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FAS suspects SP Autobahn in billions of dollars of cartel agreements

Photo: Oleg Yakovlev / RBC

The FAS began checking Russian-German joint venture “Autobahn” and the two companies. They are suspected members of a cartel in the repair of Federal roads. Also, the Agency will check the customer’s trading GU “uprdor “Russia”

The Federal Antimonopoly service conducts inspection in the office of the Russian-German JV “Autoban”, the press service of the Antimonopoly Agency.

The company is suspected of involvement in a multibillion-dollar cartel cases in the construction of roads in Russia. According to the FAS, the staff of “Autobahn” hampered the test.

“The company’s employees, blocking access to the server and copy information from computers, and in addition, improperly restrained an employee of the FAS in one of the premises of the enterprise”, — said the representative office.

As explained RBC, the head of the Department for combating cartels Andrey Tenishev, checks are also carried out in construction companies “Maple” and SU-908. Three companies suspected of cartel agreements in the repair and construction of Federal roads, said Tenishev, refusing to clarify on what exactly was going on. “There are certain issues to customer trading “uprdor “Russia”, said Tenishev, adding that the results will be known not earlier than in a month.

According to the Agency, to the inspection venue caused by members of the interior Ministry. The duty of the press-service GU MVD of Russia in Moscow told RBC that does not have information about call the police in the office of JV “Autobahn”, where the FAS checks.

The representative of the joint venture “Autobahn” RBC refused to confirm the fact checking. As reported by “RIA Novosti”, the Executive Director of JV “Autobahn” Vladimir Kromov denied the information that the employees hinder the inspection. “Everything is open, the specialists of the FAS freely go to classrooms and look at the documents, the server we created for them”, — said the Agency Kromov.

JV “Autobahn” was founded in 1995 by a firm Wirtgen (Germany) and the Russian road construction organizations. Performs on its own and as a General contractor for the complex of works on designing and construction, reconstruction and repair of objects of transport infrastructure. In 2016, the company repaired the section of the road M-9 “Baltia”, the entrance to the airport Domodedovo, the section of the highway M-1 “Belarus” from Moscow to the border with Belarus, part of the road M-8 “Holmogory” Moscow — Yaroslavl—Vologda — Arkhangelsk. Overhaul sections of Federal highways “Caspian” and M-4 “don”, provides information on the website of the company.

The daughter of “caretaker” of the FSB will open a nationwide chain of stores

Photo: Maxim Shemetov / TASS

Company ZA Sport that will equip the Olympic team of Russia until 2025, will create a network of shops of sportswear. Flagship store due to open in November 2017

The Olympic Committee of Russia (OKR) and ZA Sport has signed a cooperation agreement, the correspondent of RBC. In accordance with the contract the company will supply premium and sports apparel for athletes of the Olympic team of Russia till 2025.

According to a joint press release (there RBC), in addition to existing production in Moscow ZA Sport intends to open a second factory, as well as the Federal network of shops “with prices affordable for consumers”. The opening of the outfit center and flagship store ZA Sport is scheduled for November 2017.

That Olympic Committee for the first time in 15 years will be replaced by the outfitter, it became known in early February, 2017. ZA Sport changed a long-standing partner of the ROC Bosco di Ciliegi Mikhail Kusnirovich, a contract which expired in January.

ZA Sport included in the ZA Group, which in addition to sports programs develops brands anastasiAZadorina and is engaged in the organization and PR support of the events. The sport ZA Sport was created in 2012 and “specializiruetsya on the development of a corporate style and create clothes for active rest and travel.” Its clients include Dynamo, Vnukovo airport, Norilsk Nickel, Rosatom, S7 Group, GUM.

In April 2016, Forbes magazine wrote that the founder and chief designer of the brand Anastasia Zadorin is the daughter of the head of service of maintenance of activity of FSB of Russia and President of the sports club “Dynamo” Mikhail Shekin.

A former top Manager of Rosspirtprom will be engaged in diamonds

Photo: Nikita Popov / RBC

New Director “the Diamond world” appointed a former top Manager of Rosspirtprom and a business partner of Sergei Lisovsky Vadim Zolotarev. The media also called him a partner of the co-owners of SMP Bank brothers Rotenberg

The new General Director “the Diamond world” (ALROSA owns 47,36% in this company in diamond cutting, the rest of the Rosimushchestvo) was Vadim Zolotarev, a former business partner of Sergei Lisovsky and shareholders of SMP Bank Rotenberg brothers, RBC reported friend of the businessman. RBC also heard about the candidacy of Zolotarev at the hearing, which addressed the suit to ALROSA “Diamond world” on convocation of meeting of shareholders to change CEO. According to the interlocutor of RBC, close to one of the shareholders of the company, his candidacy was proposed by the Finance Ministry. Representative ALROSA and the Federal property management Agency declined to comment.

March 21, ALROSA and the Federal property management Agency sent in resignation of the General Director “the Diamond world” Sergei Ulin, who headed the company since 2003. Ulin is the President of the Diamond chamber, before the arrival of the “Diamond world” he was Vice-President of ALROSA. In a protected area of the “Diamond world”, located on the outskirts of Moscow, issued about 90% of all export-import transactions with precious metals and stones. The government has repeatedly tried to sell its stake in the company, but the thing is every time caused scandal. In February of Rosimushchestvo left key Manager, which, according to sources, “Kommersant”, could block the sale of state-owned “Diamond world”, and ALROSA in March was replaced by the President. Instead of Andrey Zharkov, who, according to “Kommersant”, could be conflicts with the members of the Supervisory Board of ALROSA on the sale of the Federal property management Agency of a controlling stake in the “Diamond world”, the President of the company was Jaba was appointed Sergei Ivanov.

Thus, the change of the General Director “the Diamond world” became the first personnel decision of the new President of ALROSA.

What is known Vadim Zolotarev

In 1998-2002 he was head of the Board of charity Fund “Russian intellectual property”. Then was the first Deputy of General Director FGUP “Rosspirtprom”. As the newspaper “Kommersant”, the owner of the Petersburg alcoholic company “Ladoga” Veniamin Grabar spoke of him as “key figure “Rosspirtprom”. According to “Kommersant”, Zolotarev owned a controlling stake in one of Russia’s largest poultry producers “Mosselprom”, he owned more than 50% of the shares of the company. In 2011) 100% of Mosselprom, acquired the agricultural holding “Cherkizovo” and its shareholders would get shares “Cherkizovo”. For your package, according to the newspaper, Zolotarev raised $42,1 million, He was a business partner of the founder “mosselproma” Sergey lissovsky and other projects. According to SPARK, Vadim Zolotarev was the leader and co-owner of the company “REMSTROY”, a co-founder of which was also a Lisowski. In 2011 Zolotarev and Lisowski bought was in Togliatti hunting company “Marcos”. Currently, Vadim Zolotarev owns 35% of LLC “eco-parks “green-PIK”” (data received by the RBC certificate of incorporation), engaged in ecological farming and processing of organic waste. Also since 2011, the businessman is associated with CJSC “national investitsionno-financial Corporation” (NIFK), which owns a controlling stake in the Kaliningrad NGO “amber”. In the media it is mentioned as the Chairman of the Board of Directors NIPC and as President of the Corporation. In 2014 NIFC signed with the government of the Ryazan region the agreement on the establishment of inter-regional textile cluster on the basis of spinning and weaving factory in the city Korablino, the Corporation also controls JSC “Ramenskoye Airport complex”. According to media reports, Zolotarev was also a business partner of the founders of SMP Bank Rotenberg brothers. Finally, a businessman included in the Board of Trustees cooperation with Russian-language media the world Association of Russian press. Zolotarev also donates money for the restoration of churches and was awarded the Church award.

Start your business: the announcement of the latest issue of the magazine RBC

Is it easy to decide on creating your own business or invest in a new sphere?

There are many reasons to abandon the creation of their own business: lack of experience, difficult credit conditions, and just uncertainty in their own abilities and future. Gradual development under the wing of a large and successful Corporation — the dream of many, but not all. The heroes of this magazine, RBC is not afraid to take risks: they create their projects and invest in unexpected areas.

So, the son of the General Director of the holding News Media Aram Gabrelyanov Artem decided to start a new for the Russian business — the newspaper comics. For publishing Bubble six years ago he spent $1 million of his father, and today it is 14% of the Russian market. However, on our laurels Gabrelyanov is not going to stop, he wants to produce feature films about Russian superheroes — Basabe, red Fury and Major Thunder. Will businessman, read in the material “required for major”.

Photo: Photo: Boris Zharkov for RBC

Hero cover — the investor of the year by the RBC Nikolay Davydov has always been able to take risks. A year and a half ago, he went to the United States with $100 in his pocket, and today lives in a house on the coast. 28-year-old Davydov known throughout the Silicon valley and heads with Michael TAVER million Fund Gagarin Capital. His story is like a fairy tale, but rather — to the amazing series that it is true and what is just a beautiful legend, will learn from the material “Gagarin flew”.

In February 2017, the founder of Singapore investment company StrongBow Evgeny Tugolukov unexpectedly announced what became the sponsor of a team participating in the computer game League of Legends (LoL). Hard to imagine, but a serious businessman gathered at the historic estate of Nikolskoye team players and invest large sums in their training. In the text of the “Investor in LoL” the businessman explained why he believes that the investment will pay off.

Former Director General, “VTB asset Management” Alexey Shkrapkin resigned his post suddenly. This was written by many business media, the Manager predicted a successful career in public and private structures, but he did the unexpected: he bought his wife the ruins of an old manor, in the Lipetsk region and turned them into a conglomeration of profitable businesses. As read in the article “guest house”.

It turns out that in Russia only for two years a media company with an audience of 36 million people per month. Nine of the 16 portals of the group already have evidence of Roskomnadzor and publish hundreds of news daily. Organizations have General managers and, probably, one investor, the structure of the St. Petersburg restaurateur Eugene Prigogine. How does a shadow holding company, grown from the bowels of the so-called Troll factory, and how he moved on the way to work according to the laws of the market, read the investigation, “Factory media”.

These and other materials read in the latest issue of the RBC magazine, which goes on sale March 23.

Russian oil companies have made the elimination of their British “clones”

Photo: Stefan Wermuth / Reuters

Five Russian oil companies, whose “clones” was discovered in the UK, made the removal of information from the public registry of companies in the country. “Twins” was at “Transneft”, “Tatneft” LUKOIL and “Surgutneftegaz”

The largest Russian oil company “Transneft”, “Tatneft” LUKOIL and “Surgutneftegaz” — have made the elimination of their “clones” in the UK. The relevant information is in the British Registrar of companies (Companies House), they drew the attention of the newspaper “Vedomosti”. The representative of “Gazprom Neft” reported that the company also managed to achieve cancellation of the debtors.

In October 2016 RBC in the public register of UK companies found the firms that their appearance is not different from the “daughters” of Russian oil companies. One of them consisted of at least seven companies. “Clones” of suspicious companies were detected in affiliated companies “Rosneft”, “Gazprom oil” and LUKOIL.

In the database was information about Rosneft Oil Company Ltd, PJSC Tatneft Ltd Ltd JSC Transneft, LUKOIL Oil Company Ltd, Ltd Surgutneftegas, Bashneft PJSOC Ltd, Public Joint Stock Company Gazprom Neft Ltd. The interlocutors of RBC in two Russian companies explained that they did not know about the existence of these organizations. They stated that the British “clones” had nothing to do with them.

“Vedomosti” with reference to the representative of the company write that “Transneft” has filed a lawsuit against the Registrar of companies and appealed to Interpol to find out who created a “clone”. According to the representative of LUKOIL, the company also sued deletion of data on the registration address of “double”, its Charter and the amount of capital. Now the company is waiting for when this information will be voided.

The representative “Tatneft” in an interview with the publication said that the company filed the following documents to the address with a request to change the name of the company and to remove mention of their Directors. However, at this address, no organization was. The oil company appealed to the British Registrar with a request to remove the information, and he decided to eliminate the “clone”.

The representative of “Gazprom oil” has informed that an appeal to the British Registrar was signed on behalf of each member of the Board of the oil company that the documents of the “double” was listed as the Directors. The Registrar has removed information about them, until the end of April, all data from the registry must also be cancelled.

Representatives “Surgutneftegaz” and “Rosneft” to request the newspaper did not respond.

The representative of the state registration chamber of great Britain in an interview with RBC in October admitted that someone created these “twins”, deliberately using the English equivalents of Russian oil companies. However, according to the laws of the UK, it is not forbidden companies can not prohibit to register on the grounds that chosen for it the name corresponds to the name of the foreign organization.

Antimodernity organization of the British Fraud Advisory Panel admitted that the company was registered, so they can order products or services on credit, to access Bank accounts of this company and to carry out other frauds.

Gennady Timchenko will be engaged in the restaurant business

Gennady Timchenko

Photo: Ekaterina Kuzmina / RBC

Gennady Timchenko rents and to renovate the former restaurant “Golden ear” at ENEA. The school enjoyed great popularity in the Soviet Union, but currently not used

The company “the Main restaurant VSHV,” which, according to the register, is 100% owned by Volga Group Gennady Timchenko, in December 2016 for 49 years rented the former restaurant “Golden ear” at ENEA. About this “Vedomosti” reports with reference to the data of Rosreestr. The representative Timchenko confirmed it.

According to the Rosreestr, the building area is 3893,4 sqm On the website ENEA stated that the main façade is an object of cultural heritage of Federal importance. During Soviet times, the “Golden spike” was considered one of the most prestigious restaurants, like “Prague” and “Moscow”. In the 1970s, on a visit to the “Golden spike” there was a record six months in advance, stated on the website of the Moscow Park. In 1980-ies the school was closed for remodeling, but it did not open until 2013 was used as a warehouse. According Mosgorbti, in 2006 the building was worn down by 54%.

According to the representative Timchenko, the company will perform the restoration of the building and its complete renovation, this historical view of the main facade will be saved. The project should be implemented in seven years. During the term of the lease “the Main restaurant VSHV” pledged to use the building as a restaurant.

People from the environment Timchenko said that the restaurant will focus on fresh products of domestic manufacturers. The concept of the restaurant is not disclosed. Source “Vedomosti” reported that the school will be located separate area for presentations of manufacturers of Russia. The representative of the businessman has refused comments about it.

According to the representative Timchenko, a businessman he proposed ENEA to become the investor of the project. “For it is not only a business project, but a contribution to the development of urban infrastructure, as well as “a tribute to the historical heritage of the city and the country”, — the newspaper writes.

Restaurateur Arkady Novikov told Vedomosti that he had received proposals for the lease and renovation of the “Golden spike”, but refused. He explained that this is due, in particular, and with the exterior of the building — it is large, done in the style of Stalin’s Empire.

The owner of “Reconsult” Sergey Mironov says that the class of the restaurant — high or economy depends, will it be possible to access the house by car. He believes that the best option is to combine the building has several restaurants, which will be a different concept. Mironov praised the company’s investments Timchenko 300 million rubles.

The representative of ENEA has not commented on this information.

Retailers promised to increase in 2017 the proportion of own brands

The retail network “Diksi” plans to nearly double sales of goods under its own brands. A similar strategy was followed by other major retailers. Such products are in great demand among Russians, but not too favorable for producers.

Photo: Ekaterina Kuzmina / RBC

Network build property

“Dixie” is the fourth in turnover of the retailer in Russia — plans to increase the sale of goods under its own brands (STM) to 25% of all sales to the end of 2017, it said in a presentation to investors at the end of 2016 (there RBC). Now the share of STM is in sales of 15.5%, said RBC representative of the company.

To increase the range Dixy plans including through the creation of new STM: “Affairs meadow” for dairy products, Milken Mite — cheese, Ogorod — for the frozen vegetables and mixtures Yes — for goods of hygiene, said the representative of the network. In total by the end of 2017 the number of items under STM in your network will reach 700. Russian enterprises produce 90% of this production, says the Director of management of their own brands GK “Diksi” Elena Savchenko.

A similar strategy was followed by all the retailers interviewed by RBC. “Auchan” is planning to increase the number of private label goods more than doubled (3 million), said Director of communications “Ashan Russia” Maria Kurnosova. According to her, now every fifth sold the goods released under STM.

Private label share of “Metro cash & carry” is 10.9% of the turnover, and the company also plans to increase it. Abroad for these brands an average of 30-35%, and in some countries up to 50%, says the representative of “Metro cash & carry”. Plans to increase the STM said in a press-service “Tapes”. Now their share is 12%.

STM are gaining popularity and in non-food retail. March 21, network drogerie “Smile Rainbow”, selling cosmetics, household chemicals and hygiene products, spread the message (there RBC) that in 2016 began selling under STM 500 new products in 11 categories.

Photo: Ekaterina Kuzmina / RBC

“Double edged sword”

More than half of Russians at least once in three months to buy the private label goods, according to the Comcon Ipsos poll conducted in mid-2016. In Moscow this share is 75%, in St. Petersburg — 74%, in cities — 61%. According to the company, the distribution of STM contributes to reduction of incomes of the population. The difference in price between the goods of major brands and private labels is around 20-30%, and some goods and 100%, explains Maria Kurnosova of the “Auchan”.

The discounters “Pyaterochka” private label share of sales is 17%, whereas in the “Crossroads” and “Carousel”, which belong to the higher price segment is 5.8 and 4.1%, respectively, was confirmed by the representative of X5 Retail Group, which brings together all of these networks. According to the interlocutor of RBC plans to increase the share of STM in the “roundabout” to 20%.

Due to the low prices of products (and therefore margin) to work with the STM makes manufacturers much less enthusiastic than that of the networks, the Chairman of the Board of Soyuzmoloko Andrey Danilenko. According to him, is a “double edged sword”. On the one hand, the release of the STM provides the capacity utilization for the existing manufacturer with a strong brand such contracts unprofitable, concludes Danilenko.

Of course, if the network orders the production of high-margin product and requires special standards of quality, part of the profit goes to the manufacturer, says Danilenko, but such cases are rare.

The representative of the group of companies “Damate”, which includes “Dairy plant “Penza”, said that the company is satisfied with the cooperation with networks “Coswell” and “Hut.” Last: stores that sells healthy organic food. “We have a common position on the quality and naturalness of products,” — said the representative of “Damate”. According to him, the current share of STM is 8-10% of the total production of the Penza plant.

However, another senior Manager of the production company told RBC that in 2016 in the four months she tried to work on ordering of the trade network, but then decided to refuse to cooperate. The margin was too low, said the interlocutor of RBC.

Anastasia Demidova

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The General Director “daughters” ALROSA dismissed

The shareholders of “Diamond world” — “daughters” ALROSA, which is engaged in diamond — cutting in the meeting on March 21, voted for the resignation of the General Director of the company Sergey Ulin. RBC said two sources close to ALROSA and the second co-owner — the government. The official representatives of ALROSA and the Federal property management Agency declined to comment.

Ulin led the “Diamond world” formed on the basis of the bankrupt Moscow plant for diamonds “Crystal”, 2003.

Diamond monopoly more than a year trying to achieve the convening of the shareholders ‘ meeting of the “Diamond world”, which owns 47,36% (the rest of Rosimushchestvo), and even went to court.

ALROSA claims that it wants to sell its stake in the “Diamond world”. The employee a press-services of the diamond company said that ALROSA believes the “Diamond world” non-core asset and intends to sell it.


ALROSA will ask the authorities for permission to increase the dividend in half

Guide diamond mining company ALROSA is ready to send up to 75% of net profit on dividends payout for the year 2016 should be about RUB 100 billion If the Finance Ministry gives approval to the budgets of different levels received about 66 billion rubles.

Russian diamond miner ALROSA will discuss with the government a dividend increase to 75% of the net profits reported by two participants Wednesday, March 22, the day of the investor of the company in London. The representative of state Corporation could not confirm this information at the time of publication. By the end of 2015, ALROSA paid to shareholders of about 15.4 billion rubles dividends (about $270 million), which accounted for 50% of the net profit.

The representative of the Ministry of Finance told RBC that the Agency “has not yet received a request to increase dividends from 50% to 75%”.

The increase in dividends should greatly affect the attractiveness of shares of the Corporation, says a senior analyst “Aton” Andrey Lobazov. “The company’s debt is strongly reduced (net debt in 2016 decreased by 55% to 111,9 billion roubles) and investors realize that it is able to pay good dividends,” says Lobanov. According to him, most market participants now expect a payment of 50% of net profit. “If ALROSA does so, the company’s shares will be more attractive dividend story with good liquidity, which investors really like,” notes Lobazov.

On the question of how realistic are the plans of the company, the analyst said, “there’s always a Chance. I think the government is interested in the additional revenues and increase the attractiveness of the company for another potential placement of shares”.

ALROSA wants to pay more

In 2016, the Finance Ministry has ordered state-owned companies to direct on dividends not less than half of the net profit according to IFRS (international financial reporting standards). In January 2017 the decree on raising dividends of state companies to 50% of the net profit returned for revision to the Ministry of Finance. The document allowed for different interpretations and create loopholes for companies, helping to avoid payment in full.

While the project is in the Ministry of Finance, state-owned companies is valid old document that involves the payment of not less than 25% of net profit. The final decision on the dividend will be made until the end of March, as previously reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. “The question of the size of dividend payments will be decided based on the results of the analysis in the context of each company in accordance with the industry characteristics, the investment program, long-term development program”, — told RBC representative of the Ministry of economic development.

Unlike “Gazprom”, “Rosneft” and “Russian grids”, which under various pretexts, managed to pay less dividends ALROSA aims to increase the volume of payments. In 2016, its net profit increased four times to 133.5 billion rubles, is spoken in materials of the company. If she agreed to increase the amount of dividends to 75%, shareholders will receive a total of about 100 billion rubles, the share of state participation in the structure of ALROSA is 66%, thus in the budgets of various levels could reach about 66 billion rubles, the remaining shareholders will pay 34 billion.

Investor day ALROSA also said about the fall in revenue of 6% in the first quarter of 2017 yoy to $1.25 billion (71,5 billion roubles), it follows from the presentation for investors (RBC).

The company claims that the rough diamond market in the medium term to be balanced. In the period from 2016 to 2019 the proposal would grow at 4% per year due to the sale of stocks. After 2019, the proposal will not grow, and the demand in 2017 will increase by 3% annually provides projections of ALROSA in its presentation to investors.

By the end of 2016 EBITDA of the company grew by 49% to 176.4 billion rubles, the margin was 56%. Revenues increased by 41% compared to the same period in 2015 and amounted to 317,1 RUB bln Free cash flow has increased three-fold to 111.4 billion.

March 14, the largest diamond company in the world headed by the former Vice-President of Sberbank, Sergey Ivanov, Jr. He succeeded Andrei Zharkov. With the arrival of the new head of the company expects the reshuffle. At the London investor day Ivanov did not rule out such a development, said “Interfax”.

The retailer O’key changed CEO

One of Russia’s largest grocery chains GK O’key has announced the appointment of Miodrag Borovica new CEO. He will focus on the development of stores in the formats of Hyper and supermarkets. Discounters “OK” will be highlighted in the hotel business and for their development plan to attract investors, the sources said RBC

GK O’key, one of the ten largest Russian food retailers, announced the appointment of Miodrag Boroevic to the CEO post, said in a message group (there RBC). Former CEO — heigo Kera, will retain the post of Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Prior to the appointment of a new top Manager with 2013 he led the retail chain REWE Italy (a division of REWE International AG, which including part of the network Billa). Prior to this, he also held various positions in the structure of European networks of hypermarkets Kaufland (part of the Schwarz Group), where he led the company’s business in Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

According to the group, Boroevic will focus on the development of Hyper – and supermarkets of the GC “OK” — on March 22, their total was 110.

The group also includes 54 store of discounter format, which will continue to lead Armin Burger. As explained RBC a source in the retail market, personnel changes and redistribution of powers between managers is associated with changes in the group’s strategy. According to him, in the near future stores of discounter format will be displayed in a separate company. “The separation will help to attract new investors for the development of “discounters” that were previously funded by more profitable Hyper and supermarkets,” — said the interlocutor of RBC,

The desire of the shareholders “OK” to attract investors in December, reported the newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to own sources. According to the newspaper, possible buyers could be the French network of “Auchan” or Petersburg “the Tape”. The main reason for the sale “OK” called the necessity of the shareholders to Fund other projects.