California LifeLine Free Cell Phones Program

If you are living in California State and is looking for free government cell phones, congratulations, it is the program available in entire California, from North to South. CaliforniaLifeLine.com is government authorized site providing free government cell phones information for California citizens.

California LifeLine Program, which was called Universal LifeLine Telephone Service, is a discount service for low income households to have basic landlines or cell phones to keep contact with family members. In order to get the benefits, you must be eligible for it. At www.CaliforniaLifeLine.com, you will understand the eligibility requirements, application instructions, sample forms and instructions, often asked questions and appeal a disqualification.

Those significant links at CaliforniaLifeLine.com for California LifeLine Program includes:

  1. www.californialifeline.com/source/Requirements.aspx – Eligibility Requirements
  2. www.californialifeline.com/source/FAQs.aspx  – Frequently Asked Questions
  3. www.californialifeline.com/source/Instructions.aspx  – Application Instructions
  4. www.californialifeline.com/source/Forms.aspx  – Sample Forms and Instructions

Go to those links or CaliforniaLifeLine.com directly and learn whether California LifeLine free phone program is right for you.

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