Capital One HBC MasterCard and Credit Card Accounts Authentication

Since the cooperation between Capital One and HBC (Hudson’s Bay Company), shopping online seems much lighter with a HBC MasterCard or Credit Card. To nicer take hold of the opportunity, you need to firstly authenticate your card to make sure that it is available and secure. Hence, take a few minutes to conclude the authentication process.

Capital One HBC MasterCard and Credit Card Accounts Authentication Guide
Since January 2011, the HBC MasterCard and HBC Credit Card accounts have been possessed and issued by Capital One. Due to federal regulations, your Capital One HBC MasterCard or Credit Card Account needs to be verified online. Of course, it is beneficial to you as you needn’t head to an office cramming out a stack of complicated forms and you are able to shop online lightly afterwards as well.

Confirming your account online can be effortless and effortless. All you need to do is a few steps.

  1. Visit www.capitalone.ca/hbc and choose your preferred language inbetween English and French by clicking the link in the top right of the page.
  2. Input your Credit Card Number, your employer name and occupation. Press the button marked “Continue” to proceed.
  3. Answer the following questions for the sake of identity security.
  4. Follow the instructions to conclude the authentication process.

At last, come to www.capitalone.ca/hbc to verify your Capital One HBC MasterCard or Credit Card Account.

About Capital One & HBC
Capital One is a diversified bank, one of the most prominent brands in America. As a Fortune 500 enterprise, Capital One offers a broad range of financial products and services to brand customers and well known institutions. HBC, Hudson’s Bay Company, is a commercial rock-hard in Canada and the longest continually operated corporation in North America. It mainly boasts three brands consisting of Lord & Taylor in the United States, Hudson’s Bay and Home Outfitters in Canada which feature stylish and high quality merchandise at excellent value.

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