A new scenario for Siberia

Yesterday opened XIV Krasnoyarsk economic forum. As always, the participants discussed new challenges and the challenges posed to the government, business and regions. Today special attention to Cafe will be given to the development of Eastern Siberia.

The Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station

The participants of the brainstorming which took place today in Krasnoyarsk, will share his vision of further development of this vast territory, occupying a prominent place on the map of Russia. Opinions on this issue will speak as representatives of the government — the Plenipotentiary of Russian President in the Siberian Federal district Sergei Menyailo, Krasnoyarsk Governor Victor Tolokonsky, representatives of business — for example, the famous Russian industrialist Oleg Deripaska.

The development of the economy of Siberia and the Far East is not the first year is discussed at the highest level. Back in 2010 a group of professionals, headed by full member of RAS, Deputy of the state Duma Andrey Kokoshin presented the report “Scenarios of development of Eastern Siberia and the Russian Far East in the context of the political and economic dynamics of the Asia-Pacific region by 2030”. Then the “new opportunities” was one of the most likely scenarios, but offers not lost its freshness today. The essence of the script is a combination of complex development of resources of human capital generation and active use of new knowledge and technologies. In this case, the macro-region is emerging centres of economic growth. The implementation of the “new opportunities”, according to the experts, would increase the total gross regional product (GRP) of the regions of Eastern Siberia and the Far East in 5-6 times by 2030 in comparison with 2010. Per capita GRP in this area could be by 2030, $48 000, and the population would increase to 16.8 million people. This scenario implied an increase in the overall level of investment in the implementation of development plans in Eastern Siberia and the Far East to $570 billion by 2030.

It took about 7 years, and the macro-region on the threshold of new challenges and political realities. Today, experts interviewed by “MK” directly connects prospects for economic development of the macroregion with the role of a bridge between the economically more developed Western part of the country and actively “raise” now the Far East.

“Transit potential of Siberia creates opportunities for the inclusion of Russia into the international transport projects, — Alexey Vasilchenko, managing Director of the aviation business of the industrial group “Basic Element” Oleg Deripaska, which is actively involved in the modernization of the aviation hubs in Krasnoyarsk and Vladivostok. And transit potential of Siberia creates opportunities for the inclusion of Russia into the international transport projects. For example, Krasnoyarsk can become one of the largest logistics hubs in the world. Geographical and infrastructure conditions allow then create an international multimodal transport hub that allows you to combine transportation due to the presence of air, rail and road infrastructure, and access to the Yenisei river port and river transport. The right solution for the integration of Siberia in the international logistics network, would be the creation OEZ in Krasnoyarsk airport development, production and associated businesses. After the establishment of additional legal conditions it will be possible to redirect global flows of up to 500 000 tons of freight per year, carried today by non-optimal routes. Now Krasnojarsk airport could become the “entry point” to Russia for the goods of electronic Commerce and to serve up to 50,000 tons of online shipments a year. However, a number of barriers deters the largest logistics companies in China, although only the creation of a logistics Park near the airport Emelyanovo will attract investment of about 100 billion rubles.”

However, do not transport a single rich Siberia. As said Vladislav Soloviev, CEO of the largest aluminum producer RUSAL, “Siberia has always been a special role from the point of view of industrialization of the country. Here was created a powerful energy and metallurgical complexes, which contributed greatly to the industrial might of Russia. Today the enormous potential of this region, including the scientific basis, can and should be used for the development of deep processing and the creation of tech products on the basis of existing production facilities. We believe that the establishment of technology valleys in Krasnoyarsk, and later in other cities of Siberia allow not only to attract significant volume of foreign and Russian investment in processing, but also to create products with great export potential”.

At the same time, Oleg Deripaska, Chairman of Supervisory Board of “Basic Element”, I’m sure that “Siberia is a unique macro — region with a rich potential to play a leading role in the socio-economic development of Russia. Realizing the potential of Siberia should be based on advanced technologies and provide complex development of the territory — from energy to tourism. For example, the availability of sources of energy and rich deposits of natural resources — the basis for the development of not only energy intensive but also high-tech production facilities for deep processing of raw materials. In Siberia major scientific and technical centres. Therefore, the development of high-tech manufacturing will contribute to the creation of productive jobs”.

The territory of Siberia have significant potential that should be used for the development of the country. The main task — to create the conditions guaranteed economic growth attracting investors and businesses.