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In Birobidzhan, clashes of workers with the soldiers of Regardie

In Birobidzhan the investigator of the TFR in the Jewish Autonomous region opened a criminal case on the fact of violence against the representative of authorities during the conflict Friday April 21 on the streets of harvesters engineers. There the police tried to detain the businessman Ivan Prokhortseva are also a leader of the local opposition and organized protests. He stood up the working of one of the enterprises, after which there was a mass brawl between the security forces of Regardie and local residents.


Video frame DVHab Website of Khabarovsk.

According to the report on the website of the TFR in the region, unidentified persons with the purpose of “impeding the lawful activities and the use of violence dangerous to life and health” entered into a confrontation with SWAT officers and other law enforcement officials. Security forces, according to the report, carried out investigative actions in the form of a search of the house.

Now the consequence establishes persons involved in the disorder determines the severity of the harm caused to law enforcement agencies.

This site it is reported that the riot originated in the attempt of security forces to detain a local businessman and opposition leader Ivan Prokhortseva.

Near the house Prokhortseva gathered more than 50 people who tried to prevent the arrest of opposition. Employees of the company Prokhortseva arrived to the place of investigative actions on the bus and went to stood in the cordon of security forces. As a result, the employees of Regardie used against the working techniques of unarmed combat.

Then to the place of incident there has arrived the chief of the Metropolitan police Paul jurov, called on local residents to order, but his address was Wikiquote swear words. The police tried to detain persons who insulted the chief of police and at that moment there was a second clash between security forces and workers.

The incident injured three people, including one woman. Data on victims of the security forces in the media there. The police detained Ivan Prokhortseva and his son Ivan Prokhortseva Jr.

In Gyumri, the Russian serviceman stabbed

On Saturday 22 April, Armenia in Gyumri, where Russian 102nd base, was found the body of a Russian soldier-contract employee Dmitry Lapaeva. His body was found stab wounds.


Dmitry Alaev – according to the Agency published photos of the Russian military from its pages in the network “Vkontakte”. This user page is the service in the 102nd base in Gyumri.

According to the “Sputnik-Armenia” the body of Russians was discovered at 17:30 local time.

On a scene already there arrived the Prosecutor of Shirak region Karen Gabrielyan. He reported that eyewitnesses say the fight, during which the soldier and stabbed.

According to the Agency, the incident occurred near the store, which is located near the military unit. Judging by the video of the Armenian television company, the Russian was in uniform. next on the asphalt are visible traces of blood.

Gabrielyan also said that on the given fact criminal case on signs of article 104 of the Criminal code – “murder”. “The identity of the deceased soldier set. He was 21 years old, he was a military man-the contract employee,” said the Prosecutor.

We will remind that on April 19 in Gyumri lost another Russian soldier Dmitry Lashmanov. However, he was later discovered in one of the apartments safe and sound.

The son of the Deputy of the state Duma was given 27 years in prison for fraud

A Federal court in Seattle has sentenced a Russian citizen Roman Seleznev in the case of fraud. The son of the Deputy of the state Duma, who is accused of theft of more than a million credit cards, was given 27 years in prison. While prosecutors had asked for 30 years imprisonment, but Federal judge Richard Jones could designate any period of time, even a lifetime.


The judge found that Seleznev “devoted his life” crimes, and constantly tried to hinder the administration of justice, RIA Novosti reported. The second factor he admitted aggravating circumstance. Sentencing, Jones said that society must be protected from further crimes.

32-year-old Roman Seleznev had recently given grateful evidences. In 2014 in the Maldives detained by agents of the U.S. Secret service and brought to the American continent. The prosecution argued that the computer Selezneva found evidence of 1.7 million stolen credit card numbers, and all was stolen three million credit cards.

Judge Jones called the injury “extreme” (it was estimated at $170 million), but took into account a mitigating circumstance, namely, a difficult childhood Selezneva. The defendant was told that then living in a communal apartment, his mother died of alcohol poisoning. In 2011, he became the victim of a terrorist attack in Marrakech, and he left his wife, not wanting to care for him.

According to his confession, hacking is self taught, and after the first sale of stolen credit card data has become greedy.

State Duma Deputy Vladimir Seleznev called the sentence son “is a foregone conclusion and cannibalistic”. The materials of the case to see him not given, but he did not believe his son guilty. A prison term in a foreign country after the kidnapping he called torture, and given the disability of the accused – double.

The star of “Univer” climbed through the selection keys

Film Star Nastassja Samburski (“Univer. The new Dorm”) suspects in the theft from her apartment of an employee of the company for the sale of professional power. Two weeks before the unfortunate incident, the star has lost the keys.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

As told “MK” in law enforcement, theft from the apartment of the actress malefactors made by the selection key. The woman lost a couple of hours rolex, tube, intercom and wedding rings. The total value of stolen amounted to 1,325 million.

Star of TV during the interrogation, I remembered that in mid-March at her home celebrated the birthday of her close friend Peter. The party was attended by a good friends of the actress. Was among the guests and a mutual friend Timothy, who is engaged in the sale of food.

But the man denies his guilt in the theft. He said he took the keys from the apartment of the actress by mistake, his bundle was left at her house. On this misunderstanding the next morning, Timothy said assistant Nastasia Anna. A few days later the man exchanged keys to their victim, and that the incident was over.

The slaughter of the FSB staged a neo-Nazi: the assailant died from his bullets

Unprecedented in its daring attack on the reception of the FSB carried out in Khabarovsk on Friday, April 21. 18-year-old opened indiscriminate fire at security officials and visitors waiting room. Killing two employees of FSB, and also happened to be inside the interpreter.

The shooter himself, consisting, according to some, neo-fascist organizations, and then bumped into radical Islam, was killed by a bullet fired by himself.

Late in the evening in the house, where lived an attacker, the security forces had found and arrested eight suspects.

The scene. Photo: DVHAB.RU

According to preliminary information, the young man was in the FSB call for conversation because of its possible connection with terrorists. The meeting with law enforcers, he, apparently, had prepared thoroughly. According to sources familiar with the situation, a suspect having links with terrorists have taken “Saiga” and two pistols Yarygin.

The young man walked up to the reception building of the FSB in the Khabarovsk about 17 PM (10.00 GMT). Before opening fire indiscriminately, he rang the doorbell and deception caused outside intelligence officer and interpreter. The visitor allegedly promised to convey to the security forces complete list of local extremists. However, the “deal” did not take place.

As soon as on the threshold appeared the employee of FSB Department on fight against terrorism and the accompanying interpreter, a young man opened fire from a pistol. When the first victim fell dead, he confidently went into the waiting room.

No demands and not coming to the area of tekhkontrol, the intruder again started shooting already for the visitors, who, to his misfortune, was in a real trap. During the indiscriminate firing, he killed another employee of power Department.

Interpreter, were taken to hospital with a chest wound, could not be saved. Both died on a place employees of FSB have been for 25 years. One of them had a wife and child.

According to eyewitnesses, the young man “shot at those who were seen.” And who knows how many more people would have sent it to the light, if not for his bullet, a ricochet caught him in the head. As a result of wounds the attacker died on the spot.

Next to the arrow was discovered the bag, which suggested the security forces, the bomb was stored. At the emergency arrived sappers explosive device was found. The street next to the FSB building was immediately blocked by soldiers of Regardie or to the building or to nearby institutions and local residents during the day missed.

Later it was found and the identity of the attacker. They found 18-year-old local resident Anton Konev. In the power Department said that a few years ago, Konev was in the neo-Nazi organization and was even on the account at the security forces. And two years ago, according to some, he converted to Islam.

Now the police checked the involvement of Konev’s yet another crime that he could commit before his visit to the FSB. The fact that the weapon he carried at the rear of the secret service, belonged to one of the shooting-hunting clubs Khabarovsk. Ibid. on Friday, April 21, in the back room was found the body of the range instructor. The man was shot. From the club the attackers came almost all the weapons — about 40 units.

On the same day, security forces had raided the village of Gorki, where he lived arrows. Law enforcement officers detained eight men there.

A female police officer, staged a “drunk” of the accident, she helped him to investigate

For the accident drunk former employee of the police Serpukhov near Moscow court sentenced to real term of imprisonment. After partying with friends the intoxicated lady didn’t manage to drive cars and hit and killed a married couple.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As previously wrote “MK”, at the beginning of December 2016 31-year-old employee of MU of the MIA of Russia “Serpukhov” Anastasia Bulgakova sat behind the wheel of their cars drunk. On this day, the woman and her friends were sat. When the police drove through the streets of Moscow, her car on an icy road and skidded and she ran over to the track family protest alcohol showed intoxication from driving a car women. It was immediately arrested, and after a service check was kicked out of law enforcement.

Investigators a few days have established the identity of the victims. They were 48-year-old wife Elena and Vitaly Surovy, residents of the city of Serpukhov. They both worked in the Mall security guards, and in the fateful day he returned home after the daily duty. It was the second marriage for both men and women. However Vitaly until his death of children was never brought, so the victim recognized the brother of the deceased. Elena from his first marriage left three daughters, one of whom at the time of the incident has not reached 14 years of age. It also recognized the victim in the case.

– During the investigation by Anastasia Bulgakova completely admitted the guilt, repented and actively contributed to the investigation of the crime. She voluntarily repaid the pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage to victims, -has told “MK” the senior assistant administrator of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow region Elena Fokina.

Recently, the trial of a motorist. Given the remorse of the former police, the Court of Serpukhov sentenced her to 3 years and 4 months of imprisonment with punishment serving in a colony-settlement.

Artist and theater worker detained in Moscow after shooting

Test theatrical props in the center of Moscow ended in the police station for two employees of the Moscow art theatre. A. P. Chekhov on April 20. The dress of militiamen caused frightened to death the pensioner.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As it became known “MK”, the artist 36-year-old Semyon Kapralov (by the way, he is a member of the Professional Union of artists since 2007, specializiruetsya on the author’s artistic chart) and Manager of the props 38-year-old Artem Davydov fateful day was found in the Park Lubyansky passage before the concert.

Davydov complained to a friend that bought an expensive signal gun for theatrical productions, but the store employees are not allowed to verify. The young people decided to do it in the Park. Shoot took Davydov. In the barrel that is stuck, the Manager began to twist it in his hands, and the revolver aimed in the nearby bushes, suddenly fired with a loud Bang. An elderly lady sitting on a bench, frightened and not understanding what was happening, called the police.

The police took the young men to the Department. The staff of the theater, moreover, was still drunk, so I made up two corresponding administrative report. The revolver seized at the time of the audit. Perhaps young people will have to answer for disorderly conduct.

Media: Khabarovsk more than a dozen terrorist accomplices, all of them are armed

The attack on the reception of the FSB in the Khabarovsk could only be a part of the action: according to the source “Interfax”, the weapons that were used killed the attacker, was stolen at the shooting gallery, and the attack on him made more than 10 people.


Information about that from tyre club Hummer was stolen 40 weapons, confirmed RBC sources in the security services and law enforcement.

The head of the “hammer” Nikolay Mikhaylyuk refused to confirm or deny the information, saying that it was too early to talk about it.

Recall that, according to media reports, attacked the waiting room of the FSB, had been lured from her two people, the interpreter of Azerbaijan and the employee of Department on protection of the constitutional order and combating terrorism James Khasanova. The alleged attacker said he was ready to tell them some information about extremists, and instead was shot from a gun, stole the gun and started indiscriminate firing from him.

However, according to another version, the machine was originally the assailant, who, according to the FSB, was soon shot and killed.

Earlier it was reported different the identity of the deceased, a native and resident of Khabarovsk Krai A. V. Konev born in 1999: thus, according to one version, he was a neo-Nazi, the other converted to Islam.

Watch the video on:
“Posted a video of the attack on the reception of the FSB in the Khabarovsk”


Kyrgyz doctors: brother “of St. Petersburg organizer of the terrorist attack” from the hospital was kidnapped by intelligence agencies

Kyrgyz doctors private clinic “hasiyat” in an official letter, at the disposal of RBC confirmed that Akram Azizov, which in Russia is accused of assisting a terrorist attack in St. Petersburg, was taken from the hospital by members of the local Security. Thus, the statement by the FSB that he was allegedly detained in the suburbs, is untenable.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

According to the chief of the clinic of Zina Karimov and doctor Asimov’s Sanjarbek Tuhtashev, he was hospitalized after treatment in the hospital April 13 with a diagnosis of “bilateral acute purulent sinusitis”. On April 15 the patient had surgery, then he came to the Security staff. Later they brought him back for the procedure, then took again, while not explaining the motive of their actions.

In addition, the hospital told journalists that security officers threatened the doctor on duty, saying “I Want, and you’ll take?”

Recall that the first that her son had been detained in Kyrgyzstan, said yesterday his mother, Wazir. At trial, this was confirmed by the father of the suspect, Oral. The parents called the video the FSB with the arrest of their son in the village of Moscow “staged” and “staging”.

Previously arrested was the brother of Akram Asimov, Abror, of which the consequence named the organizer of the attack, allegedly instruct on how to spend it, the alleged bomber of About Jalilova. The decision on granting Russian citizenship last one, according to the interior Ministry, was posthumously revoked by a court decision because of the previously deceased some false information.

Recall that Asimov Akram accused that he allegedly falsified documents for the international terrorist organization and passed on funds to terrorists received in Turkey.

Watch the video on:
“The FSB has published a video of detention of the brother of the St. Petersburg suicide: I went to testify”


Organized the murder of 12-year-old sister Moskvich received 16 years in prison

Moscow court passed a sentence on a sensational case about murder of 12-year-old resident of the capital who dealt with the minor by the order of her older brother. And the customer had intended to kill parents, to take possession of all property of the family.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

The loud crime has occurred in March 2016. Juvenile killer arrived at an apartment on Belorechenskaya street and waited for the return of 12-year-old girl. He stabbed her multiple stab wounds from which she died.

At this point, the assassin heard the sound of a passing car with the included spetssignalami, became frightened and ran away, becoming not wait for the parents of the victim.

The investigation revealed that the murder was organized by the son of the owners of the apartment who wanted to get rid of the family and seize all their property.

The killer, a juvenile resident of the Pskov region, 19-year-old man found in the Internet, promised to the contractor as remuneration a one-room apartment in Moscow.

The experts recognized both sane. The killer, with the minority at the time of the crime, has received 9,5 years of a colony, then as a customer will spend in jail for much longer — 16 years, reports TASS.