Assad spoke about the negotiations with Russia on arms

Bashar Al-Assad

Photo: SANA / Handout / Reuters

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Syria and Russia are holding negotiations on the supply of weapons, Damascus is interested in the newest Russian air defense systems. This was announced by the President of the Republic Bashar Assad

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said about the negotiations between Moscow and Damascus concerning new supply of arms. This interaction Assad called “everyday relationships” between the defense ministries of the two countries, answering a question “RIA Novosti”. The Syrian President explained that after the end of the conflict in the country the state needs more military equipment.

“Yes, it is always the case — before the war and during it. Of course, we need more weapons after the war and because their spending is part of the daily relations between the defense ministries of Russia and Syria,” said Assad.

The Syrian President also announced the success of the newest Russian air defense systems. At the same time, he noted that at the conclusion of the transaction is affected by a number of factors, including price, which is determined by the provider.

“There are many criteria, and this, of course, depends on the technical performance that you need, which may be suitable for your type of war for your army, to your relief, there are many other criteria related to air defense,” — said Assad.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov declined to comment on the words of Assad. “I did not comment,” — said Peskov.

The official representative of Minoborony of Russia Igor Konashenkov in April told about the plans of the Ministry to strengthen the Syrian air defense system. This is done to protect sensitive infrastructure of the country, said the Ministry spokesman.

Konashenkov also in October 2016, announced the “restoration of technical condition of” s-200 and other air defense systems, which are on arms of army of Syria.