Best Buy Learning Lounge

If you are a Best Buy employee, if you want to get certification for well-known vendors, you can come to Best Buy Learning Lounge and take a computer certification test first. It is a good place for you to take retail training and develop your individual skills. What you need to know to be a lucky Best Buy employee is all in here.

Best Buy Learning Lounge Instructions
Best Buy Learning Lounge is a virtual training environment accessible to Best Buy employees to probe for their individual development of working skills. The program features text-based training, Best Buy or manufacturer-supplied audio, videos, online message boards, blogs, social networking and other media. Employees are also encouraged to create and upload their own content.

To access Best Buy Learning Lounge, employees should first,

  1. Go to the portal and check the requirements. Click on I Agree and come in your username and password to log in to the site. Generally, the username is your employee number including the very first letter.
  2. After injecting the page, you can take a self-assessment course to see which kind of learning fits your individual needs and style. Through these leaning, you may get certification and thus finer assist your customers and provide an outstanding shopping experience. Best Buy Learning Lounge will directly influence employees’ development path in the company.

Best Buy retail store employees will be paid for all required company training, except for learning for individual development outside of their required training time. Off-the-clock work on required training is rigorously prohibited. Employees should work with their managers to determine the number of paid hours they will spend on training activities each month and are asked to report all time they spend on required training.

About Best Buy Company, Inc.
Best Buy is the world largest multinational consumer electronics based in Richfield, Minnesota, United States with stores in the Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada and China. Founded in 1966, the company’s subsidiaries include Geek Squad, CinemaNow, Magnolia Audio Video, Pacific Sales, and, in Canada operates under both the Best Buy and Future Shop label. Best Buy collects 409 pounds of electronics each minute the stores are open due to its recycling program.

Visit www.BestBuyLearningLounge.com to develop yourself with good online resources.

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