Alabama Unemployment Weekly Certification

To be eligible for Alabama unemployment weekly claim, you must have insured wages in at least two quarters of your base period in order to quality for unemployment benefits. Download Alabama unemployment benefit rights and responsibilities document to have more information.

Alabama unemployment benefits per week range from a minimum of $45.00 to a maximum of $255.00, calculated using your base period earnings. On the day after you file your unemployment benefits claim, a form is mailed to you that states all of your base period wages by employer and the total and weekly amount to which you may be entitled. When you file your weekly certification for benefits, you should report any wages you earn for any work performed during the week you are claiming.

There are two ways to file your Alabama unemployment benefits weekly certification. You can file online, or you can call the weekly certification number. Make sure you ensue all instructions entirely no matter which method you p.

If you have followed all of the procedures and there are no issues to be resolved, your claim should have been ready for payment. Sometime there could be some delays, but normally if you certify before 5:00 pm your payment is made on the next biz day after

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