23isback Online Air Jordan Shoe Store

Are you a Air Jordan fun? Want to collect and buy the fresh coming Air Jordan? Go to 23isBACK! 23isBACK is a online boot store with a large multitude of shoes. You can purchase footwear such as Air Jordan and Nike brand name products.

23isBACK Instruction
23isBACK mainly sells brand name footwear of Air Jordan and Nike, only for men’s shoes. They promise hasty and reliable services and assure that all their footwear are authentic. You may receive your footwear in 2 days after your order. It’s also effortless to search for your dreaming footwear on 23isBACK whether by brand name or by size. 23is BACK has a 23-Day Return Policy, in case that some customers want to come back the footwear or cancel the order. You can comeback the boots if they are unworn and in brand fresh condition within 23 days from the date of purchase and you can cancel an order if it hasn’t been shipped with a charge of 10% cancellation fee.

23isBACK also provides a  platform for second-hand deals of shoes. The second-hand footwear available will be posted in the News column. There are detail description  and pictures of the used shoes. They are always inexpensive and fine. For the convenience  of people who want to keep up with trends, they posts the release dates of fresh footwear coming of this two brand for retail stores, even tho they may not sell most of the footwear listed.  They also have the New Arrivals on their homepage. They sometimes sell boots before the release date if they have received the shoes.

Get Cash Back! Like some other online stores, if you shop thru the Ebates website,  you can get CASH BACK from 23isBACK. For example, you want to buy a pair of fresh Air Jordan footwear on 23isback.com. Instead of going directly to 23isback.com, you would first-ever go to Ebates.com and log in to your account. Then you would click on the 23isBACK link. By doing that you’ll get a little cask back on your purchase, just like a rebate. Ebates will tell you exactly how much money you will get back, which is free. Create a fresh Ebates account and you could get a $10 bonus!

 About 23isBACK
23isBACK is an online boot retailer, selling brand name footwear of Air Jordan and Nike. They have quick delivery, which is in charge, and reliable services with a 23-Day Return Service.

Visit 23isback.com to own your dreaming shoes.

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