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Berlin said about the attacks by Russian hackers on the server party

The Bundestag

Photo: Zuma / Global Look Press

Hackers Fancy Bear can be involved in the attempted hacking of the servers of the party of Angela Merkel and to the attacks of the party of the Bundestag. The German authorities stated that these attempts failed to prevent

In 2016 Germany have prevented two hacker attacks, which, in the opinion of the authorities, took hackers from the group Fancy Bear. In an interview with Reuters said the President of the Federal office for information security Arne Senbon.

According to him, in may last year, hackers tried to hack the servers of the party of German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Christian democratic Union) in the Baltic region.

A couple months later there was an attempted hacking of the servers of the party of the Bundestag by “phishing.” Experts said that the attack of the hackers used the domain name of NATO, to try to implant malicious software.

“Germany is still at risk in cyberspace, because we have digitized a lot of data,” — said Senbon.

He explained that the Agency, which he heads, is doing everything possible to strengthen the defense of Germany against such attacks: monitors government networks and tells politicians how to protect themselves from cyber attacks.

“We give them [the politicians] advice and help to take certain measures. But in the end, each party is responsible [for their actions],” said the German politician.

During the election campaign in the United States Fancy Bear also was accused of hacking the servers of the national Committee of the US Democratic party and obtaining the data about Hillary Clinton. Now in the US there is an investigation about the “intervention” of Russia in the American elections, the reason for which steel, including the publication of documents of the democratic party.

After the elections, which took place in the United States, the authorities warned that Moscow could influence the elections in France and Germany. In early December, the German government said the growth of “aggressive cyber-espionage” on the part of Russia. According to the head of the Federal service for the protection of the Constitution (BfV), Germany Hans-Georg Maasen, these operations on the part of Russia “pose a threat to members of the government, the Parliament and the democratic parties of Germany.” BfV has warned that it expects further action including group Fancy Bear.

Moscow has repeatedly denied the possibility of interference in the election process in other countries and the involvement of Russian hackers for cyber attacks.

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Ex-assistant to trump Flynn discussed the results of the preacher Gulen Turkey

Michael Flynn

Photo: Carlos Barria / Reuters

Michael Flynn discussed with the Turkish politicians, the results of the “mastermind” of the coup, Fethullah gülen without a formal extradition process, writes the WSJ. Earlier, the NYT reported that Flyin lobbied for the interests of Ankara for $500 thousand

Michael Flynn, former assistant to the President Donald trump even as his adviser during the election campaign, met with top Turkish Ministers and had discussed the extradition of preacher Fethullah Gulen. It is reported by the Wall Street Journal, citing former CIA Director Robert James Woolsey, who was present at the meeting and other sources that have been informed about it.

The Turkish authorities believe Gulen inspired the military coup in July 2016. According to Woolsey, Flynn’s meeting with Turkish Ministers took place in late summer of last year. The parties discussed how to give the preacher Ankara, bypassing the formal legal process of extradition to the United States.

Woolsey explained that he participated in the negotiations on September 19. In an interview with WSJ, he shared the view that negotiated between the parties illegal, and the theme called “striking”. According to Woolsey, the meeting was attended by the son-in-law of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.

“It looked naive. I didn’t have confidence in this. This country [the U.S.] legal procedures and the Constitution, and we don’t need to give anyone to like it abroad,” said Woolsey.

The sources who was briefed on the meeting said that these ideas were “hypothetical”. The publication stresses that the parties have not come to a specific communication plan on this issue.

Representative Flynn Price Floyd said that he “did not discuss any illegal actions.” The Embassy of Turkey, the newspaper said that Turkish officials did meet with Flynn, but refused to give details of the conversation.

Enemy No. 1: ten facts about the Turkish preacher Fethullah Hulene

In mid-March, The New York Times reported that Flynn lobbied for Turkish interests during the presidential campaign, trump for $500 thousand According to the newspaper, his activity was associated just with the collection of information about Hulene. The white house said that trump didn’t know about Flynn’s work in the interests of Ankara.

Attempt a military coup occurred in Turkey in the night of July 16. The military seized several government buildings in Istanbul and Ankara. Turkish authorities believe that the organizer of the coup is a Turkish writer, former Imam and preacher Fethullah gülen. He lives in the United States, pleaded not guilty.

In mid-September, the Ministry of justice of Turkey has sent an official request to the United States to arrest Gulen. Turkish prosecutors asked for a preacher two life sentences and 1900 years in prison.

The U.S. Supreme court received a “friendly argument” in support of the booth

Russia filed a us Supreme court argument in support of the application for the protection of Russian citizen Viktor bout. The argument concerns international law. The U.S. Supreme court gets this argument from Russia for the first time.


The argument in support of the petition of lawyers of Viktor bout to annul the earlier verdict was presented by the Russian Supreme court of the United States. The documents were filed in a form that in the United States called “the reasoning of the friend of the court”. According to the defender bout Alexey Tarasov, the argument concerns questions of international law. Against the submission of the Russian Federation a friendly argument in the American Ministry of justice did not object, the lawyer said.

“Today, on behalf of the Russian Federation in the Supreme court was filed by so-called friendly argument,” – reports the words of Tarasova Agency “RIA Novosti”. The lawyer said that he was not the author of the document, but was aware that the work is conducted.

On March 31 the Supreme court of the United States will consider a petition for adoption case of Victor bout for consideration.

According to the defender of the Russians, the U.S. Supreme court first receives from Russia, a similar argument. Previously, these documents were sent only in the appellate courts.

“We welcome this step,” – said Alexey Tarasov, noting that it “will emphasize the importance of the case of buta”.

The so-called “argument of the friend of the court” is a written statement from a third party, which aims to help the court by providing data that allows you to take legal and fair solution.

Russian Viktor Bout was arrested in spring 2008 in Thailand. The arrest was preceded by a special operation of U.S. intelligence. Two years later, an American court sentenced him to 25 years in prison.

Russia introduced to the UN security Council resolution against the ingress of chemical weapons to militants

Al-Bab, Syria. 28 Feb 2017

Photo: Khalil Ashawi / Reuters

Russia and China are re-introduced to the UN security Council draft resolution against falling into the hands of terrorists of chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq. In early March, about the use of chemical weapons in Mosul told the UN

Russia and China have made to the UN security Council draft resolution against chemical weapons falling into the hands of terrorists in Iraq and Syria. This was told to journalists by the Deputy permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vladimir Safronkov, reports TASS.

The document was circulated on 24 March at a closed meeting, convened at the initiative of the Russian side. Safronkov said that the text of the resolution is still relevant.

“We need to get down to the serious work, based on the professional facts. Professionals prove that chemical terrorism in the middle East is a real threat,” — said the diplomat.

In early March, the UN has published data showing that, in Mosul, about 12 people were treated after the probable use of chemical weapons. The President of the UN security Council in March and the special envoy of the Kingdom Matthew Rycroft expressed hope that Iraq will continue the investigation on the possible use by terrorists of chemical weapons.

The organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) said the “serious concern” after the publication of this information.

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However, in mid-March, the special envoy of Iraq to the UN Mohammed Ali al-Hakim said that the authorities found no evidence of use of chemical weapons by militants of the “Islamic state” (declared a terrorist organization and prohibited in Russia).

Russia and China had already introduced the draft resolution against chemical weapons to the UN security Council in April 2016. However, it was never adopted.

Trump has withdrawn a bill to repeal Obamacare

Donald Trump

Photo: Carlos Barria / Reuters

Trump took the decision to withdraw from Congress the bill to replace the
health programs, developed by Barack Obama (Obamacare). This decree he signed on inauguration day

US President, Donald trump has decided to withdraw from Congress a bill to replace Obamacare — health program, which introduced former U.S. President, Barack Obama. It is reported by The Associated Press.

“Today we were very close [to the bill], but it has not given results”, — said the speaker of the house of representatives, US Congress Paul Ryan, who suggested the President to withdraw the bill.

Ryan said that work on this bill will continue, Reuters reports. He explained that during the debate in Congress on this reform, the parties were unable to reach consensus. At the debate the supporters of the replacement program are unable to get the necessary 216 votes.

He said that “Obamacare has so many defects” it’s not known whether it is possible to support it. However, Ryan added that soon the health program, introduced by Obama, will continue to operate.

By trump, commenting on the withdrawal of the bill from Congress, said that, most likely, the Republicans will now focus their efforts on tax reform. He also said that the us government should allow Obamacare to “go its own way, if only for the moment”.

The Ministry cleared the tax on extraction of tin and rare earth metals

Photo: Victor Vonog / TASS

The Ministry is discussing with the authorities the extension of the zero rate of severance tax on the extraction of tin and removing the tax burden from the extraction of rare earth metals. For Russia’s only producer of tin — company “Rosolova” is able to complete the modernization of its processing plants

The Ministry of industry and trade in materials to the Board, held on March 24, announced that it is working to zero tax on extraction of tin and ores of rare metals.

“Conciliation is working with interested Federal bodies of Executive power”, — stated in the certificate prepared by the Ministry of industry and trade and is available to RBC.

Met in the manufacture of tin zeroed back in 2013 to promote the release of this metal has still not recovered to the level of 1980-ies. In 2016 “Rosolova” (part of “Seligdar”, 40% of which is owned by the investment company “Russian funds” Sergey Vasileva) increased the production of tin by 6.9%, to 618 T. Until 1990-ies its production reached 18 thousand tons Now to 90% tin Russian imports.

The Deputy Director of the only producer of tin in Russia “Rosolova” Valery Kuznetsov told RBC that the company sent all the necessary documents to the government and hopes for a positive decision. “We look forward to extending the zero rate of mineral extraction tax because our refineries, modernization of which is ongoing, has not yet reached 100% download and do not generate sufficient funds that would have covered the costs of their development,” he says. While most of the investment program is carried out on money of shareholders, said Kuznetsov. According to him, Mining companies will be released this year on a small profit, and fully loaded “Rosolova” only in 2018-2019. “Rosolova” in 2013 took to restore the mining companies in the Khabarovsk Krai and the far East.

Recently, controlled by Millhouse of Roman Abramovich company “Northern tin” refused to develop in the Chukotka Autonomous district fields Pyrkakai (largest in Russia) and passed the license to the state reported by the “Kommersant”. The company decided that this project is economically feasible if volatile prices for the metal. Now a ton of tin on the London metal exchange is $20.3 thousand, but in 2015 the price has dropped to $13.6 K per ton.

Rare metals

Despite the fact that in August 2016, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin instructed the government before 1 December 2016 to consider lower tax rates on rare and rare earth metals, as reported on the website of the President, the final decision was never adopted. Now, with the production of these metals continues to operate the rate of mineral extraction tax of 8%.

Rare earth metals are used in glass and ceramic industry and electronics, in particular, in the production of televisions, computer monitors and mobile phones.

According to the expert magazine “Rare earth” by Sergei Makhov, now the market of rare earth metals monopolisitic China with a share of about 90%. China is also one of the largest consumers of rare metals. High demand also exist in Japan, the EU, UK and USA.

Consumption of rare earth metals in Russia is much higher than production. The latter developed rather poorly and represented by only three large companies: the Solikamsk magnesium plant, “Akron” in Novgorod and the “Hydrometallurgical plant” in the Stavropol region. While Russia is in second place in the world in terms of reserves, after China, the expert said.

Zeroing severance tax on the extraction of rare earth metals is a huge opportunity for the industry, says Mach. This measure will have a positive impact not only on import substitution but also export orientation.

“The decrease in met, if there are no administrative complications, will allow to develop the production of large holdings, which would no longer be afraid of huge taxes,” said Mach.

Stanislav Cherchesov called the cause of the defeat against côte d’ivoire

Photo: Official website of the RFU

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The national team of Russia on football for the first time in history lost to a team from Africa

The court denied Alexander Kokorin a driver’s license

Stanislav Cherchesov was appointed the new captain of the national team of Russia on football
23 Mar, 17:07

Head coach of Russia on football Stanislav Cherchesov said that in the second half of the friendly match with côte d’ivoire, his team upped the tempo, but missed the second goal because of individual skill of Wilfried Zaha

After the home defeat of the Russian team from côte d’ivoire in the first match (0:2) head coach Stanislav Cherchesov has told about the reasons of failure. According to him, the team in the second half and were close to equalize, but missed the second goal due to the individual craftsmanship of Wilfred Zaha.

“The first half, the visitors played on the counter, one of them scored. But in the second half we upped the tempo, a goal that’s been brewing, but Zaha, the individual skill of which we were warned, scored another”, — quotes cherchesova “Sport-Express”.

53-year-old said he was not going to abandon the scheme with three Central defenders. “We stopped at the scheme with three Central defenders and let her strum. Will not jump. She’ll bear fruit, I have no doubt”, — quotes the words of cherchesova “championship”.

Russians for the first time in history lost to a team from Africa. Earlier, team seven met African opponents, with four victories and three draws.

The guests took the lead in the 30th minute. After a long transfer from own half Jonathan Codjia on the left flank pushed Kutepova, who was holding his opponent’s hands, and curled the ball into the far corner bounced off the far post. The Ivorian striker is in England for a club of the second division Aston Villa.

On 70 minutes, the attacking midfielder “crystal Palace” Wilfried Zaha, previously owned by “Manchester United” has doubled the advantage of côte d’ivoire. He received the ball outside the penalty area, away from the collision with Semenov, on the edge of the penalty area slipped between Kutepov and Alexander Yerokhin, beat Fedor Kudryashov, went one-on-one with Akinfeev and under the crossbar in the near corner.

28 March 2017, the Russian team will play a friendly match with the national team of Belgium. The game will take place at the Olympic stadium “Fisht” in Sochi. On the eve of the confederations Cup team Russia will hold two test matches on June 5 the team of Stanislav Cherchesov will play in Budapest at the stadium “arena Groupama” with the national team of Hungary, on 9 June, the Russians in Moscow will meet the Chilean national team at the stadium “locomotive” or “WEB Arena”.

The media learned about a version of the “phantom state” of the pilot in the crash of Tu-154

The pilot of the Tu-154 in a minute after takeoff sent the plane into a nosedive because of the fact that was in the illusory condition, writes “Kommersant” with reference to the version involved in the investigation of the crash. This version, according to the newspaper, confirmed graphics of the pitch and roll of the aircraft

The pilot of the aircraft of the defense Ministry, Tu-154, having lost reference points on the earth after take-off, not guided by data instruments, and his own illusory sensations, the newspaper “Kommersant”.

According to a source close to the investigation of the crash, without exception, all aircraft systems “to the collision with water react to control actions of the crew in a timely and regular”. A minute after departing from the runway, the pilot suddenly sent the Tu-154 at the peak, instead of continuing the climb.

This behavior can be explained by the specifics of the night’s departure, the newspaper said. A few seconds after departing from well-lit to Adler and crossing also highlighted the coastline “once you get as if into a black hole,” explains Aviaexport. The pilot is “in the power of illusions” and may not correctly estimate the position of the aircraft in space. According to statistics, the loss of spatial orientation is the cause of every tenth of a disaster, says “Kommersant”.

That the pilot of the Tu-154 was in this illusory state, the graphics indicate pitch and roll of the aircraft in the last seconds of flight, the line charts have a “wobble” form, the newspaper said. The participants of the investigation suggest that the pilot was constantly changing the position of the aircraft due to the teams of his vestibular apparatus. Opponents of this version insist that the differences are related to the fact that the system of registration of parameters was faulty, according to the publication.

Previously, “Kommersant” wrote that the cause of the accident could become “strange behavior” of the pilot. After takeoff Tu-154 managed to gain a height of about 250 m and a speed of 360-370 km/h, after which the commander of the crew for some unknown reason, turned the aircraft mode to landing.


Schizophrenia learned to identify the tone of voice

Recently a new fashionable direction was antiagreganta medicine… voices. “Voice, like makeup, can not only age of a person, but to make him younger”, – assured the Vice-President of the Association by … and vonpeterhof, chief researcher of scientific clinical center of otorhinolaryngology of FMBA of Russia, Professor, Department of speech therapy, Moscow state pedagogical University Olga Orlova.


With age the voice changes. Moreover, people of different genders differently. So, if in the period of puberty in women, the voice becomes high, and men sits, in old age everything changed with the exact opposite — a voice of men is higher. Voice ages increase notes of anger and fear scratchiness, hoarseness.

Experts can distinguish at least a hundred characteristics of voice — melodic, heavy, nasal, harsh, squeaky, whiny, jerky, timid Voice… depends on the mood, age, physical and even mental health. Recent studies have shown that the tone of voice can determine the schizophrenia. Depends on the voice and of education — not coincidentally they say that mothers always loud born loud-mouthed children.

“A woman who seeks to marry, always speaks in a high voice. But as soon as she creates a family, the voice goes down, says our expert. – If you want to create the appearance of an experienced, knowledgeable, competent person, always talk with a low tone. This voice is more credible. And high says about hysteria. Teachers in the schools say in a high pitched, imitating the children.”

Some people we listen with pleasure, and the voice of the other causes irritation. “One who has a bad voice, a career will never do”, – said Professor Orlov. While professions in which voice is irrelevant, almost non-existent. “Even the cleaning lady — and she needs to atlatl with the expression,” – says Olga Orlova.

And yet there are professions that are more likely to encounter with various voice disorders. This — teachers, guides, Tutors of kindergartens. In General, the pathologies of the larynx suffer 10-30% of adults. The most common complaints associated with osiplosti, painful sore, soreness, dryness, fatigue. Violations voices arise due to stress, overstrain of ligaments, infection, dry air, Smoking, hypothermia, etc. to avoid complications, experts advise to comply with voice rest — that is, do not try to shout or, alternatively, to whisper — and then, and another requires serious effort. In addition, you should abandon the strong tea and coffee, alcoholic beverages, soda, citrus, crackers, nuts. And, of course, no Smoking. Voice useful warm drinks. It is also possible to poprinimat homeopathic medicines for the treatment of voice disorders — this is now in pharmacies.

Everyone’s voice is as individual as fingerprints; identical spectra simply does not exist. By the way, in ancient times in Italy information about the features of voice was even made in the passport (that’s the origin of the emergence of biometrics). But in recent years, the notion of feminization of the voice — there are special surgical techniques that change the tone. And, of course, there are special exercises allowing the voice to change.

How to improve your voice? Olga Orlova advised to monitor the posture — only a man with a straight back voice can be sure and deep. In addition, the sound should come out of your chest — exhale is better to do stomach.

The expert who predicted the death of Boronenkov: “I Think there will be a second series”

The head of the Center for the study of public applied problems (CIPP) Alexander Zhilin still 20 Feb predicted that fugitive ex-Deputy of the state Duma Denis Boronenkov and his wife could be killed.

What motivated the expert, when he wrote that “Voronenkov and Maksakova is a bull and heifer to the slaughter,” he told the “MK”.

Alexander Zhilin.

– I know well the work of the secret services of Britain and the United States – said Zhilin. – When I started to analyze the chain of events, we saw that this couple are very well motivated to leave the country. And not just to sit down on the train and left. And to effect escape. This is very important when preparing the sacred victim. And then the media starts their position as political opponents to the Russian President, the government, the regime, and so on.

It became obvious that in exchange for security guarantees they provoked in an increasingly tough statements against Russia. In the language of intelligence, it means “to feed the sacred victim”. To create the image of wrestlers threat to the Russian President. Next was the stuffing that Voronenkov supposedly has some secrets regarding Viktor Yanukovych. And finally, all plans were formed… But I honestly didn’t think it would happen so quickly. As political opposition, they have not pulled, so long their PR in this direction was pointless. You could get the opposite result. And then happened what happened.

Today, the network appeared the murder video Boronenkov. How do you assess it?

Guard from among the employees of the SBU goes, waving his purse. Then popping up some screw-head and begins to shoot. And if you look closely at the record, you will see that this home-grown killer has gone very quiet. He clearly gave a guarantee that he will remain alive. The question arises why the guard behaved? Yes, because he had a task not to protect, but to bring Boronenkov to the line of fire. Moreover, there was information with reference to one of the former Vice-Director of the SBU who shot, allegedly, from two trunks. Was also a so-called cleaner who backed up and controlled the situation.

And then everything went according to plan, killer be killed, to be exact – guard Boronenkov he was wounded and in the hospital he died. All according to the law of the genre.

– If it were, do you think, would leave Maksakova alive?

– Would have filled up both by far. In this case, was some kind of trick. Initially, Maria Maksakova was to be with her husband nearby, but then something happened, and one of the guards stayed with her. Maksakova was still alive and realized that the adjustment is very reasonable. Now to it one can not get, even Joseph Kobzon, Elena Drapeko, who I talked to today. Maria must be blocked. Yes, the man in the mountain, everything is clear. But I think that will be a second series. It now begins to use the background of the tragedy. It is very important when sacred victim dies, to give the appropriate picture. To remove it from the tomb of her husband, on the background of the cemetery. All of this terrible grief, but it will play out, and it will be forced to say nasty things about Russia and beyond. If she was there alone, she could have said no, and would they with her did not. But there’s a baby, and it is for women unbearable ordeal. No mother will not stand, when she will blackmail the child.

– Do you think it is possible to return Maria Maksakova in Russia?

– I’m afraid that the trap snapped, and soon it will not be released, and will continue to exploit anti-Russian, anti-Putin regime.

– Who are the puppeteers?

– I believe that started in a big company, and simply attack for the upcoming meeting of Putin and trump. Intelligence agencies and informants are very synchronously. There trump doing odious figure of the person with whom it is impossible to agree, and he doesn’t know what he’s doing. And now Putin will sculpt the President, whose “hands are stained in blood, and he eats babies at night”. I think that could pursue such a goal. Because I looked today, the headlines of the foreign media, they are very characteristic: “the Kremlin killers”, “Murderers from Moscow.” Russia has already appointed guilty. But the unthinkable and, when the President of Ukraine without trial, a verdict…

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