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With over 25 years’ efforts, Always is always attempting to provide more convenient products. Always offers a broad range of pads for women. Their Always Infinity is a pad like no other.As the experienced about feminine protection, Always is a considerate friend of women.

Always Pads Instructions
Always offers a broad range of pads for women include Always Infinity, Always Radiant Infinity, Always Ultra Thin, Always Ultra Thin Fresh, Always Maxi, Always LeakGuard Plus with OdorLock and more. Their Always Infinity is a pad like no other. It’s the only pad made with an impressively absorbent material called Infinicel, which is supah bony but can hold 10x its weight. Now that’s powerful absorbency like you’ve never experienced before. Its revolutionary fresh wings are designed for secure protection and less mess on the sides. The microdots help channel fluid deep into the pad and away from you, helping you perceive dry. And the form-fitting channels and soft cover sheet provide superb leakage protection that’s so comfortable, you might just leave behind you’re wearing a pad.

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Always understands that your period is as unique as you are. Use the Always product comparison tool to compare maxis to ultra thins, longs to regulars, or anything else you want. Simply select up to five products, and click the compare button at the bottom of the page. And they’ll display all the info you need to choose the pad that will fit you best.

Always also offers you free gift. You can use your P&G Everyday Solutions e-mail and password to log in and get commenced liking your samples and coupons. What’s more, you could get candid answers to private questions by asking Iris’ Experts. Dr. Iris’ Experts have helped response the thousands of your questions about periods, pregnancy, menopause, and all the embarrassing questions in between. So what’s on your mind? You can ask Iris’ Experts anything. Chances are, lots of other women have the exact same question, and their answers can help everyone.

About Always
Always is a famous brand of P&G, one of the most iconic Fem Care brands in the world. Founded in 1983, Always does a supreme job on feminine protection. For women, Always is their trust-able friend. Always has developed a broad range of products – Ultra Thin, wings, scent, and Infinity, and they will proceed to work for women’s convenient and healthy life. Besides, they devote themselves to help women solve all kinds of private problems. People can get considerate care from their products and services.

Join in with Always at www.always.com.

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