AT&T Ready2Go Phone Setup Service

Wonder if there is an effortless way to set up and personalize your phones within minutes? Just go and take AT&T Ready2Go free service.You can even commence to customize your fresh device from your computer while it is still on delivery!

AT&T Ready2Go Phone Setup Service Introductions
Ready2Go is a free service provided by AT&T which helps customers set up and customize their devices lightly and quickly just in a few minutes. Through an easy-to-use Ready2Go web wizard on your computer, you can set up your phone from computer. Ready2Go make it effortless for you to:

  • Set up your email accounts
  • Connect to your social networks
  • Import your contacts
  • Set your wallpaper
  • Personalize your home screens
  • Install free applications
  • Set your ringtones
  • Select browser bookmarks
  • Configure your Wi-Fi

At the landing page, you can inject the code you received on your phone and take the service directly. If you have not got the code yet, you can click to get commenced thru the following steps:

  1. Choose one of the devices buttressed by Ready2Go from the given lists of devices. Click it and hit continue.
  2. Select your account from options of Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. and set up your phone to sync email, contacts and calendar.
  3. Add extra contacts like Name, phone number and Email address.
  4. Select your wallpaper to be set on your phone.
  5. Set web bookmarks. Enter the name and URL of your beloved website. Or you can select the site from the categories listed.
  6. Choose to personalize your home screen widgets and shortcuts from the web.
  7. Set your ringtone.
  8. Connect to Wi-Fi networks by coming in the related credentials.
  9. Submit and send your Ready2Go settings to your phone.

One thing need to mention about step 9 is that before you send the settings to your phone, you need to create a one-time Ready2Go account. Give your email, password and wireless phone number, you can create a Ready2Go account within minutes. Once you got an account, your Ready2Go settings will be saved for up to 35 days.

About AT&T
Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, United States, AT&T Inc. is an American multinational telecommunications corporation. It is the largest provider of mobile telephony and largest immovable telephony provider in America. It is also a provider of broadband subscription television services.

Try AT&T Ready2Go phone setup service at att.com/pair and set up your devices easily!

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