Barclays Check Application Status

Want to know the status of your Barclays application? Here is an effortless and convenient way for you. At Check Application Status site, you can lightly check your application status and view, manage and pay your account online.

Note: Juniper Financial Corporation has been acquired by Barclays in 2004.

Barclays Check Application Status Instructions
To check the status of your application, you need to take following steps to achieve that:

  1. Enter your last name,
  2. Type in the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number,
  3. Fill in your Zip code.
  4. Leave your email address.
  5. Click “Check Status” button under the information blanks.

If you are checking your Juniper application status, visit the home page. If you are looking for your Barclays application status, go to myapplicationstatus.com/barclays.

About Juniper
Juniper Bank, founded in 2000 by a few former executives of First USA Bank, now known as Barclays Bank Delaware. At the very start, Juniper was a total service online bank which offers checking and savings accounts, online bill pay, credit and debit cards. Later, they switched their concentrate from suggesting a state of the art online banking service to credit cards.

About Barclays
With 300 years of practice in financial services, Barclays offers expertise support to millions of customers all around the world. They are committed to enabling people to achieve more. Barclays Capital, Barclays Wealth, Barclays Commercial, Barclaycard and ABSA bring world-class solutions to millions of customers. In an effort to develop a US consumer presence, Barclays bought Juniper Financial Corporation in 2004. Juniper’s model — partnering with leading U.S. companies to supply a co-branded credit card, was a fine fit with our culture of customer-centric innovations.

Check your application status at www.myapplicationstatus.com.

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