American Olympic champion was suspended for refusing doping control

Photo: Paul Kitagaki Jr./

The U.S. anti-doping Agency (USADA) was suspended for a year, the Olympic champion in run with barriers Brianna Rollins. She’s being punished for refusing to undergo a doping control

Rollins, Olympic champion in 2016 to run hurdles 100 meters, missed three doping tests from April to September 2016. We are talking about out-of-competition period.

USADA announced that Rollins passed eight out-of-competition tests, but three times was unavailable for doping officers. According to the anti-doping protocols of the IAAF, IOC and USADA, in this case, a one-year disqualification.

The American Agency announced that Rollins twice missed a drug test because he took part in the parade in her honor in Florida after the Olympics and was the U.S. President at the White house. This technique was also devoted to the victories of team USA at the Olympics in Rio.

With regard to the first case of missing a doping control, Rollins explained his misunderstanding. Doping officers came to athlete home in a time when she was on one of the competitions in the USA. According to Rollins, she was sure that her application for this competition will be automatically marked in the system of doping control, which is sufficient for notifications of change of location. However, this does not happen automatically, and doping officers had received information that Rollins had gone to the competition. A spokeswoman for the USADA contacted Rollins at the moment when it was discovered that she’s not home, and eventually came to the athlete to the airport to take a sample. However, at the airport to take the analysis failed since the time when I came doping officer, Rollins has passed control of the security service and could not get back in.

Despite the disqualification, Rollins will not be stripped of Olympic medals, Rio, as at the moment it is not suspected of doping. She was punished only for failure to comply with doping control and will not be able to play until 19 December 2016 — the date of Ineligibility begins on the date of the last violation. The American will miss the entire season 2017 and the number will not compete at the world Championships in London.