Alfa-Bank reached a settlement agreement with the structures Giner

Alfa-Bank reached a settlement agreement with the structures associated with the President of CSKA Evgeny Giner. The parties plan to approve the agreement to the meeting of the arbitral Tribunal on 27 April

Alfa-Bank reached a settlement agreement with companies related to the President of football club CSKA Yevgeny Giner, reports “RIA Novosti” from the Arbitration court of Moscow. The agreement relates to the claim of Alfa-Bank about collecting with “Eleks-the pole car”, 25% of which is owned by Giner, more than $91,6 million Claim of Alfa-Bank associated with the credit agreement dated March 27, 2013. The defendants in the suit are OOO “chudovskiy porcelain” and “Start-aviatsentr”, shares in which also owns Giner.

We are talking about the claim of Alfa-Bank filed Giner in 2016. Then the Bank representative said that the lawsuit against the President of CSKA is associated with the failure by the borrower conditions of the loan of $104 million Giner was the guarantor for this loan. In June, the petty-bourgeois court of Moscow has collected with Giner in excess of $98 million, to appease the demands of Alfa-Bank in full. Also with him and the two guarantors was confiscated debt on the loan in the amount of $3.57 million, the President of CSKA has filed an appeal against the decision but the Moscow city court rejected it.

That the Bank and Giner close to signing the settlement agreement, RBC reported in the press service of Alfa-Bank in March.

According to the Agency, a settlement agreement will be approved by the hearing scheduled for April 27. They were postponed because the judge Svetlana Belitskaya there were comments on some parts of the contract. In particular, the provisions on interim measures on the loan and the requirements to foreclose.