Berdyev check “Spartak” strength

“MK” continues the traditional categories, which not only announced the coming matches of the Russian football Premier League (RFPL), but given forecasts. Specially for you we have collected all the important information about the upcoming matches in one place: from statistics of personal meetings rivals to the quotations of bookmakers. I hope with our help you will be easier to understand in the pre-match scenario.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

April 21, Friday

“Ufa” (Ufa) — CSKA (Moscow)

17.00 (hereinafter time Moscow). Ufa. Stadium “Petrovsky”

Referee: Vladislav Bezborodov (Saint Petersburg)

Main trainers: Sergey Semak / Viktor Gancharenko

The last meeting in Ufa: 1:3

The meeting in the first round: 0:1

Total balance: +0=3-7, 6:20

The last 5 matches “Ufa” in the Premier League: +1=2-2, 3:5

The last 5 matches of CSKA in the Premier League: +3=2-0, 8:2

Losses: – / Alan Dzagoev, CSKA Moscow’s Georgi Milanov, Roman Eremenko

Factors of bookmakers: 6,00—3,40—1,70

Stream: “Match TV”, “Our football”

MK: Who does not like Viktor Gancharenko more aware of the weaknesses of his old club “Ufa”? Prediction: 0:1

22 April, Saturday

“Zenith” (St.-Petersburg) — “Ural” (Ekaterinburg)

14.00. Saint-Petersburg. Stadium “Petrovsky”

Referee: Alex Eskov (Moscow)

Coaches: Mircea Lucescu / Alexander Tarkhanov

The last meeting in Saint Petersburg: 3:0

The meeting in the first round: 2:0

Total balance: +7=0-0, 18:4

The last 5 matches of “Zenit” in the Premier League: +2=1-2, 6:4

Last 5 games for Ural in the Premier League: +4=0-1, 7:4

Loss: Victor Fayzulin, Alexander Ryazantsev, Yuri Zhirkov Ivan Novoseltsev / Vladimir Khozin, Giorgi Chanturia

Factors of bookmakers: 1,20—7,00—17,00

Stream: “Match TV”, “Our football”

“MK” Spring spurt “Ural” is impressive, but to beat Zenit at Yekaterinburg unlikely to go. And other methods, the team of Alexander Tarkhanov and no. Prediction: 2:0

“Rostov” (Rostov-on-don) — “Spartak” (Moscow)

16.30. Rostov-on-don. Stadium “The Olympus-2”

Referee: Michael Vilkov (Nizhny Novgorod)

Coaches: Ivan Danielyants / Massimo Carrera

The last meeting in Rostov-on-don: 2:0

The meeting in the first round: 0:1

Total balance: +7=4 to 17, 29:45

The last 5 matches of FC Rostov in the Premier League: +0=5-0, 0:0

The last 5 matches of Spartak in the Premier League: +4=1-0, 10:5

Losses: Vladimir Granat, Soslan Dzhanaev / Evgeny Makeev, Denis Davydov

Factors of bookmakers: 2,90—3,00—2,65

Stream: “Our football”

MK: This match will be without goals, and different needs and guests and the hosts. Prediction: 1:1

“Lokomotiv” (Moscow) — “Amkar” (Perm)

16.30. Moscow. The “Locomotive”Stadium

Referee: Sergei Ivanov (Rostov-on-don)

Coach: Yuri Semin / Haji Hajiyev

The last meeting in Moscow: 0:1

The meeting in the first round: 0:0

Total balance: +12=8-7, 36:20

The last 5 matches of Lokomotiv in the Premier League: +2=2-1, 6:3

The last 5 matches of Amkar in the Premier League: +1=3-1, 5:5

Factors of bookmakers: 1,70—3,35—6,40

Losses: – / –

Stream: “Match TV”, “Our football”

MK: come together 2 of the most experienced coach, but “Amkar” in fact had no motivation in the championship, and “Loko” on the contrary on the rise. If not, it could be safely set to 0:0, but will give preference to owners. Prediction: 2:0

“Terek” (Grozny) — “Anzhi” (Makhachkala)

19.00. Terrible. “Akhmat-Arena”

Referee: Roman Galimov (Ulan-Ude)

Coaches: Rashid Rakhimov / Alexander Grigoryan

The last meeting in Grozny: 3-2

The meeting in the first round: 0:0

Total balance: +8=4-4, 23:20

The last 5 matches of FC Terek in the Premier League: +1=2-2, 5:5

The last 5 matches of Anji in the Premier League: +1=1-3, 5:8

Losses: Oleg Ivanov, Igor Lebedenko, Gabriel Torje / Sergei Bryzgalov

Factors of bookmakers: 1,80—3,40—4,80

Stream: “Our football”

“MK”: And match key word – motivation. Anzhi glasses are needed, Grozny is frankly finish the season. Forecast: 2:3

April 23, Sunday

“Tom ‘” (Tomsk) — Orenburg (Orenburg)

12.00. Tomsk. Stadium “Trud”

Referee: Sergey Karasev (Moscow)

Coaches: Valeriy Petrakov / Robert Evdokimov

The last meeting in Tomsk: 1:0

The meeting in the first round: 1:3

Total balance: +2=1-3, 4:7

The last 5 matches of FC Tom Tomsk in the Premier League: +1=1-3, 3:10

The last 5 matches, “Orenburg” in the Premier League: +1=1-3, 4:7

Losses: Ante Puljic / Pavel Nekhaychik, Georgi Gabulov

Factors of bookmakers: 11,00—4,50—1,35

Stream: “Our football”

MK: the Team of Robert Evdokimova might face in Tomsk with only one problem – the need to score the first goal as quickly as possible. Do not tighten the Orenburg with this task, you will win without any problems. Prediction: 0:2

“Wings Of The Soviets” (Samara) — “Rubin” (Kazan)

14.30. Samara. Stadium “Metallurg”

Referee: Mr Moskalev (Voronezh)

Coaches: Vadim Skripchenko / Javier Gracia

The last meeting in Samara: 1:1

The meeting in the first round 0:3

Total balance: +4=7-14, 24:45

The last 5 matches “wings of the Soviets” in the Premier League: +1=2-2, 6:6

The last 5 matches of “ruby” in the Premier League: +0=2-3, 2:6

Losses: Sergey Tkachev / –

Factors of bookmakers: 2,65—3,00—2,95

Stream: “Our football”

MK: it Seems that the wait for this season of pleasant surprises from Kazantsev is not worth it. And again the motivation, at this time, “Wings”, comes to the fore. Prediction: 2:1

“Krasnodar” (Krasnodar) — “The Arsenal” (Tula)

17.00. Krasnodar. The Stadium “Krasnodar”

Referee: Alexey Matyunin (Moscow)

Coaches: Igor Shalimov / Sergey Kiryakov

The last meeting in Krasnodar: 4:0

The meeting in the first round: 0:0

Total balance: +4=4-5, 12:18

The last 5 matches of FC Krasnodar in Premier League: +2=3-0, 4:2

Last 5 Arsenal games in the Premier League: +2=0-3, 6:8

Factors of bookmakers: 1,30—4,95—10,90

Losses: Tornike Okriashvili, Vitaly Kaleshin / Kantemir Berkhamov, Ilya Maksimov

Stream: “Match TV”, “Our football”

“MK”: the Class of teams is markedly different. Prediction: 1:0


“Spartak” — 54 points. CSKA — 44. Zenit — 43. “Krasnodar” — 38. Lokomotiv — 34. “Terek”, Ufa, Amkar, Rostov — on 33. “Ural” — 29. Rubin — 28. “Anji” — 24. “Wings Of The Soviets” — 20. “Orenburg” — 19. Arsenal — 18. “Tom” — 13


CSKA Moscow (Krasnodar) – 13 goals (4 from penalties). Quincy promes (Spartak Moscow), Artem Dzyuba (Zenit) – 10 (1)

Scorers (goal+assist)

Quincy Promes (Spartak) — 18 (10 goals, 8 assists). Fedor Smolov (“Krasnodar”) — 13 (13+0). Artem Dzyuba — 13 (10+3)


Alexander Gatskan (Rostov) — 8 yellow cards, 3 removal, 1 straight red card. Luís Neto (Zenit), Pontus wernbloom (CSKA Moskva) 9+1+0