Biologists have aeration fans atrophies the brain

Regular and excessive consumption of carbonated and sweetened drinks can lead to a decrease in volume of the brain. First and foremost this applies to the hippocampus, the division plays a critical role in memory. At the same time, according to experts from Boston University, similar effects have and fruit juices.


The researchers studied information about the four thousand Americans that were going on for ten years, and tried to find a relationship between preferred these people drinks and as their brain. As it turned out, those who daily and in large quantities consumed drinks with lots of sugar, the volume of the hippocampus often often decreased. Also, experts have found that among people who frequently consume carbonated water, was almost three times higher risk of developing dementia. About as they have increased the risk of stroke — the latter, according to scientists, can be the consequence not only of changes in the brain, but increased risk of developing diabetes.

People abusing sweetened and carbonated drinks, are often observed memory impairment and reduced IQ. All this, according to experts, allows quite confident to say that excessive addiction to sweet soda leads to atrophy of the brain. Scientific works devoted to the study, published in Alzheimer’s & Dementia, as well as in the journal Stroke.

Pretty long been known that sweet drinks can lead to the development of obesity and diabetes, but researchers are finding new evidence that the harm of this kind of drinks is not so limited. In particular, it was previously detected evidence that they are very harmful to teeth, and can also be one of the reasons for lack of sleep. Thus, according to the authors of some of these studies, the chance that a person will abuse soda water, is much higher if so do people in his entourage.