Cars for matkapital: consider whether the government domestic car luxury

On March 17, deputies in the Duma introduced a bill on the possibility of using the maternity capital for the purchase of a domestic car. At the moment, only 55% of Russians could use the money required for the birth of the second and subsequent child. The vast majority of them have spent money to purchase housing. The number of cases of illegal expenditure “parent money” remains high.

What awaits the maternity capital in the future, as would like to dispose of the holders of the certificate discussed state and public figures.


The head of the Duma Committee on family, women and children Tamara Pletnev said that he will support the bill on the possibility of buying a car on the prisoner. However, Pletnev said that at the moment because of the difficult financial situation the government is not configured to extend the repayment options of the certificate.

“Unknown, it does not consider whether the government is purchasing cars on money shot for luxury. I will support this initiative, because the machine we have has ceased to be a luxury and has become a means of transportation”, – said the head of the Committee.

In addition to the use of means of matkapital to buy a car, Pletnev has supported the social initiative in the direction of money for expensive treatment of the child and to pay off the mortgage executed prior to the birth of children. The MP stressed that a targeted approach to the use of matkapital should not be considered as payments for the birth of the second child and subsequent children – a project that would increase the birth rate, and not welfare.

Currently 92% of families spend the parent capital, used it to purchase housing. However, not all parents get the money to properly care for their children. In this regard, the Member of the Duma Committee on housing policy and housing and communal services Tatyana Cibizova proposed to oblige Goszeminspektsii carry out the audit of property, purchased at the expense of the certificate, in cases where the operator are the organizations whose activities are not controlled by the Central Bank.

“In the regions, even the term “victim parent capital”. We are talking about situations where families deliberately acquire dilapidated housing, without a roof or Foundation, but do drink. This is a big problem”, – stated the Deputy.

Deputy Minister of labour and social protection of the Russian Federation Alexey Cherkasov said that he considered it necessary to find a way to index the parent capital and renewal of the program after 2018. While Cherkasov said that it is necessary to deal with the facts of illegal expenditure of means of the parent capital. In this regard, the Department has prepared a draft law that excludes from the number of operators of the parent capital, the organization whose activity is not supervised by the Bank of Russia, for example, PAO, JSC and JSC.

Parents, in turn, made the list of desirable ways to dispose of the parent capital. In addition to the purchase of the car and treatment of the child, the most popular direction of money for the development of the family business, purchase of furniture and equipment, renovation of housing, mother’s education, leisure and placement of funds in accounts at interest.