Avoid Unexpected Overdrafts And Fees With Citizens Bank

An checking account is utterly convenient and secure for you to withdraw money, make debit card purchases or pay your bills etc. However, the overdraft problem followed, causing a fine loss of your money, is undoubtedly a headache. Luckily, with Citizens Bank Overdraft Protection Programs, you can lightly get rid of the worries and avoid unexpected fees.

Avoid Unexpected Overdrafts And Fees With Citizens Bank Guide
With a checking account, you may lightly cover your ATM withdrawals, debit card purchases, checks, automated payments and other withdrawals. But, when you accidentally overdraw your account as your available account balance is not enough, the big issue will emerge.

If you make a withdrawal thru a Citizens Bank checking account, you are accessible to a few ways to avoid the trouble.

Set Up Balance Alerts

  • Register or log in to your Citizens Bank Online account.
  • Set up online banking email or text alerts to monitor the balance and transactions.

Track Your Balance Regularly
Check your balance regularly or before making any withdrawals, purchases and payments. You may track your balance thru your online banking or mobile banking. Alternatively, you can find it at the ATM, by phone, on your mobile device or by visiting a branch.

Make deposits
Deposit your money to your account when you need it. Cash deposited with a teller and wire transfer are available immediately. Money can be accessible for your use in the same biz day through cash, Citizens Bank check or Federal Government Checks deposited at an ATM up to 3 p.m. or Citizens Bank check or Federal Government Checks deposited with a teller any time. If you have your cash, Citizens Bank check or Federal Government Checks deposited after 3 p.m. or Non-Citizens Bank check deposited at a teller any time or at an ATM up to 3 p.m., the money is only available next biz day.

Utilize your debit card to make purchases
Purchases made with your debit card are instantly deducted from your available account balance so you can lightly manage your available balance.

Apply for the Citizens Bank Overdraft Protection Programs

  • Visiting Overdraft Choices, you can access the overdraft protection programs including two plans – Savings Overdraft Protection and Overdraft Protection Line of Credit as well as two standard practices – For ATM Withdrawals and Everyday Debit Card Transactions, and For Checks and Pre-authorized Debits.
  • Clicking “Compare Choices”, you may make a comparison on the fees, functions and the way to purchase them. Furthermore, you may get familiar with any program by clicking the corresponding button in the navigation bar.

If you have any questions or problems, please refer to FAQ. If you would like to know more details about Citizens Bank, just enter www.citizensbank.com.

About RBS Citizens Financial Group
RBS Citizens Financial Group is a commercial bank holding company based in Providence, Rhode Island with a British pedigree. In spite of embarking as a diminutive community bank, Citizens Bank has widened its footprint into over 30 states with approximately 1,400 branches and 3,600 ATMs.

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