Apply or Renew for California LifeLine Programs Online to Get Discounts

California LifeLine program is a state program suggesting discounts for citizens in California who subscribe to home or cell phone services. If you are a Californian, don’t miss the golden chance and apply for it online. At the same time, you have a chance to a renew the discounts you got to get more benefits. 

Something You Need to Know

  • One discount per household is allowed. Without abiding by this, you will lose all the benefits.
  • You can only reap discounts either on a home phone or on a cell.
  • During the application or renewal process, your date of birth and last 4 digits of Social Security Number or Tribal ID Number will be needed.
  • Be sure to provide the required documents when applying for your discounts.

For more details, view the Program Guidelines at Reference Link 1 in the bottom of the post or FAQ at Reference Link 2 below.

California LifeLine Programs Application & Renewal Online Instructions
Basically, there are two telephone discount programs provided for Californian residents – California LifeLine Program & Federal LifeLine Program. Each has its own advantages. To compare them and choose your ideal one, go to Reference Link 3 below.

To successfully reap the off the hook offers, you must be qualified for the programs at first. You may be eligible as lengthy as at least one of your household members gets enrolled in eligible public-assistance programs or your total annual household income is at or less than the required income limits. For more information, refer to Reference Link 4 below.

If you are qualified, call your home or cell phone company to get an application form with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for use during the application process. The form will be mailed to you in a pink envelope within three weeks. Click on the link at Reference Link 5 below to see what the forms are like. After contacting the home or cell phone company and still not getting a form, get in touch with California LifeLine via Reference Link 6 below for help.

  1. When everything is all set, you can embark applying for discounts by clicking on www.californialifeline.com/online. Besides, you can renew your discounts to get more benefits in this way.
  2. Type the Applicant’s Phone Number and Personal Identification Number (PIN), which are printed on the first-ever page of your California LifeLine application or renewal form from the California LifeLine Administer. Without your phone number, suggest the Enrollment Code instead, namely the PIN.
  3. Choose how you hear about California LifeLine in the drop-down menu and hit the button marked “LOGIN”.
  4. Follow the prompts to conclude the entire process. Apart from online application, you can also submit your form along with required documents by mail to: California LifeLine Administrator P.O. Box 8417 Westminster, CA 92684-8417.
  5. Upon completion of your application or renewal, status can be lightly checked through Reference Link 7.
  6. If eligible, you will receive a confirmation letter. Otherwise, you will be notified of disqualification.

About California LifeLine Program
California LifeLine Program, namely Universal LifeLine Telephone Service, is a discount service for low income households in California to have basic landlines or cell phones. Log on to see if you are eligible to apply for them at www.californialifeline.com/online.

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