AT&T Hewitt Benefits Center

AT&T Hewitt Benefits Center is designed to provide benefits services thru Hewitt. It is a place where you can manage your benefits online. By coming in the system you’ll see a personalized directory for you to connect human resources and benefit information.

AT&T Hewitt Benefits Guide
If you already had your User ID, inject your ID and click to continue, you will see a personalized directory of your benefits and holiday information. Due to security issue, the site is using https connection to make sure your information is confidential. You should also use the latest version browsers, like Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome 10, Opera 10 to access the page.

If you do not have an account at resources.hewitt.com/att yet, you can register a fresh account online. After typing in the last 4 digits of your SSN and birth date to identify, you will be asked pack out more individual information to continue. Upon registration you will get an ID with which you can log in. It won’t take a lengthy time to finish your registration.

Once you log in, you will be able to search for the benefits information you want. You can confirm your medicare or dental coverage, check insurance products available and search for plans for benefits and health. This site also works as a resource where you can find information related to your individual finance like pension or saving plan and even more. If you have got some problems, you may dial 1-877-722-0020 for help.

Hewitt is a pro human resources consulting and outsourcing company. The Home Depot, Kraft, Siemens are also using this system to help employees to manage their benefits information online, which is more efficient and time saving and effortless to manage.

About Hewitt
Hewitt Associates is an American provider of human capital and management consulting services. It operates 500 offices in 120 countries providing consulting, outsourcing, and insurance brokerage services. Since 1940, they’ve helped thousands of customers provide benefit programs and information.
Manage your benefits information at resources.hewitt.com/att.

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