AT&T Rewards & Rebates Centers, Cards & Customer Service Tips

AT&T Rewards & Rebates programs are the off the hook offers for customers who bought devices or subscribed to services from AT&T during the promotional periods. Generally, it takes approximately 8 weeks to reap the customer-only benefits from activating services, receiving a prize notification to redeeming the reward. The offers are generally in the form of checks, cash or cards which are employed for future purchases or bill paying at AT&T or other stores.

AT&T Rewards & Rebates Centers
AT&T enables its guests to lightly manage their earned offers online such as redeeming offers, checking their status and more via the Rewards & Rebates Centers.

  • How to find an AT&T Rewards & Rebates Center
    AT&T Rewards & Rebates Center is the exact entryway for you to target all AT&T promotional benefits. Under it, there are two sub-centers – AT&T Reward Center and AT&T Wireless Rebate Processing Center. The AT&T Reward Center is uniquely designed for customers of AT&T U-verse, AT&T | DIRECTV, Internet & Home Phone to redeem rewards, check the status of prizes and more while the AT&T Wireless Rebate Processing Center is always used by wireless rebates customers to manage their earnings.
  • Why I didn’t receive the Reward Notification Letter after service installation
    To get a letter via your mailbox notifying you to redeem the reward, you are supposed to remain your service active for 30 days and U-verse service may actually need another month. If you still can’t access it after that, call AT&T Customer Service for help.
  • How to redeem your AT&T rewards
    When receiving the prize notification letter, you can Redeem Reward Cards or Other Rewards with the redemption ID or Confirmation Number enclosed, so don’t throw the letter upon getting it. Within 4 weeks after redemption, you can wait for your prizes to come. If you failed to get your card, contact the customer service and that’s maybe because you provide a wrong room number.
  • What to do when I can’t get the total amount of prizes I was promised
    Sometimes, you can’t get the total amount of the prizes you are promised. When this happens, call the customer service. If this can’t lodge your issues and you would like to cancel your order, call 800.288.2020 and cancellation process is not accessible online. Prior to the cancellation, a few tips are worth your attention.

    1. Penalties may apply for cancellation before the end of a commitment term during a promotional period.
    2. Cancellation requests received on holiday and weekends will be treated on the next biz day and weekend operation hours respectively.

AT&T Rewards Cards
As one kind of AT&T offers, the prizes cards deserve to be highlighted as the use of them may sometimes drive you customers crazy.

  • The similarities and differences inbetween AT&T Reward Cards & AT&T Promotion Cards
    In general, there are two AT&T Rewards Cards which can be obtained by customers – AT&T Reward Cards and Promotion Cards. AT&T Reward Card, namely AT&T Visa Prepaid Card, is awarded to AT&T U-verse, AT&T | DIRECTV, Internet & Home Phone guests, along with their purchases. And Promotion cards, also called AT&T Wireless Rebate Card, can be won home thru AT&T Wireless Service subscription or Refer-a-Friend Program.

    1. Similarities. You can use them to make purchases and even pay bills sans any fee charged. The prize cards are non-redeemable, so you can’t cash them out. Also, the cards can not be used at an automated gasoline pump, but when you walk in a gas station, it is very likely accepted even however the staff sometimes say “No” to you.
    2. Differences. Usually, the Reward Card is valid for 3 months, so don’t wait until the last moment to have it activated after receiving it. Once it expires, it always can’t be used. If you are permitted to extend your card usefulness, a $10 expiration fee will be deducted in the first-ever month and $5 each month afterwards. If you lost the card and would like to get a fresh one, there is a $7 replacement fee. The expiration date of a Promotion Card is 5 months. When it expires, you can’t use it any more.
  • How to activate AT&T prizes cards and check card balance 
    1. Prior to using your card, you need to activate it by phone or online. Both AT&T Reward Card Activation and AT&T Promotion Card Activation are effortless and convenient online. In the similar way, you can check the balance of your cards as well.
    2. During the process, cautiously input your PIN because after three wrong tries, you will be locked out and have to contact an AT&T rep to have your card activated.
  • How to get an AT&T Reward Card PIN
    The AT&T Reward Card PIN is mainly used for your card activation and balance checking, not for purchases with the prize card. Please note that it is the last 4 digits of your account number, not your mobile phone number or billing phone number.
  • How to use the total value of your AT&T Reward Card

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