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In Moscow the police gave chase, during which a man died

Check the actions of the police, organized on the ring road chasing the car-the infringer on the night of 21 April, with the result that there was a mass accident and killed one person, will hold the insurance investigators.


As it became known “MK”, the accident occurred at 0.30 on 29-m kilometre of MKAD. Police car assigned to the OMVD for the area BIRJULEVO Western, was patrolling his stretch of road, when they noticed a suspicious car “VAZ”. Police using loud speaker asked the driver to stop, but he speeded up and tried to escape, weaving between cars in the stream.

First “Lada” followed in the fourth strip, and then dramatically reconstructed in the third and lost control, the car crashed into the car “Toyota” (it was driven by a resident of Vologda). After that “VAZ” and “Toyota” faced with the police “Ford Focus”. From hitting the domestic car and the Ford flipped, then VAZ flew in a ditch.

The crash injured the policeman-the driver, 35-year-old senior police Sergeant Sergei Dobrokhotov (length of driving — since 2008) — police closed cherepno-a brain trauma.

Injured and the driver “VAZ” — 38-year-old Zamin Abdullayev. With serious injuries — open fracture of the skull, injury of the abdomen — he was taken to the intensive care unit of the clinical hospital №12, where he died several hours later. By the way, “vases” was the countryman Abdullayev — Namizad akhadova, a resident Bolotnikovskaja travel.

Insurance investigators will examine the circumstances of the accident. Service “Ford Focus” can not be restored, and the approximate cost of used cars — to 200 thousand rubles.

In Khabarovsk the attack on the reception of the FSB, killed two people

In the attack on a reception of FSB of Russia across Khabarovsk territory two persons were lost: the intelligence services and the visitor. It is reported TASS with reference to representatives of the Department.

photo: Pavel Kuzmichev

An unknown man broke into the reception of the FSB in the Khabarovsk and opened indiscriminate fire. The incident occurred in 17.02 local time, reports TASS with reference to the Center of public relations of FSB of Russia

The victims of the attack were intelligence personnel, and visitor, a citizen of one of CIS countries. Another visitor was injured. It is noted that the alleged offender managed to destroy about his motives at this point unknown.

According to “Amurpress” in the center of the city blocked the street Safronova, which is a building of regional Department of the FSB. “The military, armed with machine guns, and police don’t pass people. In the two quarter net profit ambulance”, — the correspondent of the Agency.

The second source reports that Volochaevskaya blocked from Ussuriysk to Muraviev #Khabarovsk, what happens then?)

— Den Smit (@mr_dns) 21 APR 2017

A woman drowned in the pool in the South-East of Moscow

In the pool of the fitness club on the street Aviamotornaya drowned 55-year-old visitor on the morning of 21 April. Moscow police of OMVD “Lefortovo” left at the scene.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As it became known “MK”, Marina Dmitrievna went down in front of the visitors in the area of 10.00. People rushed to help, pulled a drowning, but to pump I couldn’t, she died before the arrival of the carriage 03. Previously women during the voyage had a heart attack, as a result, she swallowed some water.

Marina Dmitriyevna was a regular at the club, doing aerobics. The administration is trying to communicate with her family.

Died another victim of the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg metro

In St. Petersburg died the victim of the terrorist attack in the metro in early April. Therefore, the explosion claimed the lives of 15 people, not counting the suicide bomber.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As told in his Twitter Vice-Governor of the Northern capital Anna Mityanina, in scientific research Institute Dzhanelidze on Friday morning, a woman died in born in 1960, has been seriously injured after the explosion.

21.04.2017 in scientific research Institute Dzhanelidze at 06:05, being in a critical condition, the woman died in 1960, the victim of the attack 03.04.2017

— Anna Mityanina (@A_Mitjanina) 21 APR 2017

The explosion occurred on April 3 between the stations “Sennaya square” and “Institute of Technology”. It is established that an explosive device detonated a suicide bomber Akbarjon Jalilov. Currently, the list of names includes 15 coach passengers, a few dozen injured.

In the case of detained several suspects, including the alleged organizer of the terrorist attack — a native of Kyrgyzstan, was Azim. He was arrested earlier in the week in the Odintsovo district of Moscow region. It is noteworthy that both he and the perpetrator of the earlier attack managed to obtain Russian citizenship.

According to some, Asimov was able to get the money to conduct a terrorist attack from international terrorist organizations in Turkey.

Read the details in materiale “Turkish trail of the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg: the local security services flirting with militants”

See photo essay on the topic:

Faces and fates of the victims of the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg: was hopeful

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US police have arrested a 10-year-old, an autistic boy in the school

Us police have arrested a 10-year-old boy who suffers from autism, during the exam in school.

As writes the newspaper The Washington Post, the incident occurred in the U.S. state of Florida. The arrest of the boy became known thanks to a video his mother captured and posted to social networks.

Law enforcement officials were in educational institution and arrested 10-year-old boy with autism, came to school for the exam.

It is noted that the police called the teacher who had previously worked with this kid after confirmation of the diagnosis “autism”. A few months ago, in October of last year, the boy kicked the teacher, after which he said that after the blow suffered significant damage.

Because of this incident, the boy stopped going to classes at school and studied at home, but was forced to come to the institution April 12 for passing the common examination, where he learned the teacher and called the police.

As a result, 10-year-old autistic detained, and he spent the night in the police station. Law enforcement officials stated that the diagnosis of the detainee wasn’t known to them.

The responsibility for the shooting of the police in Paris took the LIH

On Thursday evening in the heart of Paris, on the Champs Elysees shooting occurred, which killed French officers. The attackers drove up to the car patrulno-sentry duty, and then one of them opened fire at the policeman who was in it. Police return fire managed to eliminate the shooter.

photo: from video by Sputnik France

The second offender managed to escape. As a result of firing one policeman died from wounds on the site of emergency, the second was hospitalized, but later media reported that he also died.

French President Francois Hollande has already declared the incident a terrorist attack.

“Everything points to the terrorist nature of the attack. However, the final conclusions is to do the investigation. The investigation is mandated anti-terrorism Prosecutor of Paris,” the President said following the meeting with the Prime Minister and the Minister of internal Affairs of France.

The Ministry of internal Affairs final conclusions do not hurry, however, this version also does not exclude. Investigators have found out that the data of the killed criminal was in a database of intelligence about the extremists that threaten the security of France. The man lived in the Department of Seine and Marne, is now in his home investigators carry out searches.

In addition, as reported by the French news Agency Le Figaro, linked with ISIS (banned in Russia) online Ammaq posted information about the involvement of terrorist group attacks in Paris.

“The terrorist organization “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) has claimed responsibility for the attack on the police on the Champs Elysees”, – stated in the message.

Unknown persons have shot police officers in Paris, one of the attackers was killed

Unknown staged gunfight with the police in the district of Champs elysées, Central Paris. According Reuetrs, killing one policeman, the other was wounded. The Agency gives information about what the attackers were at least two, but no evidence yet. One assailant was killed.

As Reuters reports, the Metropolitan police says it may have been a terrorist attack.

Residents and guests of Paris police are warning people to avoid visiting the Champs-elysées. The place caused by the security forces, the area is blocked. In the air circling helicopter.

#France #Paris – Heavily armed police on scene, the helicopter in the air, the area sealed off. #ChampsElysees

— Terror Events (@TerrorEvents) 20 APR 2017

#France??BREAKING| #Paris police: Attacker shot police guarding the metro near #ChampsElysees but was shot dead:1 #of police killed 1 wounded

— dotemirates (@dotemirateseng) 20 APR 2017

Shootout on Rochdelskaya: the victim testified

In the Presnensky court of Moscow on Thursday heard the testimony of one of the main witnesses in a major case of the shootout at the Elements restaurant on Rochdelskaya street, which happened in December 2015. Then, we recall, two people died and eight were injured. Victim Edward Budantsev, a former employee of the KGB and the interior Ministry, expressed the view that the police had a real opportunity to prevent the tragedy, if not absent.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

The process began with a delay of two hours due to the shipping dock. In the beginning of session the lawyer of the former district Zinatullina Renata wanted to make a motion, but judge Tatyana vasyuchenko bluntly turned her down. “Said after questioning the victim,” she said. Then went to the victim, attorney Edward Budantseva, who currently stands accused of two murders and is under house arrest.

– Come on tribonacci, said vasyuchenko.

Budantsev came to court in a blue suit and white shirt. He was visibly worried, said haltingly, his speech was trying to get away from the professional slang, but it was hard on him. Perhaps affected by the consequences of the wounds he received in the conflict near the restaurant.

– December 14, 2015, at about eight in the evening I got a call from my doveritelnyi Jeanne Kim, was concluded a contract for the provision of services and informed me about her arrival in a restaurant by groups of armed men, composed of 15 people, with unjustified demands for money, she was very excited – told Budantsev.

According to him, it is at this moment the car was back home. Kim told him that never saw these people. Budantsev advised her to call the police.

– Jeanne said that she was scared and that she had already called the police, I decided to go to her, on the way I called counterpart Vladimir, Kostrichenko, we are involved in arbitration cases, he is a retired Colonel, he served with me in the bodies of internal Affairs, I asked him to contact Kim, said Budantsev.

When he and his colleague arrived on Rochdelskaya street near the restaurant saw police and crews with them, stood next to Kim. She said that a group blocked its establishment.

Kim told us about the details of what happened and the claims of a group of persons said that repeatedly appealed to the police. Kim said that her friend Fatima misikova laid claim to half a million rubles, but later the amount rose to 8 million rubles.

Have Budantseva this situation has caused confusion. “It was clear to me that the problem lies not in the financial level, it’s hitting and extortion by criminal groups of persons”, -he said. Then the lawyer asked his former bodyguard Peter Cherchintsev (he is now also the victim).

– I called him to protect himself and Kim because the police did not react. Jeanne said that ten times called “02” – continued Budantsev.

He explained that Kim was the head of the company that rented the room to open a Korean restaurant. The repair was almost completed and the school worked.

Designer Fatima misikova and her people came into the restaurant, Kim took them into the VIP room where she was threatened with violence.

Misikova came with a support group, which included Novels, Hamidov and lawyer Nicholas Dushkin. Later came Andrew Kauchukov nicknamed “Italian” with three guards.

– These people are scared of Kim, it was quite hard hitting, they demanded 8 million rubles, to her, was threatening her family and her small children. We were not in the room to go. She didn’t know anyone except for Fatima. I was asked to be in the VIP room only with the police – told Budantsev. According to him, when the police came, he and Kostrichenko handed them his papers. Then came the operative of criminal investigation Department Ilnur Shakirov. He was with a folder and a gun. Introduced the duty of the police station “Presnya”. We told him everything and asked to take measures to protect Kim. Advised to check the documents by an unknown group of people, which is the VIP room. Shakirov was in no hurry, he’s ordering a meal. Then decided with me and Kostrichenko to go in the VIP room. The four of us entered the hall. Other police officers left and were only Shakirov, said Budantsev. He noted that Shakirov had kept no records and did not make notes.

I said Shakirov, all reminiscent of a criminal hitting, and asked him to check the documents of other people, – said the victim.

In his words, Shakirov asked everyone in the room to present the documents. People sat at the round table. Misikova, Nikolaev, lawyer Dushkin, Hamidov, “bandit” Novels and the man Budantsev didn’t know.

– Romanov and Nikolayev had no documents, they said all of them named Michael and began to giggle over Shakirov. Then Nikolaev turned to the operative. “They say you’ll call and explain everything”.

Shakirov collected documents, which were presented only to the wife, Kim, and misikova Dushkin, and perefotografirovat them on the phone. As explained by Budantsev, he asked Shakirov to get people to the Department or itself Kim, for her safety. It Shakirov replied that he was on duty the day after tomorrow so come and tell all. Then Budantsev saw Kichukova and his guards. They entered the restaurant, everyone was holding on to the holster, where it was a combat weapon. “It was a demonstration of power,” remarked a victim.

At this point the police Panichkin, Lavrov, Dennis Romashkin, the last appeared a local Renat Zinatullin folder. He was in uniform.

– Zinatullina was confused. They were built in the restaurant and had a meeting, said Budantsev. – Zinatullinu no one talked about the detail of what was happening. The atmosphere in the restaurant was tense. There sat at the tables Caucasians. It was like gang violence of the 90-ies, – recalled the witness. Not enough of a notary, to renew the restaurant, thought Budantsev. He understood that Kim had a claim on the quality of construction works. However, the owner of the restaurant paid off Misikova, but she did not gave money to builders to builders.

– Builders came to Kim directly and said that they have not paid the money – a half million rubles. Kim called Misikova when poslednaya arrived, the amount of “debt” has grown to 8 million rubles, – explained Budantsev. After “meeting” police Shakirov came to Kim and Budantseva, wished us luck and went out. And not taking statements. The Zinatullin still in the hall. After a while, Kostrichenko heard the sound.

We saw Kauchukov screaming that everything here is mine, all the tear. If I wasn’t in the room Zinatullina in the form, we would have been shot right in the room – said Budantsev. Further, the witness did not tell the details of the shooting, as has given a subscription about nondisclosure.

According to him, the police had the ability to eliminate the serious consequences of the conflict.

– Romashkin had comprehensive information on Jeanne Kim, he said. Budantsev sure that the police inaction was deliberate, they worked together with a group of Kochukova.

The employee of Prosecutor’s office were attacked while checking on counter-terrorism

The attack on the employee of capital Prosecutor’s office was committed during the fulfillment of their duties.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

As it became known “MK”, the incident happened on Thursday afternoon in a state institution on Nikolskaya street, building 7. Here 23-year-old assistant Prosecutor of the Tver came for verification of the illegal use of state property (the state handed over part of the premises to the Bank) and security and measures to counter terrorism.

Head of Department of a state institution Haykanush Human looked at the business card of inspection, then examined the decision to conduct inspections and request the prosecution to provide documents. And signed on them.

After that, the woman went into another room where a conversation with a certain man. And after the conversation suddenly ran up to the assistant da and grabbed all the documents that the inspectors were holding, and then tore them to shreds. The lady said that the leadership has forbidden her to sign anything and to provide documents. Legal assessment of the actions bullies will give in the near future investigators who are already connected to incident investigation. Materials have already been sent to the investigation Department for the inspection in connection with the illegal actions against employees on the Prosecutor’s office.

The head office of Ministry of health of the Moscow region seized a clock value of 90 thousand Euro

A lover of jewelry and accessories made of gold were the chief of Department of coordination of activity of medical and pharmaceutical organizations of the Ministry of health of Moscow region Victor Yudaev, arrested April 19 on suspicion of taking bribes. In his apartment, investigators found millions of rubles and placer jewelry.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

According to the investigation, the official regularly received “reward” from various medical organizations in the period from 2016 to 2017. While working as the head of the health Department of the administration of the Lyubertsy district, Yudaev’ve handled on the job. For example, 13 September 2016, according to militiamen, from the founder of the company “Premier-Medservis” he received 3 thousand dollars and 6 thousand Euro for the license to conduct medical activities and for General support. A month later, according to the case materials, the General Director of firm “Dobroslava” gave Yudaeva 155 thousand rubles for the fact that he has ensured his company’s win at the auction, where he “played” the right to conclude contracts for the supply of consumables to local health institutions. Subsequent bribes were modest in December 2016 and in February 2017 from representatives of a commercial organization “Parity” Yudaev, according to some, received 25 thousand rubles. To hit the jackpot, according to investigators, the officer managed 24 January 2017 — then he received 1 million rubles from the “Center of medical innovations” for aiding in the victory at the auction.

A search warrant, investigating officers were in the office Yudaeva, and in his apartment. In the end it was seized about 10 million rubles, a large number of gold jewelry and luxury items (e.g., a clock value of 90 thousand Euro).

By the way, for 7 years of service in the field of the chief medical officer’s Lyubertsy district Yudaev proved to be quite an active official. He made discoveries in the area of the departments of maxillofacial surgery, gastroenterology and pulmonology. According to the head of the district Vladimir Ruzhitsky, “there have never been any issues.” He quickly found a common language with investors, was seeking funds to repair hospitals and brought new equipment. At the same time, from the public, he often received complaints, in particular, the lack of insulin and test strips at local clinics, formalism in the work of doctors and Queuing in female consultation.

As told “MK” the senior assistant administrator of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow region Elena Fokina, a criminal case was opened in relation to Yudaeva, and in respect of givers. To defendants threatens till 10 years of imprisonment.

About Victor Yudaeva known that he in 1980 he graduated from the medical faculty of the Ryazan medical Institute named after academician I. P. Pavlov. Since 1981 he worked as a doctor – obstetrician-gynecologist of the hospital, since 1982 – head of the maternity ward. Has a scientific degree of the doctor of medical Sciences. In 2004 he graduated from the economic faculty of the Moscow Academy of law. The Deputy of Council of deputies of Kolomna since 2003.