Become a Member of Total Rewards and Earn More Credits

Every buck you spent will enable you to earn and redeem more credits at almost 40 resorts and casinos all the world round! The more you spend, the more you earn. All you need to do is to become a member of Total Rewards with a few effortless steps to finish online.  If you have a New and Improved Total Rewards Visa card, you will earn up to 10,000 Rewards Credits by spending $750 in the very first 90 days.

Total Rewards Program Introduction
Become a member of the Total Rewards Program, your purchase in almost 40 resorts and casinos of dinning, gaming, entertainment and hotels will accumulate your credits. There are four tiers of membership including GOLD, PLATINUM, DIAMOND and SEVEN STARS. The higher level credits you earn the more benefits you will unlock. In addition, the more credits you earn in one day, the more extra bonus you will get. Check the program overview at www.totalrewards.com/overview.

How to Become a Member of Total Rewards Online:

  1. Visit the sign up page at the sign link listed in the

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