Authorities predicted the growing popularity of country leisure Muscovites

Muscovites began a thicket to spend the summer in the country, according to data on the movement of mobile subscribers. During the holiday season of 2017, the trend proshedshego summer will continue. Then the number of vacationers increased by one third to 1.26 million people

The Moscow authorities predict a further growth of popularity of country leisure among residents of the capital in 2017. Last year the number of Muscovites who spent the holiday season in the country, grew by a third. These data are presented by RBC, the Department of information technology capital, analyzing the movement of mobile subscribers.

“Analysis of last year’s situation quite accurately allows you to simulate what will be this year. The main trends will continue,” said RBC in the Department of information technology.

The total number of vacationers in 2016 amounted to 1.26 million people, in 2015 — 970 thousand. thus last year the number of Muscovites who in summer lived in the country, grew by 33%. In July last year in the cottages lived 240 thousand people, the year before — 180 thousand people. In the urban district Domodedovo in July 2016 in suburban areas lived the greatest number of tourists compared to other areas – 8.7 million people. The highest density residing “in the garden” in the suburbs was recorded in the village of Zarichchia (99 persons per square km), and in the New Moscow in the village of Mosrentgen (60 people per sq km).

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The information technology Department has a contract with cellular operators on the collection and aggregation of anonymized data, RBC reported adviser to the head of the Department for strategic projects and innovation Andrei Belozerov. Moscow and the Moscow region divided into squares with an area of 300-500 sq. m. the Operator reports how many subscribers it was in a particular square in a certain period of time, which shows how moving people around the capital region. “Phone numbers and personal details of callers are not transferred, and identify the user in this array it is impossible,” says Belozerov.

The majority of Muscovites, who spent the summer season at the cottage, live in the southern administrative district. The highest percentage of such people among the inhabitants of the district in HLW. The largest increase in the number of people who in the summer of 2016 preferred holiday vacation, were in the Western and Central administrative districts of Moscow (45% and 44%).

Besides those who constantly lived in the summer in the country, some of them traveled there on weekends and holidays. In July 2016 was 786 thousand persons (0.5 percent less than in July 2015). In suburban areas was up to 253 thousand. The highest density of citizens, at the same time came to the land, registered in Mosrentgen. There at a time (half-hour interval) were recorded 203 inhabitants per sq m. most of the inhabitants of the capital, starting in 2016, to testify, held there from 200 to 400 hours.

Member of the management Board of the Russian Union of travel industry Georgy Mokhov recalls that last year the situation in the selling season was “quite extreme”. Turkey was closed and the strong Euro are not allowed to choose alternative sentences like Greece or Cyprus. Some of them don’t have anywhere to go just because of the reduction of financial opportunities and save costs, says Mokhov.

This year the situation mneenie expert may be retained. “More jumps, most likely, will not. Those who chose the holiday option holiday will remain in their positions,” said Mokhov. He added that until new message about banning Charter flights to Turkey all tour operators have noted a high proportion of pre-booking in this direction.

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