A female police officer, staged a “drunk” of the accident, she helped him to investigate

For the accident drunk former employee of the police Serpukhov near Moscow court sentenced to real term of imprisonment. After partying with friends the intoxicated lady didn’t manage to drive cars and hit and killed a married couple.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As previously wrote “MK”, at the beginning of December 2016 31-year-old employee of MU of the MIA of Russia “Serpukhov” Anastasia Bulgakova sat behind the wheel of their cars drunk. On this day, the woman and her friends were sat. When the police drove through the streets of Moscow, her car on an icy road and skidded and she ran over to the track family protest alcohol showed intoxication from driving a car women. It was immediately arrested, and after a service check was kicked out of law enforcement.

Investigators a few days have established the identity of the victims. They were 48-year-old wife Elena and Vitaly Surovy, residents of the city of Serpukhov. They both worked in the Mall security guards, and in the fateful day he returned home after the daily duty. It was the second marriage for both men and women. However Vitaly until his death of children was never brought, so the victim recognized the brother of the deceased. Elena from his first marriage left three daughters, one of whom at the time of the incident has not reached 14 years of age. It also recognized the victim in the case.

– During the investigation by Anastasia Bulgakova completely admitted the guilt, repented and actively contributed to the investigation of the crime. She voluntarily repaid the pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage to victims, -has told “MK” the senior assistant administrator of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow region Elena Fokina.

Recently, the trial of a motorist. Given the remorse of the former police, the Court of Serpukhov sentenced her to 3 years and 4 months of imprisonment with punishment serving in a colony-settlement.