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The 100th anniversary of theatre Director Yuri Lyubimov will remember it acting

To the 100 anniversary from the birthday of prominent theater Director, founder of the Taganka Theater, actor Yuri Lyubimov on 24 and 25 April in Moscow in the cinema “Illusion” will be a retrospective “Yuri Lyubimov. The show with the Master”. Ticket buying is not required: charity sessions.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

In the record of Yuri Lyubimov — about 30 paintings, mostly 40-60-ies of the last century. Subsequent life was entirely devoted to theatre, movie time.

For the first time in 60 years on the big screen, you will see the black-and-white film of “Much ADO about nothing” by Shakespeare’s play, filmed in 1956. In the Theater. E. Vakhtangov he was still in 1936 staged by Joseph Rapoport, under the leadership of Boris Zahava. The music was composed by Tikhon Khrennikov. Some of the actors, such as Nikolai Bubnov, Anatoly Kazinski, participated in the show since the premiere, and someone came in later and sealed in the film version. Yuri Lyubimov, at that time already honoured artist of the RSFSR and laureate of the Stalin prize, played the role of Benedict. Starred in the film-play as a hero and Yulia Borisova. She will introduce the film, tell me how the film had been made. Already it is worth to go for a unique evening.

I wonder what Yulia Borisova was filmed with Yuri Lyubimov in the painting “Three meetings” in 1948, which worked Ptushko, Pudovkin and Yutkevich, with the participation of Mikhail Romm. Problems with the film were many: the censors saw “parody” in the article. The role of the meteorologist Rudnikova played Lyubimov. His character inflicts on the face of the fat to withstand 40-degree frost, and the dog goes in search of the Aurora. If you do not pay the audience’s attention on what is in front of them, Yuri Lyubimov, they won’t know. Soldier Mines back home — and then the censors have discovered many unacceptable. It was impossible to go to war in a compartment, so heroes transplanted into reserved seats, and the mention of Europe, whence they returned, withdrew. The stakhanovka from the Urals Oksana Ostapenko has played young Julia Borisova. Girl worships native plant, and the machine is running, said my friend.

The film was a difficult fate. Year was not released, and then allowed showings only in the province. The authors declared “rootless cosmopolitans.” All who participated in the “Three meetings”, passed away. So now the picture can only tell Yulia Borisova.

On the evening of April 25 will remember a few films with Lyubimov. Among them — “the Swineherd” by Alexander Macerata 1941, where Yuri Petrovich played the Prince; the first stereo movie, “Robinson Crusoe,” Alexander Andrievsky 1947 with Robinson Pavel Kadochnikov and Friday — Yuri Lyubimov. From “the Kuban Cossacks”, taken in 1949, shows a scene that was not included in the famous painting by Ivan pyreva. Will also represent fragments of the movie “scene On the stage” Konstantin Yudin, 1956, at the vaudeville “Lev Gurych Sinichkin”, where the main role was played by Vasily Merkuryev, “Cain XVIII” hope of Kosheverova and Michael Shapiro 1965, screenplay by Nikolai Erdman and Eugene Schwartz, where Yuri Petrovich will stand in the way of the Prime Minister.

In evening will take part Natalia Sadovskaya, which at the age of 12, starred with Lyubimov in the first Soviet color film “snow Queen” that the screens did not come out since the war began. Both evenings will be accompanied by comments of experts and great storytellers of Gosfilmofond of the Russian Federation — Evgeny Margolit and Peter Bagrov.

Screenings will be held in the framework of the jubilee year “a Century Yuri Lyubimov”. Throughout 2017 in Moscow, in the homeland of Yuri Lyubimov in Yaroslavl, abroad will be a variety of activities to his memory. In the Museum of Moscow will be an exhibition “Lyubimov and time”; will be held an international scientific conference at the Russian state library of art; a solo piano concert “In Memoriam of Yuri Lyubimov” give Andras Schiff in the Grand hall; will take place the premiere of Mussorgsky’s Opera “Prince Igor” staged by Lyubimov. In the Bolshoi theatre a concert “Dedication Lyubimov”. Total planned more than 50 events.

The spiritual father of Yevgeny Yevtushenko: “Death is not the end, this is only the beginning”

They had known each other for 25 years. Recent years is very close. That is the American pastor Michael Morgulis in his small chapel in Florida came Yevgeny Yevtushenko with his last wife Maria. He told me to call before he died.

photo: From personal archive

Evgeny Evtushenko and Mikhail Morgulis.

“Sometimes I think that Jack is still with us, — said Mikhail Morgulis. Masha says that she always want to shout on the second floor of the house where they lived, “Jack, where are you?” And I find myself thinking that it is still waiting for his call: “Jane, when will you go to Moscow, may I go with you?” And the phone is silent.

Russian poet and a Protestant priest — what’s their connection?

Probably not a coincidence that we met during Easter week. Writer, philosopher, pastor Michael Morgulis flew in from America for the funeral of his friend Yevgeny Yevtushenko. Rather, they said goodbye to is still there, at the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the poet spent his last years, but this was the official farewell, cold and proper, filled with beautiful words.

In Russia all differently — violently. Michael — Michael, as he seems to be on the phone, in the hall of the hotel came down in a simple black shirt. Comparing photos of them together, I notice that the 84-year-old Yevtushenko to the last was dressed like a dandy from the 60’s, colorful and festive. Especially the blazers.

“Yeah, Jack always called themselves pogacnik, but I rubashechka — smiles my interlocutor. — Actually I also love bright colors, and shirts I have about a hundred, just now mourning”.

Let’s go through the details, Yes. It was in America, so as not to confuse, people sometimes are so meticulous… the University of Tulsa I came into the civil service. With Yevtushenko said goodbye to his students, Professor, fellow teachers… I also said some words, turning to the portrait of Zhenya on the screen, because the coffin at the ceremony was not. And in the morning his wife Masha, I suggested that only nobody knew, went to the funeral home to see the dead Eugene, and to personally say goodbye to him. Without the press and other visitors: I, Mary, sons. I talked to him. Masha was standing next to. I began to read “our father” and the 22nd Psalm of David: “though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,/will fear No evil,/For Thou art with me;/Thy rod and Thy staff/They comfort me…” And at these words, Jack suddenly… sighed. His chest rose and fell. I thought I was hallucinating, but Mary said she saw and heard. So we realized that the soul Zhenya, apparently, waiting for some words of support from us to become free and fly off into the sky.

— Yevtushenko was a believer?

— No doubt. But how to count who is a believer or not? Sugars called himself an atheist, and lived by the laws of the Christian, so was Yevtushenko, he always behaved according to the highest moral standards. He never stopped loving people. Never… It was the most important, I think.

— How did you meet?

— It was 25 years ago on the street, on television. I then went on the “Return to God”, the first Christian program in the USSR. It’s hard to believe now, but the program was viewed by 70 million people. When I came to Moscow, I was often stopped by complete strangers, they all wanted to talk about faith and about God. And so I climb the stairs in the TV Studio, and Yevtushenko goes down. “Oh! he told me, clearly recognizing. You’re so popular now, Michael Morgulis”. “Do you think is it popular, — I replied. — Here you, Yevgeny Aleksandrovich, every dog in Russia knows”. He obviously have taken to heart my words, because he leaned over and almost ear whispered: “Try to often abused. In our country, the more cursing, the more glory.” It was the beginning of the 90s.

— And then what?

— After some time, he suddenly called and said that for some reason was often thinking about me. He admitted that he had read my essay, publish, and against the background of the hypocrisy of what is happening around, they liked him. So we all started. I felt he was friendly right off, talked about it and children, and his lovely wife Mary, after conversations with me, he seemed to have a brightened soul. Please, write about it, to not think that I am bragging.

— You can call him the Confessor the Confessor? Sorry for such a personal question, but our leaders from the Orthodox Church must pay attention to the fact that the Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko spoke with a Protestant priest.

— I think that it doesn’t really matter. First of all, I was his friend. Yes, I have a spiritual title of pastor, there is a chapel in Florida, where I live, people go there with personal prayers. Importantly, people of different religions and nationalities. The other I’m not allowed, if you see that the person inside the evil. And sometimes there are miracles. For example, several years ago, came the grandson of Isaac Babel, Andrei, also my great friend, he was diagnosed with a serious illness, two weeks before the operation he asked for help, and I told him that before praying, we must believe — otherwise will not help. We prayed for several days, and the control showed significant improvement, the operation was cancelled.

— You told that in the early 90s, in his first visits to Moscow are often at odds with Raisa Gorbacheva.

Is Raisa argued with me. She said she looks at my program, she likes them, but not all agree with me. She was a serious scientist, doctor of philosophy. I explained to her that God is primarily love, but the first lady of the Soviet Union is categorically denied. So we parted not being reconciled. A call from Irina Mikhailovna them, Mikhail Sergeevich daughter, came in 1999, when Raisa died of leukemia in a German clinic. Irina gave the mother’s request. She was already unconscious. “Mom really asked you to pray about it.” I have just returned from the Caucasus, barely alive, but knelt beside the bed and fell asleep, only when I felt that Raisa will soon leave in peace and in the world. Much later I met Gorbachev, and he told me: “Michael, (I prefer to call it), one thing I was wondering: where is she now…”


I told him that her soul is in a good place because she deserved it.

— Tell me, Yevtushenko visited your chapel?

He was there with his wife Mary. I have photos of him with great concern and happiness considers the illustrations to the Bible, icons, that hang from me. I stroked him on the head. I loved him on the head to stroke. As a child. I tried to explain to him how I think myself that the most important is our confession to God is our life. What is important is what we do, not what we say. He knew that I was often working at night, and when he, too, couldn’t sleep, called. “Mike, nothing that I’m disturbing you?” “No, Jane,” he was always very delicate. One of our last conversations with him, and it was published after his death American and Russian media, who wrote about Yevtushenko, he said he would very much like to make between America and Russia has restored the trust relationship.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina
Mikhail Morgulis at the funeral of the poet.

But the stumbling block between us — Ukraine…

— Yes, he knew it, I told him that I was on the Maidan in Kiev and the Donbas, too, from there I brought the story of the murdered nurse from Makeyevka Ludmila Prokhorova. She didn’t do evil, she was just returning home when her insolently shot from a passing jeep, because lawlessness, war: “Pieces buried I/I — Prokhorova Lyudmila./Of the three jet machines/I got cut, broke…” was a concert in the Tchaikovsky Hall, the former Meyerhold theatre, I sat next to Boris Grebenshikov, and the one I remember, asked me who I am. I replied that it does not matter who we are on this earth, it is important who we will be in heaven. Eugene came out and started to read this poem, suddenly stopped, looked at me and said, “the Plot of this work gave me a priest and writer Mikhail Morgulis. It needs to be here.” And shouted into the hall: “Michael, where are you?” I had to go up. What Grebenshchikov said with a smile: “you see, all secret becomes obvious”.

— But he Yevtushenko in the Donbass weren’t. He knew about what was going on, only with your words?

— He was sick of what is happening. One of his books is called: “you Can still save.” It is about love between two people, about how easy it is to lose it, but if you look deeper, it is about what is happening to all of us: “Indifference is not revenge, We will destroy malice./Can still be saved, If both alive”. I kept saying to him: “Zhenya, you don’t have to leave, because after you’ll feel the void.” He promised to stay as long as you can. Recent years, he did incredible things, and published four volumes of poetic anthology of 800-900 pages each, where he gathered together all the poets living, dead, Soviet and emigrant…

— Probably, he felt his duty to the departed. He’s the last one left. The last of the sixties. The last of those who gathered. The last of the four. Christmas, Akhmadullina, Voznesensky, Yevtushenko. Punishment or gift, to relive all?

— All the more brilliant, perhaps, of their Quartet was Bella. It was the apotheosis of poetry, knowing how complicated things to Express complex language, but perfectly understandable. No, I’m wrong, and Yevtushenko — a poet of genius, stands, areal good angel that was given to Russia.

— For what?

— Just like that. For God there is no reason. Wants and gives. Performances Jack seemed to forget his poetry, and then hall told him his line. “River runs in the fog Ty,/Running it, enticing me…”

“Oh, gentlemen I it is enough,/But not love like my…” Well, your favorite what?

— “God forbid not to plunge into power/not to act fake And be rich — but not to steal, of Course, if it is possible”.

— “May God grant to your country/You are not kicked beetle-crusher,/God Forbid, that your wife/loved You even to the poor.”

— Katya, he wrote “your country, your wife,” but I know exactly what he was talking about himself. And yet whose songs went so wide in the people that were considered popular? Yes, he constantly remembered them four, most often bell. It was his pain. We, too, were familiar, and I noticed that, talking about Yevtushenko, she never called him by name, only as “he.” Perhaps she never forgave him for what couldn’t have children… I’m assuming this wine for Bella tormented him to the end. After all, he himself had five, five sons, one died — Peter, the second, Anton, however, is a serious disease, but Sasha, Zhenya and Dima all is well. Sasha and Zhenya read the poems of his father at the funeral, in Russian and in English, Jack read just like Yevtushenko, indistinguishable. The funeral came and his previous English wife Jen, mother of Anton and Sasha. Yes, Yevtushenko has always loved beautiful women and courted by many. Andrew Babel, Lida, among other things, told how too flirt with him, they drank champagne and went to ride on the car “Moskvich” turned upside down, both survived, not a scratch, this fact somehow got them to laugh till you drop. And home to poet all night put on your head gadgets, because from drinking a splitting headache, there can be no novel. When I reminded Yevtushenko about this story, he smiled: “Yes, Lida, Lida, do you remember her, of course.” By the way, here’s another love story. Shortly before his death in one of his old books Jack found the letter that had lain between the pages of fifty years. The writer is a woman apparently loved him very much… And he blamed himself for what so she didn’t answer. I put the letter in the book and immediately forgot about it. And the letter lay half a century… He asked me what he should do now. How to apologize? Because women that are long dead. I said that just to remember her, to stay well and love to think about it.

— Apparently, he trusted you.

— He’s in every conversation with me he told me something personal. I, too, in response, recalled, sitting in captivity in the Caucasus, worried that life was not talking about that… And it was about love. By the way, Yevtushenko liked my phrase: “Love and money is never enough”. As for the money, the one with Eugene there was a funny adventure. He, along with Andrei Bitov and editor in chief of one of the thick literary journals, whose name I do not remember, went to South Korea. They were invited to perform at the local University, but at the time, which was assigned to the concert, the mayor of Seoul was brought in to sway in the city with all the consequences. And both of our hero, except for Yevtushenko, a walk to Nightclubs agreed — who needs Russian poetry, who here still no one will understand, thought they, especially if you can break away for others? Yevtushenko refused to walk and one kept the whole room. Took him, however, enthusiastically. At the end of the organizers came and gave the fee, they say, Mr. Yevtushenko, we are ready to divide this amount by all the speakers, but since you were the one, then all the money is yours. All 15 thousand dollars. Neither more nor less. At that time it was a crazy amount! Fly back, all three in the plane, those head aching from the night’s excesses, and Yevtushenko cheerful and happy, but he couldn’t have told what happened.

— So he shared his money?

— I think not. After all, this is Eugene earned it. All to be honest. Although he admitted to them in vain, of course. Chief editor of the magazine, soldier and veteran is something else this revelation survived, but Bits of a lifetime offended. So sometimes, if you want to save the friendship, it is better to remain silent. In General, we often argued with Jack about what is true. Does she benefit? Needless to say it no matter what, or maybe a white lie is sometimes better? You can tell the scribbler how talented he is and the man still many years to live with an awareness of their uniqueness and die happy. Or to throw in the face of what I think, and kill. So choose. And Jack agreed with me. Sometimes better to remain silent. Any poet, and the common man too, in his old age becomes either very forgiving, or grouchy, caustic, and angry. I know that Jack chose the former, he forgave all, even forgave Brodsky for his betrayal and rudeness.

— Evtushenko regretted that unlike Brodsky did not become a Nobel laureate?

Maybe. After all, it was unfair. Best of all it said Anna Akhmatova, when Brodsky was on a plane to new York: “All I now about Joseph not worried. He was in good hands.” Understand what she was referring to his new patrons. But Yevtushenko was different. So when I propose to compare Brodsky and Yevtushenko, the level of talent they are difficult to put together. Jack was great. Brodsky — good, very talented poet, who at the right moment supported. His wife was hurt, of course, because he’s Joseph arranged a job for him back in the Union went to authorities to turn him released from prison. And the gratitude in all corners of new York said then that Yevtushenko — KGB agent.

— Maybe Brodsky and believed in it himself?

— You know, Yevtushenko is loved by millions, whereas Brodsky praised only a small part of the intellectuals. Yevtushenko was a poet and defenseless in his genius, by the way, I called one of his essays about it. Defenseless, because any goon could in the face and call him a shit, and Jack just didn’t know how to answer that.

Actually, emigre literary hangout, she cesspool?

— The people were different. Dovlatov, for example, was a wicked man, vindictive. One day we caught him of plagiarism. For one of the American edition he translated, or rather, completely rewrote the article about jazz famous Russian musicologist Yuri Dmitriev. And signed these publications themselves. I published the newspaper “Literary courier”, but to us it was inconvenient to expose Dovlatov himself, and so we came up with some old immigrant by the name Kulchitskaya-rice if she found out that the articles stolen. Published her open letter. Disgraced Dovlatov has promised to find and kill its offender. In the next issue we wrote that the way it happened… the Pen fell out of the weakening hands of the first Kulchitskaya-rays, but he was immediately picked up another Kulchitskaya-rice, sister of the deceased,… and continued exposing himself. Everyone who was aware of this hoax, was terribly fun, of course. Dovlatov also terribly angry. And then always wrote bad about me, loved to taunt the other, but your made-up image Bank. On Vasily Aksenov also got mad when he wrote that he “emigrant bytopisatel”.

— High relationship!

— Once we celebrated a birthday the same Dovlatov, Brodsky was, they, the people of Leningrad, always kept together, this St. Petersburg mafia. Sat at the table, Brodsky, all interrupting, Gerassimova: “Mr. Shaw, we are all about books and literature? Let’s get drunk!” So he was game. And Dovlatov portrayed the evil boy, the way in which all supported him, not knowing what he is and is not the image, but the essence. He was always in depression, said that he was tired of the priests to eat chicken — by-products, the cheapest American supermarkets. Staying near Brodsky, Dovlatov began with the expression to read his poem, and when we went out to the kitchen, he immediately said: “I can’t Stand his poetry’s so dull”. That’s all the local literary environment — in one eye, and the eye of the other. Envy, flattery.

— After Christmas, Akhmadullina, Voznesensky… Like to get in Wonderland. As Yevtushenko was able to fit into this world?

— He didn’t fit in. He was always alone among them.

— In the past year with great success, there was a movie based on the novel by Vasily Aksenov about the poet-sixties, and the prototype of Yevgeny Yevtushenko, played by Filipp Yankovsky, allegedly due to fear of the authorities did not go to Pasternak when the hunted after “Doctor Zhivago”, and not allowed him Akhmadulina.

— Maybe, but otherwise it was a good movie, I never saw that, maybe the creators of the series something for yourself is speculation, but if it was a shock. “Misha, how can you! I first went to Boris Leonidovich!” For him it was very sad and painful to see yourself on such a blatant lie.

— Maybe it’s not the writers? Maybe Feldman is invented?

I know that the relationship between Eugene and Vasily Pavlovich was very difficult. When he died the mother Aksenov, Yevgeny Ginsburg, she joined their hands over him and asked him, in spite of everything, to be together and be friends. I don’t know what’s between them and slipped when that they quarrel, something very personal… Bob actually was quite a difficult man, but brilliant.

— But Yevtushenko bequeathed to bury him right beside the grave of Boris Pasternak.

— Eugene very much wanted to lie in Peredelkino, but in Russia it turned out that the cemetery is saturated and for new burials need the order from the top. And suddenly it turns out that a bit of land there, and just a meter away from Boris Leonidovich. That was exactly what I dreamed of marrying.

— He knew he was dying?

Several years ago, amputated his right leg. Jack was lying on the operating table and asked Mary to recruit me: “Misha, I’m worried,” he admitted. To calm him down, then I opened one mystery — death is not interesting when her not afraid, she gets bored and she leaves. It takes only those who are afraid of her. “Calm down, Jack, and she’s leaving you”. And so it happened. At the time, his death was not touched.

— And 1 April 2017 — it is in fact it still took?

— So it was fate. An hour before his departure into eternity, we again talked on the phone. Mary turned on the speakerphone. Jack was lying in an oxygen mask and just listened. In parting, I told him that what is happening now with him, is not the end, this is just the beginning. And I think he understood me.

In musical Theatre, will sing and play “Moscow nights”

…Most naturally taken root in the musical Theatre unexpectedly popular tradition in addition to repertory performances to arrange a one-off musical evening in memory of people’s Pets. So with the success of the evening in honor of Lyudmila Gurchenko, then sang songs from the repertoire of Edith Piaf and Frank Sinatra, but now is coming (April 25) evening-dedication to the 110th anniversary of the birth of the famous Soviet composer Vasily Solovyov-Sedoy.


And it is no coincidence the evening was called the “Marshal of the song”: in vivo circulation records with melodies Soloviev-Sedoy (and the tunes are more than 700) has reached 2.5 million copies. It is in the musical Theatre combines the seemingly incongruous: a modern and energetic atmosphere thanks to the young, perky troupe, and very homely, intimate way when, forgetting about the age, striding half a century ago, it is possible to quietly sing along with the lead singer of Soviet hits, not washed-up, but stepped in our time. Needless to say that the songs Soloviev-Sedoy sang mark Bernes, Edita, Leonid Utesov, Claudia Shulzhenko; and the famous “Moscow nights” performed at the final concert of the competition. Tchaikovsky the winner van Cliburn.

— Michael Efimovich, came up with the idea to do this evening is biography? Turning to the theater’s art Director Mikhail Shvydkoi.

— We were very pleased when a year ago the grandson Soloviev-Sedoy approached us with a proposal to do it on our site a concert in memory of his grandfather that April 25 marks 110 years. It was just after evening in honor of the centennial of Edith Piaf… the Public, oddly enough, these monothematic concerts are very fond of, especially because we are talking about people highly popular. As joked in the old days, “all that is not wrote Isaac Dunaevsky, added Vasily Solovyov-Sedoi”. His legacy is the popular Soviet songs the mid XX century, even “the City on the free Neva” or “Moscow nights”, which, incidentally, was originally called “the Leningrad evenings”. It so happened that this song was written for a movie about sports peoples of the RSFSR. Passed completely unnoticed. And then to the Festival of youth and students, the authors decided to redo the song: replace the word “Leningrad” to “suburban”.

I remember there was some funny story and Sweet.

Yes, Solovyov-Sedoy suggested this song to sing to Mark Bernes. And he said, “This text cannot sing!”. And started to mock the song, “What is this written here? You, dear, look askance, low head tilt?! Singing is a normal person.” Then gave Troshin, and she instantly became famous, despite this kind of “oddities” in the text. Just music was great. All of his songs still attract people have an attack of nostalgia. And in the evening there will be surprises for our stage debut in the ensemble of the National guard (we were asked to sing military songs “Nightingale” and others), is a former ensemble of Internal troops of the interior Ministry, but now they will act at us in a new way. In addition to our artist to the viewer will be released and those who musical Theatre cooperates, for example, Nikolai chindyaikin.

— I suspect that for musical Theatre these evenings perfect because any soloist easily becomes a unit of ensemble and ensemble — soloist.

— Yes, I agree, because we have no stars, and no ensemble of artists: we are reliving the happiest moment in our evolution when the stars are easy to return to the ensemble and from the ensemble of new stars are born. So now we try to it was not just a concert, but the concert performance — we will tell you about the composer, recall important episodes in his life, you will hear not only songs, but you’ll see performances that rarely happens in ordinary pop concerts.

A man in debt: the singer owed the Bank tens of millions of rubles

Many have long wondered where the stars of show-business money on luxurious life. Yes, they earn not bad, but not that much to live in Grand style from day to day for many years. Explains a lot of the recent mishap with the actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and fresh incident with Phillip Kirkorov, who, it turns out, he owes the Bank “Zerich” more than 25 million rubles. Credit the organization appealed to the Khamovnichesky court of Moscow with the claim to the pop-king.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

A man took a loan of 10 million rubles in February 2015 for two years at 26% per annum. Later, in August 2015, the singer took another loan of 12 million 800 thousand roubles on the same conditions. In February 2016 the Bank “Zerich” revoked the license, after which the man stopped paying the loan.

The credit institution and the Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) has repeatedly appealed to the singer, demanding to pay the debt, but the answer did not wait. Press Secretary stars Anton Korobkov-Zemlyansky said that the appeal to the court – “is a standard procedure of bankruptcy of the Bank.” The first hearing scheduled for may 15.

It is noteworthy that recently in the same story were known actress and TV presenter Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. Representatives of the Russian mortgage Bank has addressed in court with the requirement about recognition of its bankruptcy as the star owed to the credit institution more than half a million dollars. It got to the point that Zavorotniuk ceased to travel abroad after her debt to the Bank reached almost 30 million rubles.

The actress has asked the bankruptcy court to consider her case closed because her well-known personalities do not want publicity. However, the court in this request she refused.

Financial Ombudsman Pavel Medvedv said that the current wording of the law on bankruptcy of physical persons working in favor of the rich borrowers (which include the stars of show business), allowing them, with minimal impact to restructure and write off their debts.

Ksenia Sobchak became a tour guide

The Pushkin Museum. Pushkin your audience loves. Constantly trying to surprise him with something new. Here the visitors are now offered the project “the Impressionists Pushkin”, which introduces them to the art of the late XIX – early XX century on the example of the 10 paintings from the Museum’s collection. The “trick” of the project is that it includes a virtual walk-through, test and audio-recorded by famous actors and musicians.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

Among them: Ivan Urgant, Ilze Liepa, Vasily Vakulenko (Basta), Polina Gagarin, Sergey Shnurov, Xenia Sobchak, Dmitry Malikov, Roma Beast, Tree and Kirill Ivanov (group SBPCH). They voiced descriptions of works by Vincent van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Paul Gauguin, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Pablo Picasso, Paul cézanne, Henri Rousseau and Paul Signac.

To see the pictures of you in a virtual reality, having made a tour through the halls of the art Galleries of Europe and America XIX–XX centuries, and listen to the audio guide. The application is available in VR mode for viewing with glasses or virtual reality helmet.

After listening to the audio guide, users of the popular social network can test themselves on the knowledge of creative artists. For successfully passing the test participants will receive badges to your profile pictures on the network.

– In Pushkin is the month of the Impressionists, says Museum Director Marina Loshak. – The first exhibition of artists-innovators, which subsequently became known as “Impressionists” took place in April 1874, in the Paris Studio of the photographer Nadar. The emotional works of the masters of this direction very soon won the interest and recognition from the public. The collection of works by the great Impressionists and post-Impressionists, represented in the Pushkin Museum. Pushkin can be considered one of the outstanding collections of the world.

On the “Golden mask” Yevgeny Mironov congratulated the winners in the image of Lenin

Finally seeded a Golden mask. The ceremony took place in the “Stas” with over-the-top concentration of theatrical folk from all over the country. No matter how abused the “Mask”, as if posed either refused to participate in it, to date it remains the most prestigious and coveted award of national importance.

photo: Michael Guterman

Yevgeny Mironov.

The memorable ceremony “ZM”-2017? Certainly not the revolutionary spirit, though, and she fell on the centenary year of the October revolution.

B/W the costumes of the dancers and the leading — gutta-percha Anna Chipovskaya and witty Sergey Episheva (by the way, he and a jury member this year). Cold, white light, filling the black space and the cold rays streaking through it backwards and forwards. Plastic balls ping-pong interspersed with scenic snow. And three pale women’s faces on plasma — three Madonna, cartoon voice talks about the modern theatre (Mat, format and something else). In General, the Director Nina Chusova, in Alliance with the artist Ksenia Peretrukhina presented to the respected audience of the business sample of minimalism in black and white.

Installation on minimalism and content of the ceremony: dancing, at least the ceremonies and words of gratitude. Even the word “exciting” three hours sounds only (attention!!!) three times.

photo: Michael Turetsky
Oleg Tabakov.

So, most of the applause goes to Vladimir Etush and Oleg Tabakov (nomination “For the contribution to theatrical art”) and Evgenia Simonova (“Best female role”), brilliantly played the wife of Leo Tolstoy in the play “the Russian novel” Theatre. Mayakovsky (directed by Mindaugas Karbauskis). Yevgeny Mironov, who presented “Mask” in the cap (because it acted in the role of Lenin), just quoted the leader, nice grassina.

photo: Michael Guterman
Yevgeny Simonov.

In General, the “Russian novel” was noted already in three nominations: “Best performance”, “Best playwright” (Marius, Ivaskevicius) and mentioned “Best actress”. But the “Best male role” is recognized as hamlet performed by Daniel Kozlowski — his tan looked brutal call whites hall. Notice that a new performance of Lev Dodin’s “hamlet” literally split the city audience exactly in half, and not just “for” and “against”, radical: “great” and “terrible.” However, it is impossible not to admit that it is a master work that you may really appreciate with time.

photo: Michael Guterman
Daniel Kozlovsky.

“The Russian novel” is pretty strong competitors in the face of their fundamental and long-standing rivals — the St. Petersburg Tovstonogov Tovstonogov and Alexandrinsky theatre. The result of the BDT with the play “the Storm” was awarded for “Best Director” Andrew Mighty, and rightfully so. And the Alexandrinsky took two “Masks”: “Best artist” (Nikolai Roshchin, a performance of “the Raven”) and the special prize “For the outstanding ensemble cast” in the play “On the other side of the curtain” (dir. Andriy Zholdak, small form, Chekhov’s play “Three sisters”). Moreover, the jury unanimously ensemble included the actress who was somehow nominated, thus United, Igor Volkov, Vitaly Kovalenko and Elena Varakina. In low form of a special prize for ensemble cast marked and Three sisters from Novosibirsk in the production of Timothy kulyabina — great actors play Chekhov play on the language of hearing people.

photo: Michael Guterman
Andrey Moguchy.

“The best male role of the second plan”, which Holger Munzenmaier (play “once upon a time”), went to the little town of Sharypovo of the Krasnoyarsk territory, where only 38 thousand inhabitants. “The best female role of the second plan” went with Elena, Nemzer in St Petersburg, Alexandrinsky (“Voron”).

Puppeteers instead of reply effectively words sounded guttural singing artist Alexander Balsanov recognized along with Anne of Somking best in show “Colin’s work” (project “Contorta” and “Puppet format” theatre from St. Petersburg). The story is thin, based on a book by Sergei Golyshev “My son down”, where we have used the poems of the author’s son — Kolya Golyshev. It’s a pity the Kohl with his parents came to the scene descended from the mezzanine, and the road to the stage is not found.

The work of artist Viktor Antonov marked “Mask” for the play “Iron” (theatre of Petrozavodsk). “The best Director of the puppet show” is recognized as Natalia Pakhomova of Moscow puppet theatre for the play “Tale with your eyes closed: the hedgehog in the fog”.

photo: Michael Guterman
Elizaveta Boyarskaya.

In musical theatre, this situation: “the Best performance in the operetta/musical” — “Drayman and the king” Krasnoyarsk youth theatre, “Best actress in a musical” — Sonia from “Crime and punishment” performed by Maria Bjork (musical Theatre from Shvydkoi). “Best ballet production” — “Romeo and Juliet” (the Opera and ballet Theatre, Yekaterinburg). Nomination “the Best conductor in the ballet” by Pavel Klinichev (“Ondine”, the Bolshoi theatre), who never doubted his own victory (“it’s Nice to go to the ceremony knowing that you were nominated with three works, and you’ll win anyway”). In contemporary dance “the Mask” — ballet “Moscow” for the play “All roads lead to the North.” The nomination “the Best performance in the Opera” gave “Rodelinda” the Bolshoi theatre, and work in it as a Director is marked Richard Jones.

All in black and leather, like a demon, Teodor Currentzis, taking a “Mask” for “Best conductor in Opera”, has congratulated all on Easter. And it’s about reconciling winners and losers.

The Museum of Ekaterinburg is looking for raspylivatelja pigeons and employee of Lord of the rings

The enticing spectators amicably rushed in PR. They attracted visitors by catching pokemon, which spread within its walls. It began to produce the exhibits outside the buildings, in the streets, in subway stations. Now here is the Museum of history of Yekaterinburg caused a sensation by opening a vacancy for the position of “man—antivolume”, that is, someone drove away from the building birds.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

For hard work promised a salary of 20 thousand rubles. Here is what the press service of the Museum: “Feathered friends thanks to their bombing and subsequent bombing of the already “painted” facade of the Museum in white color and seek to “whitewash” all the passers-by, including our coffee. So if you are not afraid of the evil eye birds, you are ready to carry out air defence and to inform passersby that it is not necessary to feed birds pilots, you are worthy to become a superhero, man-antiglobal”.

All in passers-by who constantly feed birds, say Museum officials. While it is planned to open the vacancy for two months. “Man—indigolab” should be convincing appearance, not to allow people to feed the pigeons and at the same time to chase birds. In parallel, it is necessary to distribute informational materials about the Museum. Schedule promise the standard – the five-day week, with days off on Saturday and Sunday, which is strange. As more than just walking and feeding the birds off. For two days the entire five-day work may go down the drain.

Authors dashing ideas can be understood: on the one hand, they work in a building – monument of architecture, on the other, the news of unexpected posts will attract attention to the Museum and its exhibitions. That is going to work, the staff of the history you know, since recently already checked. They announced the casting for the position of Keeper of the Water tower on the Plotinka:

“Friends! The fact that our Water tower has no Keeper, a kind of “eye of Sauron”. This person needs to be vigilant and responsible, as the Dark Lord, to conduct tours for everyone to look into the tower to take care of her and to collect tribute in cash. Remember that Sauron did not drink and did not smoke!”.

The announcement caused a stir in Yekaterinburg. The locals say on social media, the number of visitors to the Museum then has increased markedly. So many can take an example of how creative and free to advertise your building and stored in her collection.

Putin wrote the text for a special book of poems

In Rospechat presented a Grand “Anthology of modern poetry of the peoples of Russia” is 57 languages, 229 poets, 142 interpreter in one book. A unique project that opens the space of ethnic and cultural diversity of our country, presented the organising Committee for the support of literature, publishing and reading in the Russian Federation chaired by Sergei Naryshkin. The book begins with an introductory speech by Vladimir Putin.

Photo courtesy of the press service of Rospechat

The President wrote: “Dear readers! We are proud of the history and wonderful traditions of our multinational literature. The names of Gabdulla Tukai, mustaya Karima, Rasul Gamzatov, Fazu Aliyeva, other prominent poets and writers known not only in Russia but also far beyond its borders. And their works are our General, truly unique property. Your inspired creativity, all his life, they argued, the ideals of peace, humanism and justice, the great value of the unity of our beloved country, saving centuries-old unique culture of all peoples of the country.

I note that today in Russia a lot of talented authors writing in their native languages. It is important that their poetic lines were heard, found its way to the hearts of people. I am sure that the “anthology of poetry of the peoples of Russia”, which contains original texts of modern Russian poets, and their translations into the Russian language will make a significant contribution to the preservation and development of national literatures of Russia, will be interesting to a wide circle of readers.”

“Anthology of modern poetry of the peoples of Russia” opens a series of genre anthologies representing to the General reader a vivid and unexpected worlds of literature produced in the languages of the peoples of our country.

It includes original poetry by contemporary authors on 57 national languages in the quarter century existence of the new Russia; their artistic translations into the Russian language made by modern poets, continue and develop the traditions of Russian school of translation (and the vast majority of the texts translated for the first time specifically for the anthology); review essays on each literary language and the poetic traditions of the peoples of Russia; a brief bio-bibliographic information about the authors of the anthology.

“Completed a lot of work, which for the first time in the history of modern Russia, for the first time in a quarter of a century, under one cover, the collected works of the best poets of our multinational country, – said Sergey Naryshkin. – Worked as a team of professionals, enthusiasts. Their energy, perseverance, and love of literature are the components of success. The organizing Committee tried to help by combining the efforts and authorities, and poets, and translators. The publication could not take place without its national authors and talented people who make a huge contribution to the preservation and development of cultural diversity of Russia. With the release of the anthology, many of them finally declare itself on the Federal and even international level and will have the opportunity to gain a new audience. And in order to expand the number of readers, I propose to present the anthology at the book festival “Red square”, which will be held in early June in Moscow.”

The project required some eighteen months of preparation, more than 800 people from different parts of our country.

At the exhibition in Moscow the revolution is the avant-garde and propaganda art

What happened to the art in the first two decades after the revolution — tells and shows the gallery of the Hermitage. She does this exquisitely in terms of sales, their location, and build a dialogue with the viewer itself.


The exhibits represent the key artistic phenomena of the time: propaganda art, constructivism, Soviet art Deco. The authors of the infamous: Rodchenko, Lentulov, Schr, Annenkov, Stepanova, Drevin… They Suprematist and cubist experiments in the field of painting and graphics pleasing to the eye dilute rare works by leading artists of the field campaign, responsible for the architecture, sculpture, design, posters, arts and crafts. The materials they used the most different: from the bone, and porcelain to lacquer and textiles. They, in turn, carefully dilute with unique pieces of furniture from the House on the embankment of authorship Iofan, the memorial room of the NGO “Voroshilovsky area”, the architectural designs of Shchusev, Alabyana, Chechulin…

But the apotheosis of the exhibition is a Large curtain, which for the first time in the history of the theatre began sliding, sketch Fedorovsky. Being the main artist BT, a master in the early 1930s prepared the sketches of the curtain on the theme of the anniversary of the revolution in the spirit of propaganda art. Decorated them with Soviet symbols: the hammer, sickle, ears of corn, the details of the mechanisms. There were then no dates (1871 — the year of the Paris commune, 1905 — first Russian revolution, 1917 — the great October revolution) and the slogan “proletarians of all countries, unite!” in several languages. Set the curtain in 1937.

The topic of cooperation of artists from the theatre are the costumes and scenery for the major productions of leading theaters Stenberg, Vesnina, the same Fedorovsky. All their works are bold, avant-garde ideas, which it is felt that the art of those years was going through a new stage of development, and campaign challenges are met through innovative experiments.

— The idea of the exhibition is to give the viewer an opportunity to feel the wonderful discoveries in Russian art, which occurred with the emergence of the new state, explains curator of the project Christina Krasnyanskaya. — In the same space the viewer can appreciate the creative ideas and truly revolutionary artists, architects, seriously believing in the building of a new, perfect, free world…

Today, 100 years later, we can, discarding all unnecessary, a new perspective to see and to re-evaluate the unique scale of the Russian art of the 1920-1930-ies. Then it, having experienced the consequences of the major revolutions of the twentieth century, went far beyond the borders of Russia and the Soviet Union and today has become part of the history of world culture.

As Mikael Tariverdiev anticipated the birth of trip-hop

The Director of Radmir Shaikhutdinov put unusual concert performance of the works of Soviet composer Michael Tariverdiev, which attempted to show a fresh take on the classic work of the master, and essays in the author’s life was considered a very avant-garde. Not everyone knows that in addition to the famous tunes from the movie “Seventeen moments of spring”, “Irony of fate or With light steam!” and other paintings, the composer had established and experimental pieces of music such as the song “your eyes”, sung by Maya Kristalinskaya, or vocal cycle on the poems of Gregory pozhenyan. According to the Director, he became one of the harbingers of a new genre, which appeared officially only in the 1990‑ies in the UK.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Alexey Kortnev.

The audience from the first minutes immersed in a theatrical atmosphere: when the lights went out in the beam of the spotlights from the auditorium to the stage came a young violinist playing Armenian melody in memory of Tariverdiev, who was born in an Armenian family. When the musician took his seat in the orchestra “Russian Philharmonic”, public attention switched to the big screen appeared the protagonist of the evening, to her own accompaniment reading a sonnet by Shakespeare “Alas, my poem does not possess novelty”. All the first part of the concert, except for the prelude, the Director has dedicated one of the most colorful and unusual works of Mikael Leonovich — monoopera “Waiting”, which sang the soloist of the Bolshoi theatre Ekaterina Morozova. It was written to the verses of the same poem by Robert Rozhdestvensky for the actress of Chamber musical theatre Boris Pokrovsky’s Lemeshevo, became its sole performer, including when the statement was “reincarnated” in the twenty-first century. Conceived in her is the only character — She’s (so called his creators), the woman who comes out to 32 minutes earlier (that’s how long mono-Opera) and going through during this time, a flurry of emotions. Listening to her, sinking into a bottomless psychedelic ocean, where various interwoven musical motifs, rhythms, and party ideas. The theme is much broader than just waiting for a meeting with a specific person, it is the expectation of love, happiness, reciprocity, the return of families from the war. The text sets the direction, but the main psychological development of the plot happens in the music itself. The ending is left open, each student is able to decide for themselves what the story ends and whether it ends at all.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina
Julia Buzhilova: the brightest participant of the first “American idol” suddenly appeared on the Big stage after his mysterious disappearance.

The second part of the game was much more colourful and dynamic. To the academic musicians joined the pop heroes. The leader of the “Accident” Alexei Kortnev, friendly, smiling, sang with a guitar has already become popular “With me here, what’s going on”, an indie singer from Lithuania Alina Orlova, playing the piano, showed his vocal variations of the song “I like” on the poetry of Marina Tsvetaeva and ironic, “If you do not have aunts” on the text by Alexander Aronov. A surprise was the appearance at the site of the Julia Buzhilova, participating in the first “star Factory”, which was then compared with Renata Litvinova and was called the “new Linda”. The producers and the media predicted a great future for it, but the mysterious artist suddenly disappeared from the big stage. It is unknown whether the girl to return to show business, but in this project she was interested in directing the idea, so she happily agreed to take part in it. Georgy Yufa from a different, younger vocal talent show “the Voice” sang the song “don’t disappear” and played the cello prelude from the film “blunder” along with the orchestra, the conductor of which was Vladislav Lavrik, also solarbase on the tube. “Memory”, “Moments”, “the Song about far homeland” went to Suchkovo Constantine, who, like Morozov, included in the troupe of the Bolshoi theatre, the monologue “I am a tree” and the song “I asked the ash-tree” — the actor of theatre and cinema Vladimir the Cossack. At the piano the whole evening was Alexei Goribol and leading — the widow of the master of Vera Tariverdieva. The Director of Radmir Shaikhutdinov told “Megabite” how did the idea of the concert performance and the actual music of a composer today:

— It all started with a song “you are my eyes” which was written in the 1960‑ies, today resonates with the public and musicians, many of whom even make it on the remixes. Surprisingly, I think it started the development of trip-hop-the direction in Russian music, despite the fact that this style during its creation is not existed in the UK — it has emerged only in the 90s. it Turns out that in our country Tariverdiev anticipated him, had a presentiment of the future of music. We were invited to sing this song exactly Julia Buzhilova because I knew that she would be able to do it flexibly, accurately and in new ways. I was looking for conductors, artists who will present works by Mikael Leonovich in actual sound. Alina Orlova, for example, showed a totally unexpected reading of “If you do not have aunts”, organic and for herself, and for the composer. Vladimir Koshevoy timbre close to Tariverdieva, so he read a monologue in poems pozhenyan. All pieces of music sounded fresh, another thing is that among the audience were many members of the older generation, and perhaps not all of them were willing to experiment in contrast to the young audience that was more interested in this experience. And on the stage and in the audience there was a collision of past and present. For me as a Director was curious to watch it.