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It’s not fresh to buy a custom-built t-shirts, nor it just springs up in the market to design your own t-shirts, but listen to this. How about you design the t-shirts and sell them online for free? No fees, no down payments and no risks. Come to Ink to the People, a site providing creative platform for artists, designers, sororities and fraternities, student organizations, sports teams and family reunions… any event that you can think of. It is a gathering of custom-made t-shirts of others which you can buy. It is where a pool of designers produce their creative ideas. Don’t miss a chance when you can look distinctively from other people because you can make your own distinction.

Buy, Design & Sell Custom T-Shirts Instructions
Let’s get began by going into the most featured section of Ink to the People – Start Your Design.  There are embark from scratch, commence from a template, embark from saved design and embark from a product. You don’t need an account if you don’t intend to buy or sell t-shirts, but if you do want to do something with your design, you need to set up an account by clicking on Log On or Register at the top of the page. Fill in your information as required and you can love all services on the website. You cannot switch your user name once you create the account. Now let’s commence to design.

  1. Start from scratch. The link takes you to the page where you select a color for your Gildan. Click on the color box and hit Select.
  2. On the left are design implements of text, art/upload, shapes and distress, also the undo and redo button. On the right are your design information, zoom and pan, display back button and other switches to your product. Click Text and choose font category. Left column are general categories of fonts and right column displays subcategories of each general category. Hit the one you like.
  3. Move you cursor to draw a text box and come in the letters you want to put on your design, and a box pops up to add or liquidate text shadow effect and text shape. Choose alignment, roll vertical or horizontal, pack color and outline color and outline width on the right box. When you are done, point your cursor outside the box and click.
  4. Click Art/Upload to choose art category or upload your own art. Repeat the above procedure and then haul the art to the place where you want to put it.
  5. If you want to design the back, click Show Back.
  6. Click Save or Proceed to save your design or put it online for sale.
  7. Same procedure goes for the rest of Start From design choices.

Buying a custom-made t-shirts starts from clicking browse the Shop. Check out for your beloved design and place an order. If the Ink, namely the design doesn’t reach its purpose shown as minimum sales required on the page, your order will be cancelled and you will be refunded. Let the artist know that you want them to repost their design.

About Ink to the People
Ink to the People is a site for people to design custom-built t-shirts and sell them online sans risk or charge. It was launched from within a screen-printing company, in biz for more than twenty years and inspired by the thought of promoting strong design ideas out and see if they would make a success.

Visit inktothepeople.com and you can hop embark your design and make possible profit for your pocket.

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