaties of Rome not in very good shape. It is necessary to find answers to new challenges, such as, for example, the need to determine the future development of the Union, slowing down of globalization, the geopolitical retreat of the United States at the trump, the rapid technological development (and in some cases depriving working people).

The immediate point, however is to counter populism and nationalism. European values (democracy, tolerance, mutual respect) are in danger today.

A look back helps to set aside some propaganda slogans and try to understand better the nature of the European Union.

In 1941, a group of anti-fascists, who were in exile, under the leadership of Altiero Spinelli wrote the Ventotene Manifesto of a United Europe. Then this idea just seemed a utopia, but the thinkers and the post-war policies have begun work in this direction.

The goal is simple: after a thousand years of tragedy, the Europeans wanted to create a project that would ensure peace and prosperity for their peoples.

So began to build a “home” of German and French bricks bonded Italian and beneluxweg cement.

The British had no part in this: according to their forecasts, it was supposed to collapse in a few months. Those who have the Imperial past, it is often difficult to understand the construction of a society that is not “great power”.

Television black and white footage of the historic March 25, 1957, show the curious people standing in the rain on Capitol square in anticipation of news, while the politicians are busy official speeches and Declaration of documents giving other States the opportunity to become members of the European economic community (EEC).

The site of the signing of the document was chosen. In Rome laid the foundations of European civilization and Christianity.

“Our move done not for the sake of domination” — was announced in the Capitol. This great event took place just 12 years after the end of the most terrible war in human history. Could this be called a miracle? Hope for a shared prosperous future originated in the Old world.

And quickly materialized!

Formed a community of free States, where it reached other countries. The most important enterprises were: in 1973 great Britain, Ireland and Denmark, in 1986 by Spain and Portugal, in 1995 Austria, Sweden and Finland.

In 2004, unfortunately, a “home” turned into something similar to a condominium. Members of EU countries who joined more for geopolitical reasons (justified heavy past, and later the Ukrainian crisis) than on the division of shared values.

And add: doors for Russia to the EU are not covered. Think of how many positive “Euro”-moments have you had in recent years.

Here I would like once again to return to the functions of the EU, and they are often forgotten. First, it is anti-fascist community. Secondly, it is a counterbalance to the threat of the nationalists, who are always colliding.

Napoleon was not a product of French expansionism? And Mussolini and Hitler were the leaders of the Italian and German totalitarian movements?

Sooner or later, as history teaches us, these sick European nationalists attack Russia. Honestly, I hate to think about the fact that Peter (in blockade) gathered on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the great Patriotic war, representatives of profsistem and xenophobes of Europe. They were invited to Russia only because they are “eurosceptics”. In politics, as I naively think, there is a limit beyond which it would be better never to go.

From the jubilee summit of the twenty-eight in Rome will be a new Europe. What it will be is still unknown. Of course, Germany will play a Central role in. Historically, warns Professor Stefano Monti Bragadin from Genoa University, “the Germans never knew how to be leaders, and just used its hegemony. That’s one of the reasons for their failures”.

If you do a difficult forecast, in my view, the countries-founders will begin the path to a political Union in a Federal format. And others may be, will remain in the economic space.

However, the lesson to extract: continuously since 1957, Europe is growing from crisis to crisis. It built slowly, with difficulty but safely. The US took almost a century to pass this way.

Separate thoughts deserve those who have remained or will remain at the periphery while the largest economic market in the world (500 million consumers). We all watched what happened in Ukraine, which wanted to sign the Association agreement with the EU. And then Brickset, which, in my opinion, able to provoke the collapse of the United Kingdom.

Someone could really explain why Kiev and Edinburgh should abandon sweet piece of cake? For what? For the sake of the bright future of other people?

We live in the XXI century. A world divided into spheres of influence — a thing of the past. As in the days of globalization to force a country not to do what she wants, and restrict its sovereignty? If tomorrow Mexico decides to join the Eurasian community, whether it can stop President Donald trump?

So it’s time a certain Russian circles to accept the fact that there is a new important partner — competitor in the Old world. But the competitor is not hostile!

Europeans profitable stable Russia that it was possible to trade and share security. To the monsters of the past are not revived again.

Unfortunately, certain forces easier to shout in all Ivanovo that “them versus us” and to polarize the situation. Those nostalgic of the movement hope that the EU will fall apart, see it as a rival in its traditional space. But the reality in the EU is changing rapidly.

After the fall of the Berlin wall increased generation who know only a unified Europe without borders and a single coin that is the Euro. They’re called “generation Erasmus” (the name derived from a successful University integration programme of the EU).

If readers watched television footage of the triumphant celebration of the Dutch green party, which received 20% of votes in the recent elections, I noticed only young person. It is those persons who can be seen around the French candidate Rules, according to some polls, the favourite for the post at the Elysee Palace.

Almost a record attendance at the parliamentary vote in the Netherlands also shows that Europeans want to decide their future and not to succumb to apathy, as it were, for example, in Poland in October 2015. In those situations, do populists who have no alternative ideas, in addition to the protests, can win. “Belovezhskaya of deception”, as a nostalgic shout power will not be in Europe. People will be free to vote. Here is a lesson Dutch!

In conclusion, I would like to this weekend for those who have hearts full of peace and love, who stand for international harmony and well-being of people raised a glass to the success of the European Union. Indirectly it is a holiday for Russia.

The American magazine did not include Putin in the top 50 world leaders

The American Fortune magazine in the top 50 of the new rating the world leaders of only two of the Russians. One of them is the co – owner Group Yuri Milner. The other is the Chairperson of “Civil assistance” Svetlana Gannushkina. It is noteworthy that the human rights activist, specializing in assistance to refugees, furnished the businessman immediately by 11 points, finishing in the ranking of 29th place against its 40th. But Vladimir Putin this list is not ranked at all.


“Victory” Gannushkina over Milner is surprising only at first glance. But if you think about it properly, it is natural.

The Chairman of the “Civil assistance” and the head of the network “Migration and law” the human rights center “memorial” noted for the desire to change Russian laws, concerning the reception of refugees, and its, so to speak, rival compatriots — for the efforts to search for extraterrestrial civilizations. In the end, on one scale lay the fates of 50 thousand people, which helped led Gannushkina, the Committee, and on the other support some projects for space exploration. And, according to Fortune, without a doubt outweighed the first.

However, we must admit that the company of world leaders, according to Fortune got motley. On the one hand, it were Pope Francis (he took 3rd place), German Chancellor Angela Merkel, canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the President is not quite recognized Republic of Taiwan Cai Inven and not the night be commemorated, U.S. Senator John McCain, specializing in accusing Russia of all mortal sins.

However, on the other hand, the list of most influential people in the world, from the perspective of Fortune, headed… “President of baseball operations of the” club “Chicago cubs” Theo Epstein. However, perhaps it happened because, as strongly emphasized by the authors of the ranking, the magazine takes into account personal achievements of the man, while his popularity or prestige no value for ranking have not.

Svetlana Gannushkina of his reckoning among the most influential persons in the world, according to her, learned from “MK”:

Is, above all, very funny, she said, he coped with the first surprise from the news. But very pleased with the rating, this is not a purely female, but a universal one: the allocation of any quotas for the “weaker sex” always humiliating as the confession of our inferiority.

His “contact” in the top 50 world leaders of the Russian human rights activist confidently connects with his recent awarding of the Alternative Nobel prize for protecting the rights of refugees: “for sure, read about it, and took into account”:

But there is one extremely important caveat – she said.- Of course, when the representative of civil society makes the list of the most influential people in the world, it is very good! However, at the same time, the civil society is always a means not someone’s personal merits, as the result of a large group of people. In this case, the fact that they for some reason chose me, lets only talk about the personification of the civil rights movement in my face.

Neighbors in the group leader Svetlana Gannushkina overall satisfied, whether the Pope or the canadian Prime

– Merkel, for example, I am very comfortable! Today even consider it the most powerful politician in Europe capable of taking unpopular, but at the same time most balanced and reasonable decisions and not to succumb to populism. But Pro baseball players, as well as about this sport, nothing definite can not say, as weak imagine, except for Faulkner.

Putin should be Tsar: who

Only a third of Russians voted for Putin to become king. The rest, with all their respect to GDP, were against it. This event, experts have called the main for a week. Although, of course, the theme of this week was a cynical political games around Julia Samoilova, and murder Boronenkov. Introduce readers with the most vivid statements of politicians and cultural figures of the traditional weekly poll “MK”.


Opinion, politics: the Carriage tore off the mask of Kiev

Valery RYAZANSKY, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on social policy:

— Of course, the murder Boronenkov became the loudest event of the week, but he has already said too much.

I shook his scandal with a girl in a wheelchair that Kiev is not allowed on the Eurovision song contest. The Ukrainian government this decision finally ripped off his mask. And in Russia, regardless of this case, week was dedicated to people with disabilities. Held the presidency of the Council of legislators on the subject of social policy in the area of disabilities. Now I’m talking to you from the Kursk region, where public Council discussed the issue of creating an accessible environment for “people in wheelchairs”. Look here: on the one hand the inhuman decision of the Ukrainian authorities, and on the other topic that the Russian authorities and NGOs to discuss on a daily basis. That’s the difference between the two countries.

I would like to mention another event that has become an information bomb. Almost nobody noticed, but it has historical significance. To us in Russia began to “back brain” from the West. Opened a new research and production cluster. This time — pharmaceutical, Petushki district of Vladimir region. To work there came about 60 gorgeous specialistov from Europe and the United States. They will develop and produce the domestic medicines of the modern generation. These are our Russians who earlier left the country in the process of “brain drain”. And here they return Home. And not even in the capital and in the hinterland. Because already our province began to give the creative person more opportunities than the Western cities. This cluster became twenty-sixth of the number of open the most recent.

The opinion of the writer: King and Julia

Alexander Chistyakov, Chairman of the Russian literary society.

– When I heard that Feldman spoke about the monarchy, I thought that a folk hero of the Crimea somewhere fucked up. This is our long tradition to justify legodacta personal loyalty to the sovereign. Remember Menshikov.

But, in General, we have a monarchy was never interrupted. She’s such a special election. In 862 (no thousands) of Rurik of Novgorod themselves called Mikhail Romanov was elected by the Zemsky Sobor. Elizabeth, Catherine and Alexander Nikolayevich “selected” guard. And XVII century, and the XX is not without its Palace coups. So it is when the king the power to keep not able, when he people, and most of the nobles don’t like that it was removed quietly, and the last was lucky – no scarves, no snuff as impeachment was not used…

Oh, from the dynastic point of view the de facto Yeltsin had just appointed an heir, and the people approved…

And that is not relatives became heirs – so how many drops remain Romanov or just Russian blood in the DNA of Nicholas II?

So we’re 17 years ago have already chosen a king by popular vote in the best traditions of ancient Russia. And now the Emperor every five years, gathers the people and asks: “Dear you, the Russians?”

“A pleasure! A pleasure!” – responsible people by going to the polls. What the boyars lihoimstvo, so for. And who really latestbuy, that the Emperor is not only the province, but the patrimony can deprive, and even on the rack… And the tradition is to escape to Lithuania or somewhere, and from there the Emperor revile and find fault with not also started yesterday. The ionic V. Kurbsky even in those letters to respond graciously.

But still these encroachments servants to the Royal authority is, of course from the evil one. They want an heir to choose, without a national local Council. Not going to work. Tradition still twelve hundred years held.

But from the point of view of syntax, Aksenov rights. You just have to give the name in accordance with the content. But from the point of view of sociology was that — no. In the survey, this week the vast majority of Russians were against the monarchy.

The second is Julia. I participated for the first time in network flashmob with the hashtag #Alapoe and #Gulamistabas. There’s even the writer censorship of words is not enough. Eurovision is the same as the Olympic games out of politics. However, it seems that today only we remember this. Ossetia too, with the Olympics match, and first blood on the Maidan. So personally I traditionally expect from Eurovision something abruptly: the invasion of Transnistria or in the Crimea.

Speaking of Crimea. The money saved from a trip to Kiev, if you add a little bit may be good cars-party to stir up for all the Eurovision participants anywhere in Yevpatoriya. Let them celebrate their victories and defeats and a concert in Sevastopol – the same, but without the competition.

Power 24 cities agreed areas for rallies Bulk

Alexei Navalny

Photo: Oleg Yakovlev / RBC

Meetings of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny, according to the opposition, agreed in 24 cities out of the 100 stated, reported by activists. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov called Navalny calls to come to the rally in Moscow’s “provocation”

Concerted application

Places to hold anti-corruption rallies to March 24, agreed in 21 Russian city, told RBC press Secretary of the Bulk Kira Armys. The shares will be held in Voronezh, Irkutsk, Kazan, where the court satisfied the claim of local organizers, Perm, Tyumen, Ufa, Izhevsk, Yoshkar-Ola, Kaluga, Magnitorsk, Novokuznetsk, Omsk, Orenburg, Penza, Petrozavodsk, Sochi, Stavropol, Tambov, Chita, Yaroslavl and Gatchina. Rallies were also coordinated in Volzhskiy, Kirov and Tomsk, told RBC organizers.

Rallies are also planned in London, Prague, Basel and Bonn.

Navalny announced street protests after the release in early March investigation of the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK), which was attributed to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev possession of “vast tracts of land in the elite areas, manages yachts, apartments in historic mansions, agro-complexes and wineries in Russia and abroad”.

Bulk material “is pronounced pre-election character,” said the press Secretary of Prime Minister Natalya Timakova. The Secretary General Council of “United Russia” Sergey Neverov has called the investigation Navalny “paid”. More comments from the authorities was not followed, therefore, Navalny urged supporters to take to the streets.

Inconsistent city

In other cities local authorities either refused parties in the approval of locations of the meetings, or did not answer the queries by March 24. The main cause of failure — is scheduled at the time of the event (in many cities — actions of the youth wing of United Russia “Young Guard”).

In Saransk, Vladivostok, the organizers faced the opposition of power structures. On 24 March the Deputy of the city Council of Vladivostok and the organizer of the action Yury Kuchin was arrested for the incident a few days before this a meeting of the organizing Committee of the rally. A few hours later he was released, told RBC Armys.

In the capital of Mordovia, the applicant of the meeting Kirill Matawin was detained March 23. “On the street to Cyril, a girl came up and asked where the pharmacy. And immediately started screaming that she was hit. Ran over a guy, was to keep, and Cyril went to the branch №1”, — told RBC Saransk opposition leader Eugene Zolotov. According to him, Matalino charged with article 20.1 of the administrative code (“petty hooliganism”) and 116 of the criminal code (“beating”), for hooliganism, he was appointed a penalty in 1 thousand rbl. a Witness is a local activist GCD (organization without a legal entity the National liberation movement, known, according to media reports, and as an opponent Navalny. – RBC), said Zolotov.

The standoff in the capital

In Moscow, the action must start at 14.00 Sunday, March 26. The city government has not agreed to its implementation on Tverskaya street and invited the activists to meet in Marino or in Hyde Park in Sokolniki. Alternative sites of the organizers was not satisfied, and they called everyone to gather in the city centre, as the action is legal, said Navalny. Moi posted a message with a call to Muscovites not to join the event.

Navalny, claiming that the action on the main street is consistent, refers to the decision of the constitutional court (CC). In its decision of 2013, the court ordered the authorities to provide the organizers of the rally site alternatives to replace inconsistent. According to the law on rallies, the municipality had to propose an alternative site within three days after the failure, that is on March 17, but that did not happen.

Prior to this, opposition rallies have been held in Marino. So, in 2015 there was held a rally “For the turnover of power.”

The reaction of the authorities

The Kremlin reacted harshly to the plans the Bulk. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov called Navalny calls to join the campaign a “provocation”.

Earlier, on 23 March, Moscow police arrested 11 supporters of Navalny, who was handing out stickers in support of it on the Arbat. They were released later, removing fingerprints.

Participation in an unauthorized action threatens or the penalty to 20 thousand rubles, or by compulsory works for a period up to 100 hours or administrative arrest up to 15 days. For officials the penalty is higher — from 15 to 30 thousand rubles.

Meetings March 26, will add Bulk political points, a political analyst and a former employee of the Department of internal policy of presidential administration Andrey Kolyadin. “I think he will be able to plant the power, so she is very actively involved in this process on his side — that is driving his party”, — said the analyst.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack on Resguardo in Chechnya

Photo: informal community “Regarde TSUNG” “Vkontakte”

Banned terrorist group “Islamic state” has claimed responsibility for the attack on a military unit Resguardo in Chechnya, according to the SITE Intellegence Group

Terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) has claimed responsibility for the attack on a military unit Resguardo in Chechnya, according to the SITE Intellegence Group, which monitors the activity of Islamic terrorists and their supporters on the Internet.

The attack on a military unit of Regardie in the village of Naur in Chechnya occurred on the night of 24 March. The attack involved eight fighters, six were killed by soldiers of Regardie, two of them managed to escape. The attack also killed six soldiers.

The investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case in connection with the attack of criminal cases under articles “the encroachment on life of military servicemen”, “participation in an armed formation not envisaged by Federal law”, “illegal circulation of firearms committed by an organized group” and “theft of firearms committed by an organized group, using violence dangerous for life” (article 317, part 2 of article 208, part 3 of article 222, paragraphs “a, b” of part 4 of article 226 of the Criminal code).

Photo gallery
The militant attack on a military unit in Regardie in Chechnya. Photos

On March 24, militants attacked a military unit in Regardie in Chechnya. Killed six soldiers. In hospital there are three more. Six militants were killed. According to the source TASS, just the attackers…

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Russian President Vladimir Putin called the incident “serious event” during a meeting with the candidate for the French presidency from the party “national front” marine Le Pen.

For personal reasons, as Khodorkovsky predicted the resignation of Putin until 2024

The former head of oil company YUKOS Mikhail Khodorkovsky said that Russian President Vladimir Putin may retire until 2024. About this disgraced ex-tycoon said in an interview with German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

In 2024 is due to expire, the term of office of Vladimir Putin in case of his re-election to the highest state post in March 2018. However, Khodorkovsky says that Putin is “for personal reasons considering his resignation until 2024” and decide that the Russian leader needs now.

As noted by the Chairman of Open Russia, an important step towards this would be for the nomination of Vice. “It’s not safe, and I don’t know, does he dare to it,” – said Khodorkovsky, reports Deutsche Welle.

According to the politician, the main problem is that nobody in Russia can guarantee the integrity of Putin after his theoretical retirement. “So it needs to be designed a certain model, it takes years. And this model can function only with the assistance of the West,” says fugitive oligarch.

Two weeks ago in an article for the Wall Street Journal, Khodorkovsky has offered Putin to discuss the possibility for a peaceful transfer of power in Russia with U.S. President Donald trump. However later in Facebook, the politician has expressed opinion that Russia is not a priority for the us administration: relations with Moscow are a fourth or fifth place “after the technology, health insurance, tax reform and immigration.”

Read more: Khodorkovsky: the US perceived the Russian government as a skunk