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Your phone is worth good services! As a leading provider of unlimited 4G wireless service, MetroPCs offers services with no annual contract, unlimited data, talk & text, big savings and much more. MetroPCs is committed to meet the needs of customers and wants to make sure that you are glad with its services or cell phone. So why do not you give it a shot right now?

Get MetroPCs Services Instructions
MetroPCs provides you with smartphones, accessories, plans for your phones, customized services and payment options. With MetroPCs, you do not need to get trapped in a two-year contract with hidden fees and thresholds on everything, or switch your current phone number. Besides, you can love nationwide 4G network, big savings, and blazing-fast internet browsing.

The “Phone” button on the bar provides you with the latest smartphones and accessories. The links on the left side can help you find your phone quickly by brand, style or feature. After hitting the phone picture you prefer, you can view the phone features, available plans, accessories to learn more. The MetroPromise permits you to comeback your fresh phone if you are dissatisfied with it. You may view detailed information about it by referring to MetroPromise Guarantee.

MetroPCs makes many different plans for you to make sure you will find the one fit you. You can love unlimited data, talk & text on a nationwide 4G network, taxes and fees included and no annual contract. According to your own situation, you can choose among $40, $50, or $60 per month. What’s more, add friend & family to your plan and you can save $5 per line.

Enhance your plan is also very easy. The “Services Section” permits you to customize your phone with add-on services and bundles, including international options and protection plans and much more. Click on the icon of your preferred service from the list and add it to your account, then you can love your services better.

The MetroPCs account will help you manage your account lightly such as make payment, activate your phone up, upgrade old plan, check the status of your order and more. By clicking on the “Sign Up” button on the very top of the homepage, you can create your own account.

Bring your phone to MetroPCs by visiting www.metropcs.com, and let it help you get connected.

About MetroPCs
MetroPCs is the fifth largest mobile telecommunications network in the United States, providing unlimited 4G wireless service with no annual contract. It launched 3G network in late 2009 and its LTE network in late 2010. With MetroPCs, customers can practice the unmatched services with many of the latest smartphones produced by leading manufacturers, innovative communication and entertainment services.

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