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Owing a cozy home – a comfy building is usually the driving force for most people. But housing price, notably in cities, is prohibitive, thus making people have difficulties buying palace with total payment. Fortunately, many banks and other financial companies provide home loans. If you have any problems in home purchasing, home loan or switch sides mortgage, why not have some acquaintance of Bank of America CW Customers Home Loans program? Visit Bank of America site and maybe you will find the satisfying solutions.

Bank of America Home Loans Instructions
Bank of America is committed to helping homeowners understand all their financial options. Bank of America also helps homeowners find out information about home loan assistance programs, including their participation in the mortgage settlement agreement with federal and state government officials.

 The Bank of America Home Loans brand indicates commitment to help individuals and families responsibly achieve and maintain home ownership. Bank of America Home Loans program will help you understand the home buying process from commence to end. Being a part of Bank of America home loans, you can get financial assistance on mortgage, refinance, home equity and and so on.

  • Mortgage usually becomes a familiar word when you plan to buy a home. If you want to successfully pave your path to homeownership, you should begin with learning mortgage basics, using mortgage calculators, compare rates and loans and get mortgage prequalification. Then, you should have a home loans planner – help to submit your application and documents, process your application, finalize your application and manage your home loan. Afterwards, get to know your key team members involved in getting a mortgage so that you can make a wiser decision in buying house. During the entire process, don’t leave behind to read document tips.
  • Refinancing your existing mortgage is very important. In the middle part of refinance overview, you can know everyday refinance rates and your custom-made rates. It is hard to response whether refinancing will benefit you or not. So, before making the decision to refinance, you should know your specific reasons for refinancing and review Home Loans program’s refinance tips about the process and what switches may occur recently. Besides, you must understand your fresh payment with your long-term objective in mind. After careful consideration, you can apply for a refinance loan. With the help of Home Loan Planner, you can  know what to hope from application to closing.
  • Using the available home equity may be a choice for partial people. If you want to employ part of your available equity to pay for major expenses, you can built up available equity in you home. The three steps are learning home equity basics, using a home equity calculator and see the featured rate which can be provided by Home Loans program.

If you require more details or meet into some problems, you can contact the Home Loans team.

  1. For purchase mortgage, you can call 1-800-551-7975 for help.
  2. For refinancing, you can call 1-800-763-1085 for help.
  3. For home equity, you can call 1-866-670-5271 to reach Bank of America home loans customer services.

About Bank of America
Bank of America Corporation is founded in 1998 and its precursor is Bank of Italy. It is an American multinational banking and financial services corporation operating on finance and insurance, corporate banking, customer banking and so on. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Bank of America has become the second-largest bank holding company in the United States judging from its assets. Bank of America serves customers from more than 150 countries with its subsidies in over 40 countries. It is a member of Dow Jones Industrial Average and also a member of S & P 500.

Learn more about Bank of America home loans at www.bankofamerica.com/home-loans/overview.go.

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